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The average price of maths tuition per hour in Ottawa is £21.


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638 tutors are available to teach maths courses in Ottawa and the suburban areas.


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From a sample of 104 recommendations, pupils rated their maths teachers an average of 5.0 out of five.


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Mathematics is one of the toughest subjects in school. Many pupils struggle with maths throughout the school year, whether at primary level, secondary or higher. This is why additional maths support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a maths teacher many students are able to conquer their fear of maths.


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Strengthen Your Math Skills in Ottawa with a Tutor

Math can be a challenge for many students, from sixth graders preparing for provincial testing to Engineering students getting through a Calculus course. It’s a subject many students believe they are “not good” at, and may even avoid once they have completed their compulsory credits. 

Getting over a dread of math starts with adopting a growth mindset and abandoning the idea that you have a fixed, unchangeable ability. Every person can increase their mathematical proficiency with the right amount of practice and instruction. But where do you start when you are not “getting it” in class? What do you do if math class is making your child stressed out and “checking out” when it’s time to learn new concepts?

If you’re in Ottawa, you can rest assured knowing there is a contingent of knowledgeable math tutors ready to help you or your child. One-to-one instruction can make a critical difference in developing math skills and clarifying complex algorithms. Having the right tutor can do wonders for students that have a negative attitude toward math. 

Let’s take a closer look at what a math tutor can do for you or your child.

Common Challenges for Learning Math

Math instruction has changed a lot in Ontario over the last 10 years as strategies have evolved to make mathematical thinking more transparent. For example, some teachers prioritise problem solving over rote exercises, providing students with an experience of math rooted in real-life issues. It can be difficult for parents to support their kids at home, especially since they likely learned math quite differently as a child.

Students may also be struggling to achieve their goals in math due to gaps in their learning. These gaps can be caused by missed classes, ongoing priorities at home, or social distractions from the classroom or peer group. 

If you haven’t mastered a certain operation or algorithm, learning a math concept that depends on that prior learning can make progress seemingly impossible. Getting remediation is critical here, whether it is through independent study or having additional math support.

A final common pitfall in Math involves simply not understanding the teacher’s instruction. There are a number of reasons for this: the teacher may be unclear or moving quickly to get through curriculum, the student may still be learning English or the language of instruction, or the student may have a learning disability that needs to be accommodated. In these cases, a small group or tutorial instruction might be the best answer.

Why You Need Math Skills to Succeed

Despite the many obstacles students might face when it comes to learning math, computational and problem solving skills are essential for future success. 

Numbers come into play in so many aspects of our daily and professional lives, whether you are a university student budgeting for groceries or a contractor determining the correct measurements for a kitchen renovation. Lacking basic and intermediate math skills can actually cost you, particularly when it comes to money matters.

Another strong reason to improve your math skills is that so many university programs and professions require math skills to be successful. Accounting, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, Statistics, Education and Nursing are just some of the fields out there that involve solid math and problem solving skills.

Just as literacy is a basic for functioning in today’s world, numeracy is a foundational element of anyone who is part of today’s society. We need math to check bank statements and paycheques, make good purchases, budget, and understand data. 

Tips for Learning Math

Now that we have an understanding of why math is important and what obstacles can get in the way of learning, let’s examine some tips and tricks for strengthening our math skills.

Use Internet Videos 

Hundreds of math experts have posted videos on the internet to explain mathematical concepts, and students are just a click away from accessing step-by-step instructions. The video component is key as you can see the teacher working through problems just as you would in a notebook. If you have a bit of patience and a real motivation to learn, math videos can be a lifesaver.

Talk to Your Instructor or Teacher

It never hurts to hear something a second or third time, and most teachers will be happy to provide an alternative explanation if the lesson is not sinking in. They may even know of supplementary programs within the school you can access for extra help. 

Form a Study Group

For older students getting a group together from class can be a fun way to socialize, get homework done, and share strategies for problem solving. Schedule a regular time to meet after school or class at a campus learning commons or community library, and hopefully everyone can improve their grades together.

Buy a Workbook

Parents can support younger math students by picking up a math practice book from the Jump Math series or Brain Quest from a local or online bookstore. Getting into a regular habit of homework completion is key: set goals to complete a set amount of pages each day. Simply having that extra practice can enhance mental math skills and ensure that kids are ready when they arrive in class.

How a Math Tutor Can Help

Probably the most effective way of getting math help for yourself or your kids is to hire a tutor. When it comes to math, having a tutor is incredibly effective for staying motivated and disciplined: a tutor will hold the student accountable for attempting their work and take them step-by-step through every problem. They will have a variety of ways to explain math concepts, and use visuals and manipulatives to make math learning visible. Finally, a strong math tutor should be able to identify learning gaps and help the student to close them through personalized instruction.

Sites like Superprof provide profiles for math tutors you can contact in Ottawa, whether you are looking for help on an ongoing basis or for a concentrated period of time before an exam or test. Check out your options today!


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