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Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada, the French city of Montréal can be is filled with tons of opportunities for entertainment and exploration. In this city, you can find museums, galleries, music bars, and historical landmarks.

There’s just so many sites to visit and things to do that people just keep coming back. Not only that, the city is rich with French history which you can see all throughout the city’s architecture and landscape.

The music scene in the city is also worth noting. In fact, it’s quite famous for those who are looking for the go-to music destination in a vibrant city. If you’ve explored Edmonton’s music scene, you should definitely try this one.

It’s a city filled with bars, clubs, and concert halls that are always packed with people. Music genres are pretty diverse in this part of the world - from classical music to EDM. people can just basically jump from one bar to the other, depending on their music taste.

So, it’s not really surprising that a lot of institutions in Montréal offer music classes - it’s basically a good place to start your career in music. One of the more popular classes being offered is guitar classes, considering that this is a pretty versatile instrument.

In this article, we’ll be listing down the best guitar classes - both private and group - to help you study the guitar in Montréal.

Music Academies in Montréal

Founded in 1995, the Montréal Academy of Music has always aimed to give its students quality music education that’s fun, well-planned, and flexible. The school is committed to giving its students a relaxed environment where they can fully maximize their learning.

More than that, they personalize their music programs according to the needs of each student. Students can set their personal goals and these goals can be achieved through the school’s strong and clear pedagogical methods.

Students can opt to have their lessons at the various school locations, in certified studios, and in the comfort of their own home.

Although their rates vary, studying the guitar at this academy can greatly help you, as a student, learn the basics as well as the various techniques to fully play it.

They also offer classes in songwriting and recording, brass, string, woodwind, drums and percussions, voice, and piano and keyboard.

Pay Calgary’s Musica Academy a visit if you want to find a similar school in that city.

Montréal Guitar Academy

For Montréal Guitar Academy, one of their main goals is to help music-lovers learn the music language easily. Not all people play fluidly and it’s their objective help them master that skill.

Founded in 1986, the academy has been able to teach over 3000 students, whether they’re beginners, intermediate, or advanced students. With such high-quality lessons, a lot of their graduates who pursued careers in music became successful.

The teachers at this academy are all experienced and have studied music for a long time. Each of these teachers have achieved their personal goals and are now giving back to students and teaching them how to study the guitar in different settings.

The academy offers various lessons for beginners, both for children and adults. Classes for adults and children have a similar approach and handling.

These classes feature relaxed ambiance where the teacher is as caring as possible. The pace of these classes highly depend on the rhythm of the student and how fast he or she can learn.

They also have what they call the weekly constructive validation where the teacher will give younger students the necessary assurance they need to pursue learning the guitar. As an overall approach, classes will be based on music theories on rhythm, reading, and harmony.

As for adults, personal goals are given more emphasis and the learning pace will depend on the method where these goals can easily be obtained. They’ll also be giving weekly validations to ensure that you’re aware of your progress.

For adults, there are three guitar styles to choose from. Classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Each of these styles cover various music genres that you can explore.

Singer’s Edge in Toronto also employs a similar method when it comes to validating and checking a students progress. If you have friends in Toronto looking for guitar classes, recommend this school.

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West Island Music Academy

The West Island Music Academy is a privately-owned and operated music school that has two locations in Montréal - Pointe-Claire and Cote-Saint-Luc. They offer personalized music lessons, rock band classes, toddler programs, and recitals and recordings.

The academy is quite known for having such a warm learning environment. This is the main reasons why their privately taught music education has been sought out by many for the past few years.

At this academy, the main focus is to develop a learning environment that’s unique and exciting for all ages and skill levels. Each student can guarantee that the sessions are individualized and suitable for their level and pace.

Covering a wide variety of musical styles, students can learn how to play the guitar for rock, pop, jazz, blues, and metal styles. These lessons are taught using books, sheet music, diagrams, and notations.

Students also study in studios that are complete with amplifiers, tuners, capos, and metronomes. The catch is, you just have to bring your own guitar and pick.

The academy also offers lessons on piano, flute, violin, drums, and voice if you want to study other instruments and talents as well.

In Ottawa, you can check out the Canada Music Academy for similar lessons where you can learn various music styles to play the guitar with.

Mando Montréal

Don’t be fooled by its name because the Mando Montréal is a music school that offers not just mandolin lessons but also guitar and ukulele lessons to interested students.

The teachers in school are all experienced guitar, mandolin, and ukulele performers and teachers who have formally studied their instruments in universities and institutions.

With its prime location in downtown Montréal, the school offers weekly programs in private and group lessons - which are students are free to choose from.

You can opt to study classical, acoustic, or popular guitar at this school. Both private and group guitar lessons have the same three goals: learn the instrument technique, play the dedicated style, and enjoy playing music.

Other than private and group lessons, they also offer group workshops, online courses, mandolin and guitar orchestra workshops, and concerts. They also have lessons on classical, jazz, and folk mandolin,and ukulele.

Montréal West Guitar

Barry Goodz is the main teacher at the Montréal West Guitar. He grew up being taught by two parents who were both musicians which made music a huge part of his early life.

With over 35 years worth of learning and experience, he wants to give back and teach other students as well. He’s been around playing in public and teaching some students.

The guitar lessons at this music school emphasize the individualized learning of the students. Each of these students have different tastes and goals, which play a huge part in making their own learning program.

All lessons, however, start by learning the chord shapes and skills needed for playing guitar solos. These include music theories that will also build the foundation for future learning.

Regardless of age, anybody can book a lesson with Barry.

Vancouver also has a music school with a very experienced musician and teacher. Check out Cole’s Guitar Lessons for more details.

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Artist Jaye

Another solo teacher who has his own music school is Artist Jaye.

His music school offers acoustic and electric guitar lessons for all styles and levels. From beginners to advanced students, he aims to help you achieve your musical dreams in no time. His teaching style is flexible and will be fluid for everyone.

Having taught over 12,000 students on all levels, he offers both in-studio classes and online courses. He has over 4 studios in Montréal that students can choose from.

According to his website, he has taught a wide range of ages with his youngest being 5 years old and his oldest being 82 years old. Regardless of the age, he is proud to have gotten the same remarkable results from his students.

You can simply book a 30-minute consultation with him for free to talk and discuss the possible questions you have for him.

Finding Private Guitar Teacher in Montréal

Although the list is fairly composed of schools and teachers who offer private lessons, it can still be a pretty narrow list if you haven’t found one that suited your taste.

Lucky for you, there are still tons of music teachers who are willing to give private guitar lessons to students who simply want to learn it at the comfort of their own homes. At Superprof, you can get all the necessary guitar lessons help you need from a teacher who matches your personality and pacing.

At this website, you can scan through dozens of profiles along with their rates and reviews from other students. These bits of information will give you the necessary details to help you choose one from the lot.


Canada is indeed filled with music institutions and academies that will help you learn guitar in the best way for you. In Montréal, there are tons of institutions and teachers to choose from which makes it one of the best places to start your musical journey.

Whether it would be private classes or group classes, choose an environment where you’re comfortable in and start paving your career in music. Who knows, you might just be the next big star in Montréal.

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