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Known as one of the three sunniest cities in the country, along with Calgary and Winnipeg, Edmonton gets lots of sun all throughout the year. People flock to this part of the country to visit the numerous parks and urban green spaces to enjoy themselves.

This city is the capital of Alberta, a province where you can find the Art Gallery of Alberta - the oldest cultural institution in Alberta. Moreover, the city hosts over 30 festivals each year that are internationally renowned - a bit like Montréal.

In 1988, a royal wedding took place in Edmonton where Wayne Gretzky married Janet Jones. The couple had their wedding at St. Joseph’s Basilica where the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra serenaded the couple’s walk down the aisle.

Given that there’s an orchestra from this city, you can expect that there are tons of music enthusiasts that live around the area. In fact, there are tons of live music venues in Edmonton.

And of course, with musicians scattered all around the city, they’d probably gotten their formal music education from several music institutions and academies in the city.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best schools to study the guitar in Edmonton. Read on to know more about your options.

Resonate Music

The Resonate Music wanted to create a music school with the idea of the new age. This music school continuously strives to identify the needs of the students and how they can better meet these needs, accordingly.

As time continuously changes, they also learn to adapt to new ways and, as much as possible, refuse to be confined by the traditional industry practices that were once the foundation of various music schools.

With their quick and easy registration, students no longer have to wait in long queues to fill out forms. You can easily do in person, via email, or over the phone - whichever you prefer.

Another key feature of this music school is that their studios are extensively soundproof so students don’t get distracted by other lessons simultaneously happening all over the school. Schedules can also be sporadic and modified so that it fits flawlessly with a kid’s current education.

They offer private music lessons for kids ages 5 and above. Adults can also take private lessons from this school. As for guitar lessons, you can learn how to play rock, jazz, country, and acoustic. Lessons run for either 30 minutes or 50 minutes.

Each private lesson is customized to suit each student’s skill level and goals to ensure that they get to learn through the best way possible. You can even use their instruments during lessons.

Dominelli Music

Opened in 2012, this music school is composed of families who are highly interested in music. Their interest in music helps them gain confidence, a sense of well-being, and creativity - regardless of age and skill level.

The founders of this school are Sandro and Brandy Dominelli. Sandro Dominelli teaches music at MacEwan University. While Brandy has been a huge part of the Edmonton International Jazz Festival as the artist liaison.

With over 800 enrollments each year, you can guarantee that it’s a community that’s sought after. Their students also eventually pursue a degree in music after they finish their studies in this school.

You can get both private and group lessons from this school. Their private lessons can either be done through personal sessions or over Skype. During these lessons, you can learn how to write rock songs and play classical music.

Students also have the chance to perform during the bi-annual recitals, at music venues, or at theatres - just like it’s done by Toronto’s Elite Music Academy.

As for group classes, students can learn guitar techniques, note reading, and rock, blues and folk music styles. Group classes also help you perform and jam with other students. Only 4 students are part of each class.

Elite School of Music & Learning Centre

This music school is composed of both local musicians and teachers who are quite passionate about teaching and developing children’s interest in music.

They focus on creating a learning environment that’s fun and interactive for all ages and skill levels in the hopes of instilling a love for music in each student. Considering that these students still have to develop their potential, they also want their formation to be well-rounded.

You can take both private and group lessons. They offer lessons in guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. You can also learn piano, voice, drum, ukulele, and flute. These private lessons are conducted in 30-, 40-, or 60-minute lessons according to skill level - quite similar to Ottawa’s Sunnyside Music School.

Group lessons are also available for kids ages 1.5 years old to 8 years old. Group lessons are designed with parent involvement so that they can put their children at ease. This type of lessons are also great for kids who feel more comfortable learning with friends.

These classes are usually composed of 3 to 8 students of similar age and abilities so that peers can help each other as they go through the lesson. Modules run for ten weeks at a time, as well.

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Royal Edmonton School of Music

At the Royal Edmonton School of Music, they put a great emphasis on musical instruction so that the students can use their musical talents to achieve their dreams.

Most of the students come to this school to practice for various Piano Music exams, music festivals, talent shows, and auditions. Regardless of age and skill level, people can come here to learn more about music while having fun and staying inspired. They utilise methods so that students can learn more quickly.

They have private music lessons for guitar. As for beginners, you can learn how to play both folk and rock guitar styles. From licks to chords, you can learn how to play the guitar using their own at the studio.

Students can also get lessons on piano, voice, drums, bass, saxophone, clarinet, flute, etc.

As for group lessons, kids ages 7 to 9 can learn the skills to play guitar, drums, piano, and African instruments with at least four other kids. In this lesson, you can learn essential music theories and musical theatre to take part in a musical play.

Edmonton Guitar Music School

If you’re getting frustrated with your current level of playing the guitar or just getting started, you should definitely enrol at the Edmonton Guitar Music School. This school guarantees that you can become a better musician once you start taking their classes.

This school also helps you achieve your realistic goals through writing and playing your own songs with confidence. In fact, you can even excel beyond that - if you practice more often.

Through their learning methods, you can effectively play the guitar with the necessary guitar lessons help you’re learning. You can even take a free intro session to check out whether this school is indeed for you.

You can study electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, or a normal guitar for both kids and adults.

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Edmonton Guitar Lessons

This music school is solely dedicated to teaching students how to play the guitar. The teacher, Billy Boissonneault, started playing instruments at the age of 7 and when he turned 13, he started his own band.

In 1991, he won his first contest, the Canadian Country Open Singing Contest. When he finally moved to Edmonton, he started this music school to pass on the skills and techniques.

At this music school, you can book a free introductory lesson at the studio so you can test the waters. Both adults and kids, whether beginners or experts, can learn guitar from Boissonneault.

You can choose to learn guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. From blues to classical music, Billy will also teach you various music styles according to what you want and what you’re comfortable playing.

Parents are invited to stay during lessons so they can witness how their kids learn and so they can guarantee their child’s safety. The music room has a seating area where parents can get comfortable while observing.

If you’re looking for a similar school in Vancouver, you can check out Uptempo Music Lessons.

Find a Private Guitar Lesson Teacher in Edmonton

If you’re not a fan of enrolling yourself in music schools or institutions, then just simply go to Superprof to look for your own private guitar lesson teacher.

In Superprof, you can find teachers with their rates and reviews from former students. Through these bits of information, you can easily find a teacher who will meet your requirements and needs for guitar lessons.

Not only that, you can also have lessons in the comfort of your own home to make lessons even more comfortable.


Given that there are tons of music schools in Canada, Edmonton indeed has some of the best schools. Whether you’re preparing for music exams or you just want to get started on playing the guitar, these schools will surely create that path for you.

So just find the right music school - or teacher - for you and get your learning journey started. Once you start to build your confidence to play in front of an audience, you might just play in one of the live music venues in Edmonton.

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