Math can be a challenge at any age. We all know the feeling of getting back a math test and wondering what the heck went wrong. The most important thing you can do for yourself or your child when this happens is to find a math tutor right away. Why? It's simple. Learning math is like moving up a ladder. You must stand on each step confidently to be able to move up to the next level. Otherwise, you will be missing critical information that is used later when teachers build on those earlier math concepts in future grades.

Success in math is achievable for everyone.

It takes patience, a learning plan that charts your course

and a talented math tutor who can show you the way.

In Ottawa, you can choose from a math learning center, private tutors and government-funded classes. Each will help you get your high school diploma or assist your child in elementary, secondary school, university or college-level math.

Have a look at our suggestions below for a curated review of the best Ottawa math tutoring services.


My Tutor nominated one of the three best tutoring companies in Ottawa
My Tutor nominated one of the three best tutoring companies in Ottawa. Source:

My Tutor is an Ottawa-based peer tutoring group explicitly designed for students in its two universities: Carleton and the University of Ottawa, as well as Algonquin College. They tutor all subjects, including math and science, with the caveat that each tutor must have completed the course they are tutoring and received a mark of A or higher. My Tutor also trains each one individually. It's the perfect place to find both local tutors and tutoring jobs.

The classes are 100% refundable if you are not satisfied, and $1 from each hour taught goes to purchasing school supplies for underprivileged students in the Ottawa area.

My Tutor was ranked as one of the 3 Best Tutoring groups in Ottawa by This rating means it received five stars relative to its rather exhaustive 50 point inspection criteria, which analyzes its history, services, ratings and complaints. The following two tutoring groups also ranked in the Three Best Rated Ottawa Tutors.

Ottawa Tutoring

Group or private tutoring is available with Ottawa Tutoring
Group or private tutoring is available with Ottawa Tutoring. Source:

Ottawa Tutoring’s goal is to make instruction a positive experience for every student. They offer one-on-one tutoring at home and in school, at a local library or via Skype. There are discounts if you gather a group of students together for a tutoring session. Those classes are $30/hour versus the $45/hour individual session. They offer to tutor for a variety of subjects and math courses are taught from Grade 1-12 plus pre-algebra and university level, calculus, statistics, real analysis and more.

Math tutors can be vital bridges to learning.

Why, because math more than any other subject requires

 consistent attention, practice and individual reinforcement

to believe we can master it.

Tutor Bright

Tutor Bright is a private tutor service that offers math help for Grades 1-12 from their “Tutor-Mentors.” The first step is a free in-home or online math assessment of the student. From there, they provide a summary of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a full academic plan. They work with all the people involved with your child’s education and make it a point to raise not only marks but self-esteem as well. All the “Tutor-Mentors” are hand-selected and have a common goal to help students. There’s no contract, and Tutor Bright offers affordable pricing. You can also find discounted classes on Groupon.

If you are looking for a group to assist with math skills and math homework, word problems as well as provide a study plan, Tutor Bright is a good choice.

Find out more about math tutors in Calgary and math classes in Vancouver.

Superprof Math Tutors

Superprof provides individualized math tutoring
Superprof provides individualized math tutoring. Source:

If you are looking for the best online tutor who can teach either in-person or via the web, look no farther than Superprof. In Ottawa, Superprof has 258 math tutors’ profiles available for you to contact.

Superprof was founded in 2013 by Yann Leguillon and Wilfrid Granier in Paris and has since expanded around the world to 26 countries, including Canada.

Superprof math tutoring is available for all ages from grade school to university and graduate studies. All math tutors’ credentials and diplomas are verified, and they all have experience in tutoring. Each tutor posts their profiles with their rate per hour. The math levels taught and their philosophy of teaching. Also, because Ottawa is a bilingual city, the tutors speak either English or French or both. Their profiles identify whether they are bilingual.

Rates can vary, but the average cost is less than $20/hour. When compared to the Ottawa math tutoring center costs, these rates are quite reasonable.

Superprof offers professional tutoring as well as the first lesson free. Lastly, to help you know your tutor and their skills better, there are online client recommendations for each tutor.

If you are looking to become a tutor, Superprof's platform is free and a great way to start your career.

Learn about private tutor online. – Adult Learning

Adult learning opportunities with Education Ontario
Adult learning opportunities with Education Ontario. Source: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The Government of Ontario offers adult programs for those looking to improve their reading, writing, math, French or English skills or obtain a high school diploma. The math subjects taught are basic math as well as high school math.

This program is offered through Education Ontario and will help you upgrade your skills to apply to university, college or an apprenticeship training program. It is also available to immigrants and refugees who would like to improve their English or French or bridge their skills to work in Canada.

To qualify, you must be one of the following:

  • Convention refugee

  • Refugee claimant

  • Canadian citizen

  • Permanent resident

International students may also register for a fee.


Mathify is a free online one-on-one tutoring program with an Ontario Certified Teacher for Grades 7-10. Funded by the Ontario government, it's a fabulous resource if you need general help with math, word problems or any of the higher math principles taught in these grades.

To use the service, go to All that is required to register is your O.E.N. (Ontario Education Number) from your latest report card. This number is unique to each Ontario student and is a part of your educational history.

The teachers are available from Sunday to Thursday from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and the service is very secure. Only the teacher working with you online will know your name.

This free tutoring service will improve not only your math but your study skills, test prep and test-taking ability.


JUMP Math makes elementary math easier to learn.
JUMP Math makes elementary math easy to learn. Source:

JUMP stands for Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies. JUMP math brings the basics of arithmetic, multiplication, word problems and all math skills into clear focus. The premise is that anyone can excel at math. You simply need to learn each math concept thoroughly, making sure to understand each piece before moving on to the next level.

“No step is too small to ignore,” Mighton says.

“Math is like a ladder. If you miss a step, sometimes you can’t go on.

And then you start losing your confidence, and then the hierarchies develop. It’s all interconnected.

Canadian Mathematician, Author and Playwright John Mighton developed JUMP Math. It is designed to teach math in Grades 1-8 and is run exclusively as a non-profit organization. It is meant to be a math resource for math teachers, homeschool parents and charitable organizations that provide math tutoring.

You can find a list of the charitable or publicly funded daycares and tutoring groups that use JUMP Math in Canada here.

Mastering math often leads to academic success.
Mastering math often leads to academic success. Source: Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

There are lots of options when you want to find a tutor in Ottawa. You can choose from local tutoring programs that have varying philosophies and cater to all levels of math learning. To the provincially assisted programs that are free and well regarded like Mathify and JUMPMath. Or the Adult Learning program available through should you want to get your high school diploma or qualify for apprenticeship training.

There are also online math tutors like Superprof, which are internationally known and a great resource to find a local math tutor for a reasonable rate with references.

Check out the best math tutors in Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and Canada here.

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