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The average cost of math classes per hour in Hamilton is $23.


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As you may already know, math is a core subject in the Canadian education system and is required for high school graduation in most provinces and territories. Your grade 12 math grades play a major role in determining university admission and evaluating your overall performance upon graduating high school.


Therefore, finding a private math tutor will definitely help you thrive in math, whether you’re preparing for a grade 12 math exam or provincial achievement test. You can tailor your private math lessons to meet your own math curriculum and school requirements.


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Choose your math class in Hamilton from our range of more than 355 maths tutors available.

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From a sample of 53 ratings, students scored their math teachers an average of 4.9 out of 5.


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Tips for Studying Mathematics in Hamilton

Mathematics is a subject students of all ages all over Canada struggle with, from grade 3s learning their timetables to university students struggling with calculus. One of the most important subjects we learn in school, mathematics is essential to so many basic routines in our adult lives, from budgeting a household to measuring furniture. Math skills are also fundamental to so many careers such as engineering and finance. It’s easy to give up on math when you are struggling with it; choosing giving up, however, can deprive oneself of a critical skill set for both every day life and a whole slew of careers. 

Whether you are a frustrated parent or a stressed out student, you may find yourself wondering how to remedy your math woes. Luckily, there are so many ways to get mathematics help, and if you happen to be in Hamilton you are in the perfect place find it. Hamilton is home to amazing schools, preparatory courses, and tutors that can help you or your child with math. One of Canada’s most bustling, exciting cities, Hamilton is home to a world-class university, fantastic public schools, and renowned colleges making it an exciting place to learn.

Let’s take a closer look at modern math learning and some tips to help any struggling mathematics learner, and the best ways to learn math in Hamilton.

Math: a Changing and Challenging Subject

Math learning has changed in recent years, thanks to new pedagogical strategies and changing technology. Much of math involves showing learning through pictures, objects, and detailed explanations following popular problem solving models. Many teachers will ask students to communicate their problem solving through presentations and short written responses, and there may be a variety of algorithms or methods used to solve the same math questions. This can be a huge challenge for many parents, who may be accustomed to learning math in a more traditional format where getting the correct answer was the most important success criteria.

Older students may struggle with math for different reasons while also dealing with the pressure of getting the grades required to get into college and university programs. Secondary school can be challenging as the supports provided in elementary school are removed and expectations change. University students may also find learning challenging in lecture based environments where students are expected to take a more independent approach to their learning. 

What can we do to get over our obstacles to math learning? Here are our tips to achieving math success.

Tips for Struggling Math Learners

Start by Developing a Growth Mindset

Because math doesn’t come easily to everyone, it’s easy to develop the assumption that you’re “not good at math” or “not a math person.” This kind of thinking can be toxic to academic growth, and can cause students to experience math anxiety when faced with learning tasks. 

Developing a growth mindset, however, can be an excellent approach that can remove any mental barriers you or your child have when it comes to math. 

A growth mindset is the belief that you can develop new abilities and skills through hard work and consistent efforts. When we take a growth mindset to learning math, we focus on learning, trying new strategies, and accepting that mistakes are part of a bigger process of reflection and learning. We might better understand the concept of a growth mindset by comparing it to its opposite , a fixed mindset - where people view abilities and beliefs as unchangeable, that their flaws should be hidden, and that feedback is a form of criticism.

Parents can help their kids develop a growth mindset by rewarding their kids’ efforts over grades, showing their kids that they can solve a math problem with different approaches, and pointing out math when it happens in the real world. Older students can work on their growth mindset by critically examining their assumptions about math, and taking time to reflect and debrief on new learning. Keep a journal, and set realistic goals for yourself. Re-examine your work and seek feedback, and solicit constructive criticism from classmates and teachers.

Schedule time for Math Practice Everyday

Thanks to technology, there are hundreds of sites and apps where students can practice math and review new learning. Websites like Khan Academy and Youtube have hundreds of math videos and summaries to clarify what is being taught from the curriculum. Find a video where a math teacher models the problem solving, and pause-and-play as you learn. Math games are another great find on the internet, and sites like Sumdog, IXL, and Prodigy have engaging platforms where kids can practice with other students from around the world. 

Set aside time everyday for math homework and review, using workbooks, games, examples, and videos when you homework is finished or unassigned. Making math a part of the day can be a game changer in your or your child’s academic performance, and mastery comes with regular practice. When math time is scheduled and followed consistently, you and your kids will develop stronger learning skills. Parents of younger kids can even find math stories online or at the bookstore, or set their kids to work on a Brain Quest or Jump Math book.’ 

Hire a Private Math Tutor

One of the most high impact ways to enhance performance in math s to hire a math tutor. Private tutoring is convenient, affordable, and highly personalized. They can meet you or your child virtually or at a library or cafe. Math tutors are experienced and highly proficient in their subject, and can explain mathematical concepts clearly and confidently.

Personal tutoring is also great for going beyond the lesson and providing practice and feedback. They can create games and challenges, and focus on the greatest areas of need for the learner. Older students can expect their tutors to help prepare them for big exams and provide feedback on assignments. 

If you are a parent of younger kids, having a tutor will take some stress off your plate so you can focus on other things or getting things done around the house. The right tutor will engage your child with math manipulatives and games, and teach your kids in ways their teacher might not.

Sites like Superprof have listings for amazing tutors near you. Find the perfect math tutor at Superprof today!

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