Learning any language is a definite asset but  French is not only a global language, it's also the native language of many Canadians and an integral part of our Canadian identity and culture.

Knowledge of the French language enables students to communicate with French-speaking Canadians and millions of francophones globally. French language is not only an added communication skill,  but heightens how language and culture interconnect, developing further an appreciation and respect for the diversity of not only our Canadian culture but other French speaking cultures throughout the world.

Being armed with the right study resources makes all the difference to your confidence  when you're in the process of studying French and especially for exam days.

Studying French can require a much broader way of learning than studying for mathematics for example, since other components are required to master a language.

At times the abstract nature of language exams can be difficult  so it's important to target your review so it encompasses all aspects of learning a language;  reading,  writing, listening, and speaking.

However, there are resources available to help you improve your French speaking, listening and writing skills, that are useful throughout your learning process but especially during exam review.

Superprof is here to  help you in what you may need to find French Language study resources! Check out our top 10 reasons to learn French.

French Review Resources

As a national language of Canada, it's important for students to learn French at school. Elementary and Middle School includes all students from Grades 4 to 8. In Canada each province is responsible for it's own Education, including FSL or French as a Second Language programs but still maintain the high level that Canada is known for. In the province of Ontario, French education begins in Grade 4 and is mandatory right up until grade 8 graduation as Core French where it is taught as a subject.  A student can therefore continue French in Secondary School or Grades 9 to 12.  Grade specific resources can be found for all grade levels and depends on the students proficiency and needs. Students studying in Extended French and French Immersion programs that require one or two subjects taught in French,  may require further French textbooks, and additional multimedia resources.

Basic French vocabulary is where it all usually begins in primary school.  The Provincial School Boards provide French Text books according to their FSL curriculums . Of course various additional French resources can be found within the schools libraries and also in local libraries with numerous books, available for all levels, along with online resources that can help students progress through the years. Remember that your child's French teacher can also recommend specific resources to help your child succeed and meet their full potential in their French classes.

Whatever your level of French, you'll need these top tips to help you ace your French exams.

Canadian Parents For French 

An excellent resource for parents in general is the Canadian Parents for French website cpf.ca, founded in 1977 in Ottawa,  a national network of parents dedicated to assisting other new parents, students and educators.  They are in part supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage of the Government of Canada.  They wanted to ensure that Canadian children have the support to become bilingual while being educated in the various Provincial Canadian school systems.  In particular, on Canadian Parents for French, it provides lists of  resources and activities for French Students from Kindergarten to university level.   It is worth checking it out for it's list of resources.

For example, CPA listed and recommended some of the following French language learning websites:  Play and Learn at literacycenter.net for younger students.   Also recommended was the PBS Learning Media website providing interactive learning for young French students.

French Essentials  for Homeschool 

French Essentials for Homeschool is excellent for its online learning environment,  available to all students of all ages,  in order to revise and practice their skills in a range of subjects

The material provided on French Essentials for Homeschool is divided into the four main areas covered when learning the French language: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The four important components when learning a new language and always used for assess the students progress.

Each section has short videos or  ‘class clips’ to aimed at teaching a particular concept,

BBC Bitesize offers resources for KS1 French, KS2 French, KS3 French and GCSE
Quick clips or videos can act like a teacher.  ¦ source: Pixabay - TheAngryTeddy

While the class clips for listening focus on helping students get used to hearing French being spoken by native speakers, speaking clips take the form of mini-lessons, 

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French Second Language Tool Box of Ontario 

Another excellent French as a Second language  online website and grammar resource for students is the FSL Homework Tool Box of Ontarioit is an excellent French language site that assists students with all things French.  It's an excellent resource to help students in grammar, whether they need assistance with nouns, verbs, adverbs, expressions, conjunctions... or everyday language and expressions in French. It also assists students with gender and number, punctuations, and other subject areas including homework study tips.

French Language References - Dictionary and Textbooks

The Collins  a detailed, well known easy-to-use English-French / French-English bilingual dictionary. It is available in hard cover in all book shops and amazon, but there also an online version. Both its French and English sections teem with proverbs, common expressions, scientific terms and place names; etc.   Collins not only has the Dictionary but a number of other Resource books including Complete French with Grammar, Vocabulary, and Verbs in one Resource, but also available separately and a Grammar Practice book as well.

Modulo is another excellent Canadian French-language educational publisher that provides learning solutions from Kindergarten to University for all subjects. You can order directly at Modulo site scolaire.groupemodulo.com where you to search under Elementary or Secondary School French,  for Core French books and Supplementary books.   It also provides books on French Literature and Literary Strategy, along with the Core texts and Grammar books,  for students in the  Secondary School years.

Your study guides should suit your and your course
The most helpful resources will be the ones which are tailored to your specific course and exam board ¦ source: Visualhunt - fanz

The French books are usually the textbooks used to accompany your French lessons in school and should, therefore, be provided by your French teacher.They can also recommend additional textbooks and even past papers for practice. This is another essential tool for review and previous exam papers can be found online for practice.  Teachers may also have other resources or past papers and knowledge of grading so don't forget they are a rich source of information for your upcoming exams.

Second Language Evaluation is another online resource where you can access past test or exam papers on French Language evaluation. You can sign up with a free account and some free sample tests are provided.  There are 3 types of tests evaluations you can request for practice; Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Oral Proficiency.  All the tests are given a time period to complete with a certain number of questions to complete within the period.  It's a good way to simulate an actual test or exam, given the time constraint. This site is more geared towards passing the Canadian government second language exam but for advanced students it may be a good practice.  

Government of Canada - Language Portal

The Government of Canada also provides a Language Portal on it's website to provide English and French language resources in it's two official languages  which include tests and quizzes in French. Along with French grammar and vocabulary support.   Canada is one of the best countries in the world for helping their immigrants from all over the world, attain English and French language proficiency.  The commitment to French as a Second language is also part of our cultural heritage and is encouraged throughout the provinces with bilingual education assess available to  all of it's citizens.

The Language Navigator and TERMIUM Plus®   

Use TERMIUM Plus® another resource on the language portal and gives one the official translation of a term in another language, the definition of a term, and  other useful information. It’s a huge data bank of over 4 million terms, not only for French and English, but also for Spanish and Portuguese.

The Language Navigator is another resource available on the Language portal on the Government of Canada website,  it gives you advice on grammar, spelling and punctuation, and solutions for difficult points in French as well as English.

So, if you are taking French exam this year your own teacher provided textbooks are your best port of call to start your review and part of the curriculum set by your province, and the exam will have been written by the provincial exam board itself so check out your particular provincial governments websites for any other resources that may provide you with support like the one for Ontario.

Learning how to speak French will do wonders for your employability
High School French is a great beginning for your education and career  ¦ source: Visualhunt - University of Central Arkansas

If your goal is to become truly proficient and fluent in your everyday French, to score top marks for your end of year or grad year exams, you will need a good comprehension of the topics studied during your course with a proficiency in the key components of language, reading, writing, listening and oral comprehension.  With all of the resources available, you have every chance to succeed in the French language!




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