For the past few years, Vancouver has been getting large waves of immigrants from all over the world - specifically from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. And with these waves of immigrants settling into the city, the city has now a wide variety of cultures mixing together.

And you can’t blame immigrants from flocking to this city because it’s been recently ranked as the sixth most livable city in the world - according to recent annual reports.

While the culture here is now starting to become very colorful, the music scene, on the other hand, is facing a slow decline. Residents blame the high rental fees for live music venues and the high regard for other matters not related to music.

But there’s still hope for this city. There are still quite a number of live music venues that cater to huge crowds and people are musically inclined to punk, electronic, and house music here. And on the bright side, the shrinking music scene is bringing Vancouver artists closer together.

What most musical schools tend to focus on are the classic instruments such as guitars, bass, and drums that have long been cut from the school budgets. That’s why there are still quite a ton of classes being offered in the hopes that students will have an avenue for learning it her.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the various guitar learning opportunities, whether private or group classes, in Vancouver.

Guitar Lessons at the Vancouver Academy of Music

Solo Guitar Performance. Source: Stockvault

As a non-profit institution, the Vancouver Academy of Music offers both private lessons and class instructions. It was founded in 1969 and has since then been teaching students musical excellence and a love for learning music.

At this academy, all students have the opportunity to learn and engage with popular visiting artists during masterclasses. They can also participate in various competitions and performances where their skills and learning can be showcased.

With their main goal to explore the transformative power of music, they have created a learning environment where students are taught by a devoted faculty with exceptional professional backgrounds.

There are several programs being offered at VAM. Here’s a list of them:

  • Private lessons
  • Group classes & ensembles
  • Auditions
  • Young artist collegiate program
  • Summer program

As for guitar lessons, they currently have two listed classes. One being the Guitar Ensemble and the other one being Guitar Performance Practice.

During Guitar Ensemble classes, the student can explore a variety of musical repertoire where his or her skills can be practiced and tested. This includes playing for levels and ensembles experiences in a supportive and entertaining environment.

Guitar Performance Practice, on the other hand, will focus on practicing skills and will only run once a month.

Look up the Toronto Arts Academy for a similar school Toronto which also lets their students perform to learn more and become even better musicians.

Resound School of Music

Started in 2009, the Resound School of Music was created with a vision to provide the finest music instruction for students in their various locations. Over the past few years, their vision has been realized and has helped hundreds of students study music.

According to them, they’re not the typical boring music conservatory - instead they want to help their students have fun while learning.

At this school, you can study the guitar in a few selected styles available - jazz, rock, blues, pop, classical, folk, and many more styles.

They have guitar lessons available for all ages and skill levels. Kids as young as five years old can already start their learning journey at this school. The school also works with parents in order to find the most suitable teacher for their child.

For adults, the school will also work they way around finding a teacher to suit your pace and learning objectives.

What makes this school attractive to both parents and adult learners is that the teachers go to your preferred location. Lessons are done in private and are adjusted to the student’s availability.

You can also find a similar school in Ottawa who shares the same vision - the Shine Music Academy.

Child Learning to Play Guitar. Source: Pixabay

Uptempo Music Lessons

Ed Sadler is the main teacher at Uptempo Music Lessons. He has a diploma in Capilano Jazz and he graduated with honours. With over 25 years of teaching experience and 30 for performing, he started his own guitar school which offers lessons to both kids and adults.

He started this school in the hope that his students will see that learning and playing music is one of the best ways to challenge, enjoy, and express themselves all throughout their lives.

At his own school, he teaches electric and acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, and ukulele. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have already been playing for quite some time, he has a program specifically designed for your level.

Beginners can expect to learn the basics of tuning, playing, and understanding the parts of the guitar. Not only that, they also get to practice fingerpicking patterns and chord exercises, among others.

As for intermediate learners, the lessons will be more on music theories, hand exercises, and techniques for playing. Advanced learners will learn harmonies, scales, cadence techniques, and charts among others.

With the lessons being private, all music programs are customised to the needs of each student and can be improvised according to his or her learning preferences.

He can conduct his lessons in person or via Skype, depending on what’s more convenient for the student.

Edmonton has a similar music school by the name of Edmonton Guitar Lessons. Check it out if you happen to stop by the city.

Blue Guitar Studio

The Blue Guitar Studio has been operating for over a decade now and is one of professional music schools in Vancouver that offers lessons on drums, bass, and guitar for all ages and levels.

Teachers at the Blue Guitar Studio are packed with credentials in both music and teaching. They’re not just great musicians, but they’re also great teachers as well. They all have degrees post-secondary education in music from renowned music institutions in the world.

Each teacher aims to equip their students with the fundamentals of music, musical theories, and arsenal songs they can play anytime they want to.

Students can choose a music style they want to study and lessons that best cater to their interest - whether it’s one-on-one lessons or group lessons.

Lessons include learning how to tune the instrument, speed and agility exercises, proper techniques and good habits, sight reading, and many more that will truly equip the student in learning how to study the guitar.

Cole’s Guitar Lessons

As a musician with over 30 years of experience, Cole McBride started his own music school. This school uses an approach he developed that’s motivational and open-minded. The learning approach is also pretty fluid when it comes to adjusting to his students’ needs.

McBride has mastered playing classical, rock, and flamenco guitar with his years of learning from different institutions and teachers. He plans on paying it forward and teaching his students his best practices and pieces of knowledge.

One notable technique that McBride uses is combining the fingerstyle technique with a plectrum picking. It’s a unique technique that many have yet to master.

He offers lessons on guitar, bass, and ukuleles in Vancouver. Students also have the option of learning at his studio, in their own home, or via Skype calls.

Montréal West Guitar is also a school managed and taught by Barry Goodz. So if you happen to be in Montréal, check this music school out.

Guitar Teacher. Source: Stocksnap

North Vancouver Guitar School

The North Vancouver Guitar School is located at the North Shore and offers lessons for both kids and adults. They’re not just aiming to teach guitar skills and techniques, but they also focus on dedication and learning to work well with others.

As of the moment, they offer two programs for their students - Guitar Lessons and Guitar Lessons for Girls. Guitar lessons are suitable for students who want to continue their learning all throughout their lives and will give guitar lessons help they seek.

As for the Guitar Lessons for Girls, the program is designed to provide a safe environment for female learners where they can feel secure while learning. The teachers will be highly professional and will build her confidence for performing.

These programs are open for ages above five years old and all skill levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Interested students and parents can book a free introductory lesson at this school.

If you have friends in Calgary looking for a similar school, just recommend the Morin Music Studio.

Finding a Private Guitar Teacher in Vancouver

There are tons of institutions and teachers all over Vancouver. If you really want to find one who offers private classes and will be able to accommodate your rate and schedule, visit Superprof and scan through the list of private guitar teachers.

At this website, you can view their rates and reviews from former students which prove to be helpful in determining who your teacher will be. You can also view brief descriptions they wrote about themselves.

Feel free to message them to know more about them and their learning approaches.


Indeed, there are tons of classes being offered in Canada, especially in Vancouver. Although there’s a threat to the music scene in this city, music institutions and academies are still willing to offer classes to future musicians.

And with these classes, it’s inevitable that the music scene will bloom again and will cater to more styles and audiences. It may take some time but with a new batch of musicians, Vancouver will eventually have a go-to music scene in the country.

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