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💸 How much does a French tutor charge by the hour in Montreal for French lessons?

In Montreal, the average cost for French lessons is $27.


Prices will differ depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of your French tutor
  • where your lessons will take place (via Skype or at another location)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your classes (are you learning French for fun, or perhaps you are studying to get a French language qualification)

97% of Superprof tutors offer the 1st hour of the lesson free. Check out the prices of our French tutors in your neighbourhood.

📘What can a French tutor help you with?

Learning French has a number of benefits. The ability to communicate in another language will open up many doors to you in terms of employment, travel, and culture. Other benefits of learning French include increased mental flexibility and improved listening skills.


On Superprof, we have a number of highly qualified French tutors available to give private tutoring.


A French teacher can help you work on many things:

  • Elementary School and High School prep and past papers
  • Mastering the rules of French grammar
  • Speaking and the correct pronunciation
  • Writing and conjugation
  • Offering advice to help you with your course work
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Help with homework
  • Helping you to develop confidence in your French proficiency.

You can discuss with your teacher what you hope to accomplish from your private French classes.

All French courses with a experienced private teacher offer you the opportunity to master the French language more efficiently.


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🏅 How many private tutors are available in Montreal to give private French courses?

In Montreal and the suburban areas, there are 726 French teachers available to give lessons


You can have a look at their personal cv and choose the French tutor that best corresponds to your needs.


Choose your private course from our range of more than 726 teachers.

👩‍🎓 How do I find a French tutor in my area?

On Superprof, you can browse our range of tutor profiles to find the right solution for your personal needs.


Simply enter your requirements in the search bar to see the list of available tutors near you.


To find your private tutor, take a look at their individual tutoring cv to find out more information about their courses.


Once you have found a teacher you can get in touch with them via a messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your lessons.


In Montreal and the surrounding areas, 726 French teachers are available to teach private lessons.


Choose your private course from our range of more than 726 tutors.

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Learn French in Montreal 

Did you know approximately 95% of Quebecers speak French? However, Montreal has the largest population of Anglophone speakers in all of Quebec. Montreal is a hub for international culture and hosts hundreds of international festivals to celebrate diversity in music, film, art, comedy and other areas.

If you recently moved to Montreal or have lived there your whole life and primarily communicated in English, there are so many benefits to becoming fluent in French! Not only can you fully immerse yourself in Quebec culture and open a world of opportunity chatting with other French-speaking locals, you can also create new opportunities for yourself in business, travel, and entertainment. 

Imagine all the French films you could enjoy and the dishes you could order once you become well versed in the beautiful French language. French is also a great jumping off point for learning additional languages. Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese are a few of the many languages that closely resemble French.

You could start by learning French in Montreal and quickly end up speaking Spanish in Spain! Taking French classes can also be fun and exciting. Many students in language schools meet for coffee to practice their conversational French and encourage a social learning environment. This means that learning a new language could also be a great way to meet new people and connect with Quebec culture.

Find out more about the benefits of learning French, the best French language schools in Montreal, and how to learn French online. 

The Benefits of Learning French

Why do you want to learn French? Learning a new language is an excellent way to immerse yourself in a new culture, open your eyes to new ways of communicating, and enhance your experience in your city or on your travels. If you’re living in Montreal, learning French can offer you a number of advantages, including:

  • Improve employability and job opportunities
  • Enhance your travel experience
  • Enhance your relationship with Quebec culture
  • Help you learn additional languages like Spanish or Italian
  • Introduce you to new people
  • Improve brain function, memory, and communication skills

French Classes for Children in Montreal

Bilingual children are often effective communicators, creative thinkers, and able to excel academically. How is this possible? Learning a new language can change your brain chemistry and improve functions like problem solving skills, memory, and mental flexibility. These are excellent reasons to introduce your child to a French lesson while they’re young.

Language schools that offer programs for children do a good job of making French lessons engaging for the targeted age group. The French Tutoring Centre in Montreal offers multiple programs for children, including:

  • One-on-one tutorial
  • Small group tutorial
  • Fun French Kids club
  • Math and French tutorial

There are also a number of French Day Camps hosted by language schools in Montreal in the summertime. The French Tutoring Centre’s day camp offers French lessons, as well as gymnastics, swimming, sports tournaments, and other fun and engaging activities that keep kids excited to learn. 

The Best Places to Learn French in Montreal

The city of Montreal hosts a number of top rated language schools that can help you learn French with qualified teachers in the area. Many language schools offer a number of different levels for people at different learning stages.

A beginner may enter a French lesson with no prior experience with the language and require a Beginner Level I course, whereas a fluent French speaker may be interested in improving their Business French for a promotional opportunity. These students would seek out an Advanced Business French course to fulfill their needs.

In addition to providing language lessons to adults, many language schools in Montreal provide French lessons for children of different ages. The lessons tailored to children use games, art, and music to keep the childrens’ attention and employ enthusiastic teachers with experience working with kids. 

No matter what class, level, or age group you’re searching for in Montreal, there are a number of popular French lessons in the city. The top language schools to learn French in person in Montreal include: 

  • The French School (Learn French Montreal)
  • CLC Montreal
  • EC Montreal English Language School
  • English and French Language Programs
  • Berlitz Learning Centre

Can You Learn French online?

Do you need to carve time out of your schedule and commute to a language school to learn French? Absolutely not! It’s possible to successfully learn French online in Montreal. There are a number of features and benefits that make learning a language online easier than ever, including:

  • Searchable database of teachers
  • Online teacher profiles
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Email or phone communication
  • Easy and convenient payment and scheduling

If you’re interested in learning French online, all you have to do is find the right teacher for you. Once you select a French teacher that fulfills your list of criteria you can begin scheduling online lessons and tracking your progress with weekly check-ins. What should you look for in a French teacher before you book a lesson? Investigate the following before you decide on your perfect French teacher:

  • Do they hold lessons over webcam?
  • What is their response time?
  • What is their hourly rate?
  • What is their methodology?
  • Do they teach French for your level?
  • What is their background teaching experience?
  • Do they have any ratings or reviews from former students?

Asking these questions to yourself before committing to a French teacher online is a great place to start. You can also suggest booking one lesson to test your compatibility as teacher and student and decide to move forward or move on after this trial. 

Are you interested in learning French in Montreal? You can browse our database of qualified French tutors above and find the best French teacher for you and your skill level. Build a custom learning plan and start learning French from the comfort of your home!

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