One out of every three adults struggle with literacy and numeracy in Edmonton and do not have their high school diploma. It’s a significant challenge that the province of Alberta, non-profit groups and the tutoring community are trying to overcome.

To resolve this issue, Albertan parents have been a tremendous motivating force in promoting the province’s education program and ensuring there are quality tutoring options. They realise that for their children to get the best jobs, they must have high school level math and literacy skills.

No matter where they live, children can become discouraged with math when they don’t perform well in school. This discouragement can lead to frustration and result in them falling behind. Later, a lack of engrained math concepts makes it difficult for them to succeed at math in higher grades. It’s vital to keep the learning process positive and stacking the math lessons in such a way that they learn each one solidly.

Have a look at these Edmonton private tutor and learning centre options to obtain your high school diploma or reach math excellence in both elementary, secondary school and university.

P.A.L.S. (Project Adult Literacy Society)

Math skills program at P.A.L.S.
Math skills program at P.A.L.S. Source:

P.A.L.S. began in 1979 as a volunteer reading program and evolved into a full-fledged charity with both literacy and high school math tutoring programs available in 2007. The free tutoring pairs meet once a week for two hours at a neutral location, either the P.A.L.S. office or a library.

Several provincial and private non-profit groups fund the program. All the tutors are volunteers who love math and want to see adults who are struggling, gain better employment and succeed. P.A.L.S. also trains those who are trying to pass apprenticeship exams (which need basic math) and have assisted 30 students a year, on average, pass this exam.

P.A.L.S. is a fantastic resource that helps adults who have slipped through the system and new Canadians adapt to the job force and improve their eligibility for quality employment.

Superprof Math Tutors

Superprof has the best tutors in Edmonton.
Superprof has the best tutors in Edmonton. Source:

Superprof is an international educational website that helps you find a tutor in your city or via the web. has recently launched in Canada and has 166 private math tutors available in Edmonton to teach everything from elementary school math to MBA level statistics.

Started in 2013 by Yann Leguillon and Wilfried Granier in Paris, Superprof offers education in over 1,000 subjects, with math tutoring being one of the most popular and requested.

Rates start as low at $12/hour.

For one-on-one math tutoring, these rates are exceptional,

and in most cases, the first class is free.

For those looking to become a tutor and who have some teaching experience, Superprof is an excellent platform to launch your business as it is free to use.

If you are looking for private tutoring from students who have completed the course with an A or higher; Or the math teachers themselves, Superprof is your source. It's a find for anyone who wants the best tutors, at the best price.

A & D Tutors

The website rated A&D Tutors, one of Edmonton’s three best math tutoring centres. Operating for over 20 years, A&D Tutors focus’ both on adult education, K-12, pre-algebra, pre-calculus as well as university and college math. They also provide subject support for trade entrance and apprenticeship exams, health & safety exams and elementary, secondary and university level tutoring.

The first student consultation is free, and there are one-on-one sessions with a customised teaching plan for each student. Summer programs are also available for kids age 6-12 with a focus on STEM skills using Lego and Minecraft as teaching tools.

A&D Tutoring encourages their students, both adult and children,

to surpass their personal best and master skills that will last a lifetime.

Mobile Tutors

Help your child learn math at home or online.
Help your child learn math at home or online. Source:

Mobile Tutors began in 1998 and now operates one of the most recognised tutoring centres in Edmonton for both adults and children. The math levels taught are extensive and include the following:

  • Elementary School Math (Kindergarten to Grade 6 Math)
  • Junior High School Math (Grade 7-9)
  • High School Math (Grade 10-12)
  • AP (Advanced Placement) Math
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) Math
  • Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics & Probability
  • College & University Math

Mobile Tutors offers both online tutoring and one-on-one tutoring at home. After registration, the team matches you to a tutor who will meet your learning style, personality, geography and availability. They prepare an individualised math tutoring plan, ingrain good study habits and provide test prep support to achieve your academic goals. Then monitor your success to make sure you are on track and receiving the proper amount of support.

Mobile Tutors also offers career counselling, resume writing and cover letter review for those wishing to get ahead in the job market. Interview preparation is also included in this package.


Kumon is one of the most recognised math tutoring centres in the world. It is the number one educational franchise in North America, according to Entrepreneur magazine and has been for 18 years in a row.

The Kumon philosophy is to make sure the student’s calculation skills are sound, and from there, they build harder math concepts on top. Daily worksheets for 30 minutes are essential to solidify math concepts. According to Tomu Kumon, the founder of Kumon, the goal is for the math student to be able to teach themselves new ideas because of their solid math foundation.

Kumon not only provides at-grade level tutoring but also advanced math tutoring that challenges students who are working at a higher level, to reach even higher. This program is called the Advanced Students Honour Roll and appears similar in concept to the Spirit of Math program.

Kumon’s rates vary, but you can assume the cost will be approximately $80-$100 per month with a $50 registration fee and $15 workbook cost.

Get information about tuition here.

The University of Alberta – Tutor Registry

Academic support from the University of Alberta Tutor Registry
Academic support from the University of Alberta Tutor Registry  Source:

The University of Alberta in Edmonton has a vibrant tutor network available for students in high school and those in university & college-level. Presently, there are 129 tutors registered to provide learning support in 872 subjects, one of the most requested being math.

The Student Union (SU) runs the tutoring program here, and they maintain six pillars that each tutor must keep to continue to teach from their platform.

  1. All meetings are individual tutoring sessions. The SU does not endorse group tutoring sessions.

  2. All tutoring sessions are in person.

  3. Peer tutoring is the expectation, rather than treating it as Teacher and Student.

  4. All actions are in line with the University of Alberta Code of Student Behaviour.

  5. Incorporate all the lessons learned from the SU Tutor Training Program into each session.

  6. All interactions with the tutor are prompt, courteous, thorough and accurate. Also, all private information is treated both professionally and confidentially.

Rates vary from $20/hour to $40/hour, and most break their price down into cost per minute, which is unique.

Academic success is possible when students conquer math.
Academic success is possible when students conquer math. Source: Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Edmonton is Canada’s 5th largest city and is one of it’s fastest-growing, placing 9th in the country. The need for higher education and a more educated workforce is not lost on the province’s educators, the political system or Albertan parents.

Over the past 20 years, many strides have been taken to assist those who have fallen through the educational cracks. As well, parents are teaching their children the math and study skills they need to live better lives and obtain higher-paying jobs. Math tutoring in Edmonton has come a long way in this time.

There are local non-profit groups like P.A.L.S that can help you learn math so you can pass an apprenticeship test. Or math tutoring companies like A&D Tutors, Mobile Tutors or Kumon, which cater to adults and children who want to master math.

Then there are internationally known websites like, which brings the best local Edmonton math tutors to your laptop or your doorstep, whichever you choose.

Learning math is one of life’s most essential skills. Doing it well will provide opportunities to study more complicated subjects and do more complex work in life. It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is, right!

Check out the best math tutors in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Canada here.

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