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As Canada’s capital, the dynamic city of Ottawa definitely has a lot more in store for you than just historical sites and museums.

What makes this city even more fascinating is that it lies on the border of Quebec and Ontario - meaning you can hear both English and French spoken on the streets. The city is full of surprises and you can visit every now and then for festivals all year round.

Not only that, the music scene in Ottawa is also one of the things you should definitely check out. They have various live music venues that feature different styles and genres of music. With such a vibrant music scene, there’s no doubt that there are great music schools in the capital city.

These music schools offer lessons on all sorts of instruments, especially the guitar - given that it’s a very common instrument to study.

In this article, we’ll list down all the schools where you can study the guitar in Ottawa. You can find your own guitar instructor through Superprof which will be discussed further in the article.

Sunnyside Music School

One of the well-known music schools in Ottawa is the Sunnyside Music School. In this school, they make sure that their students get the most out of their lessons by tailoring music lessons according to their personal interests.

In line with tailored lessons, they also make sure that they’re teaching their students in a comfortable manner.

Should the student feel that they’re not compatible with their teacher or the approach, they can easily let the administration know and something can be done to guarantee a better learning experience.

They offer various services for their students. These are as follows:

  • Private Instruction - one-on-one sessions with the teacher. Siblings can also take up the same private lesson.
  • Semi-private Lessons - at least two students during each lesson with a teacher
  • Online Lessons - video chat sessions where students can use various communication methods available for both parties

They have 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute lessons, depending on what the students are comfortable with - quite similar to Edmonton’s Elite School of Music and Learning Centre.

Canada Music Academy - Ottawa Music School

The Canada Music Academy offers various programs for learning the piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, etc.

Whether you want to learn in the comfort of your own home or at their studios, you can guarantee that you’ll get a quality education. You will be able to hone your musical skills that will help you get into the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Teachers are also keen on making sure they really teach their students how to play the guitar.

The school’s goal is to create a fun and exhilarating environment where students can learn through a structured approach. Their method is proven to produce tangible results and has actually students achieve their dreams of becoming established musicians.

Their programs are even suitable for those who want to learn classical, popular, jazz, folk, rock and world music.

Their teachers are also certified with degrees and diplomas in formal music education.

West Island Music Academy in Montréal also offers you the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar in various music styles.

Allegro Music School

In over 35 years, Allegro Music School has made it a point that their music school will feel like home to students. They create a dynamic environment where everyone is welcome and encouraged to study music.

They’re very family-centred and community-oriented which means that studying at this school isn’t as frightening as to beginners or advanced students.

Students at this school also get to perform during recitals, musical theatre productions, workshops, etc. One of their studios - Orleans Studio - even has a space dedicated just for performing.

They teach lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, cello, drums, saxophone, trumpet, flute, and clarinet. You can also learn music theory, speech arts, and music therapy at this music school.

Children, teens, and adults have separate programs at this music school. As for guitar lessons, it’s one of the most popular instruments among beginners because it’s extremely portable, affordable, and useful in all styles.

In fact, it can easily be the instrument that’s used to set the trends.

Students can avail their resources such as “How To” videos and instructional books where students can continue learning even at home. So whether you want to learn rock, jazz, pop, blues, or chording, you can do so easily.

Cultivating a welcoming community for students, you can find that Toronto Faculty of Music in Toronto is quite similar to this one.

Shine Music Academy

Founded in 2002, the Shine Music Academy is the education arm of the Shine Foundation which promotes music education, performance, and production. This arm provides private, group, and band lessons in various locations.

Moreover, the faculty at this academy is composed of musicians who have both professional experiences and formal music education. You can also opt to learn various music styles at this academy including, rock, jazz, and classical styles.

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They have world-class facilities such as studios that also enable artists to record their original music - something that the academy puts emphasis on.

At this academy, you can take up drum, guitar, piano and keyboard, and singing lessons.

Their guitar lessons are open for all ages and skill levels and are individualized to really help the student learn through the best method possible. These lessons are being done 30 hours a week, depending on the availability of the student as well.

You can opt to study guitar at home, at the academy, or at their studios - wherever you prefer.

The Resound School of Music in Vancouver definitely shares the idea of making it convenient for kids to learn wherever they want. Check them out.

Alcorn Music Studios

Alcorn Music Studios has been consistently aiming to give the best contemporary music education since 2006. The owners and operators of this music school are all musicians and are indeed great teachers for playing music.

They create a happy community where students get to share and play music. Their music lessons are available for kids, teens, and adults where performance opportunities are abundant all throughout the year.

Their guitar and bass lessons are taught by guitar instructors with formal education in music. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, the teachers can help you learn from basic strumming to exam preparations.

Each of their guitar or bass teachers have specialties in jazz, electric, acoustic, folk, blues, metal, rock, classical, etc. Just sift through their list so you can find a teacher suitable for the style you want to learn.

They also have summer music lessons which are private music lessons for various instruments, including the guitar. These lessons are prepaid and can be scheduled every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the summer - no need to worry about missing out on guitar lessons help.

Chinook School of Music in Calgary also has summer camps, check them out if you visit the city.

Janet’s Music

Janet’s Music is a newly renovated private home studio that’s been operating successful for over 10 years now. What makes this private home studio even more appealing is that it’s located near central Ottawa.

Teachers are this home studio have formal education backgrounds in music and are dedicated to teaching students everything they need to know.

Despite its size, tons of music lessons are being taught here. They don’t just teach guitar, but they also teach piano, bass, ukulele, and violin. Most students study here to prepare for their exam at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Lessons are one-on-one and are open to all ages and skill levels - for as long as they’re willing to learn as well.

Ottawa Guitar Studio

You can have your own dedicated guitar instructor and mentor at the Ottawa Guitar Studio. This mentor will motivate and guide you towards learning all the basics so that you can play the guitar smoothly.

Moreover, this guitar school has devised its own learning system that will guide beginners and intermediate students towards a more advanced and professional skill level.

But, don’t worry, whatever level you begin with, your instructor will make sure it’s going to be an enjoyable journey.

As you enrol, your practice plan will be organized so that this becomes your road map to success. As you go through your plan, it will be adjusted accordingly so your skills can become even sharper and your goals will also be easily reached.

Progress will be tracked everyday, that way, you’ll get to witness your growth all throughout the plan.

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Finding a Private Guitar Teacher in Ottawa

Just like how there are tons of music schools in Ottawa, there are also independent guitar teachers who are willing to offer private lessons in the comfort of your own home. You can find these teachers at Superprof.

Through Superprof, you can see their rates and brief descriptions about themselves. Moreover, you can also see the reviews of former students and can decide whether you want to ask them to be your teacher or not.

Don’t worry, the list is quite long so you’ll have plenty of options. Just take your time in scanning over the list.


Indeed, Canada is a country where music takes various forms and styles. Its capital, Ottawa, is surely a destination for those who want to hone their music skills and learn how to play the guitar.

There are tons of music schools to choose from and, if you’re not comfortable in enrolling yourself to a school, you can also opt to hire your own private guitar teacher. Either way, learning the guitar at this city is pretty convenient for all ages and skill levels.

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