The Quebec education system is one of the most robust in Canada. Math scores for Québec students, both francophone and anglophone, are the highest in Canada. What are they doing differently than the rest of Canada when it comes to teaching math?

Five things stand out:

  1. A more explicit math curriculum that focuses on learning math principles and covering them in depth in the early grades before moving to word problems.
  2. Math specialists teach grades 7-11 (high school math).
  3. Quebec teachers have four years of teacher’s college, rather than the Canadian average of two years.
  4. Quebec teachers have learned twice the foundational math principles and are taught to both understand the content and how to explain it in teacher’s college.
  5. Quebec students still have final exams in Grade 11 & 12 math and a passing grade of 60% rather than the national average of 50%.

What if your child is not meeting these standards or is struggling? You have many options. You can choose from math learning centres, private tutoring services, online tutoring and provincial assistance programs. This article will breakdown the best math tutors in Montréal for kids who want to improve their marks and their study skills. It’s also for adults who want to know how to access the provincial resources to achieve their high school diploma or CEGEP. CEGEP is the Grade 12 equivalent or known as a preparatory year before college/university.

Let’s get started!

Superprof for Math Tutors

Find a tutor in seconds.
Find a tutor in seconds. Source:

Superprof has been providing individualised tutoring, either in-person or online, since its inception in 2013. Academic support is one of its most significant categories, with math tutoring a highly requested service. You can find 485 math tutors in Montréal by clicking on and specifying Math and your city.

Private one-on-one math tutoring is available for elementary school, secondary school and university/college-level math programs. The tutor’s qualifications are all verified by Superprof. There are online profiles for each tutor, which outline their rate, experience in tutoring and past client feedback.

The cost of this home tutoring service is far more economical than tutoring centre rates. On average Superprof math tutors charge $22/hour, and the majority offer the first hour free.

If you would like to become a private tutor, Superprof is an excellent platform as it’s international and absolutely free to use.

Superprof will be able to help your child succeed in math and provide the learning support they need to get all their math problems right.


The universities and colleges GRADESAVERS support.
The universities and colleges GRADESAVERS support. Source:

GRADESAVERS is a unique tutoring group that focuses on university and college math courses in both Montréal and Toronto. In Montréal, they offer course tutoring from the following post-secondary schools:

  • Concordia University

  • McGill University

  • Dawson College

  • John Abbott College

  • Marianopolis College

Primarily, they look at the math syllabus for each school and create four different tutoring options for each math course offered. The four tutoring options are:

  • Private one-on-one tutoring

  • Mini groups (2 – 8 people)

  • Weekly Tutorials

  • Crash courses

They provide the first weekly tutorial hour free, and if you follow them on Facebook, you can find discount coupons for sessions in the comments.

GRADESAVER is a very focused approach to tutoring that has been around for ten years and has expanded to the Toronto post-secondary market. They understand the university student mind-set and their academic needs, as evidenced by their student’s success.

Succès Scolaire

Succès Scolaire’s tutoring philosophy.
Succès Scolaire’s tutoring philosophy. Source:

Succès Scolaire is the #1 referred math tutoring service in Montréal. They match their tutors to the student based on the area of math where the student struggles. This approach means the tutor will differ if algebra is more difficult for you than calculus or multiplication or fractions or trigonometry or statistics. There is also homework help, test prep and summer programs, which help with the loss of knowledge that occurs during that time of year.

Follow up interaction between the tutor with the parents is quite detailed and includes a report after each session and a complete follow-up report after ten hours of instruction. The tutor will also work with your child’s teachers to ensure there is an optimal review of their progress.

The cost per hour is $40-$50, and they provide tutoring in your home, online, in their centres across Québec or at school.


Kumon math and literacy tutoring centers.
Kumon math and literacy tutoring centers. Source:

The Kumon method of teaching has been around for 60 years. Tomu Kumon, a math teacher from Japan, created the program because he wanted to help his son understand pure math and develop good study habits.

At Kumon, children are given a math assessment first, to establish their math skill level. Then they are given specific worksheets as their math homework, which they complete daily for 30 minutes. Classes are held at the Kumon tutoring centre twice a week. Other than those in-class sessions, students do their daily math lessons and must be disciplined to succeed.

The teacher assesses their progress and tests them at the end of every math module. Communication between the parents and the Kumon tutor is frequent, so they are kept abreast of any student challenges and each of their successes.

There are six Kumon centres in Montréal. The cost is generally $80-$100 per week, with a registration fee of $50 and a $15 workbook fee.

SOS Tutoring

SOS Tutoring is similar in design to GRADESAVERS but on a slightly smaller scale. They provide tutoring for Montréal, Toronto and Boston university and college courses but offer either a three-day crash course or weekly review programs. Their courses focus on math, computer science and economics. Rates are quite reasonable at $75 for a group crash course and can be discounted depending on enrolment.

SOS Tutoring is an economical option for those who want a fabulous mark by working with some of the best tutors in the field.

High School of Montréal Adult Education

Upgrade your math and literacy skills at the High School of Montreal.
Upgrade your math and literacy skills at the High School of Montréal. Source:

High School of Montréal is a provincially funded program that offers courses to adult citizens of Quebec who want to earn their high school diploma or their CEGEP. They offer courses in English, French, Basic Math and High School Math. There is also vocational training.

Classes are open to anyone 16 as of June 30, 2019, and to any Canadian citizen with Quebec residency or those that have permanent residency in Canada.

Registration is between $90-$100 per course and is in downtown Montréal on Rue de Bullion. Classes for each program are offered twice a day and are two hours each.

Find out more about math tutors in Calgary and math classes in Vancouver.

The English Montréal School Board

Adult education and vocational training at EMSB.
Adult education and vocational training at EMSB. Source:

The English Montréal School Board (EMSB) has a comprehensive adult education program for anyone over eighteen who wants to earn their:

  • General Education Diploma


  • TENS equivalency exam

  • General Development Test (for vocational studies)

They offer English as a Second Language course for those who would like to learn to communicate and work in this language.

Students need only present their Canadian birth certificate or their Permanent Resident card and be over 16 years of age to qualify to participate in the program. Tuition is 100% free.

There are also four different vocational centres associated with the EMSB that offer certificates in hospitality, beauty, manufacturing, business and technology, among others.

Graduation is the reward for all your hard work.
Graduation is the reward for all your hard work. Photo by Logan Isbell on Unsplash

Success in math is just steps away in Montréal. From elementary math subjects like arithmetic and geometry to higher-level algebra, statistics and economics in university, you have many great choices for math tutoring.

You can take your tutoring online with Superprof or attend a crash course with GRADESAVERS or SOS Tutors. Education in Montréal is focused, financially reasonable and filled with talented teachers.

For those who want to go back to school and get their high school diploma or an equivalency, the province of Quebec makes that possible with either the High School of Montréal Adult Education program or with the English Montréal School Board.

It’s easy to see why math students in Québec do so well. Their education system and the resources available to them are excellent!

Check out the best math tutors in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Canada here.

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