You’ve decided you need a math tutor - great decision! Math is a subject that can elude you if you don’t start on the right foot. It can also be difficult if you have concerns about your math ability, which can allow anxiety and fear to get the best of you.

There’s a long-held idea that you must be a “math person” to do well in math. The truth is there is no such thing as 'math people.' Everyone has the potential to be good at math. It’s all around us. We use it every day, and we couldn’t understand our world without it. For example, banking, cooking or putting together anything from IKEA. (O.K. that may require another level of genius only a few of us possess).

In Toronto, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to finding a math tutor and getting free online help with math. Both these services will give your child a leg-up in school or help you obtain your Ontario Secondary School Diploma or your GED.

There are a few tutoring services you’ve probably heard about – Kumon, Oxford Learning Centres and Mathnasium. This article will provide a quick review of what you can expect from each group.  As well, we will introduce you to, which offers math tutors in every major Canadian city. Lastly, we look at a few provincial websites like Jump — math and Mathify, which are fantastic resources and completely free.

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Kumon Math Tutoring Centres
Kumon Math Tutoring Centres. Source:

Kumon began in 1958 with Toru Kumon, a high school Math Teacher from Osaka, Japan. Toru started Kumon to help his son, who was struggling with basic math and word problems. He focused on his son’s calculation skills and worked to improve these by having him complete worksheets for 30 minutes. Practising math every day allowed him to solidify his knowledge and eventually self-learn math concepts.

Today Kumon is the #1 educational franchise for the 18th year in a row, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. In Toronto, there are tens of Kumon locations just input your postal code in the location finder, and the nearest Kumon centre will populate.

Kumon starts with a placement test to gauge the right starting point for your child. Then the children will receive worksheets to hone their calculation skills, and the teacher will monitor their progress. Each child is evaluated and given a study plan. The teacher and parents sit down often to discuss how the child is doing, their study skills and areas of focus.

“We want everything individualised for the student

so there is no gap in their learning.”

The cost is $150/month on average, with a $50 registration fee and $15 for materials.

Oxford Learning Centres

Oxford Learning - Toronto Math Tutoring
Toronto Math Tutoring. Source:

Oxford has over 40 locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where children can study Math, English, French and Science from Grade 1 to 12. There are six core instructional areas that the program uses to bring out the best in each child.

The first is a cognitive learning approach, which builds critical thinking skills, uses reflective learning techniques and promotes the ability to transfer new skills. This learning style will carry students through their school and work lives.

The other five pillars of the Oxford approach are that their teachers must have post-secondary education. Oxford teachers are trained to be interactive coaches who create dynamic assessments for their students, which leads to a proper understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Each child then receives a customised math tutorial program. Lastly, there is an emphasis on self-esteem development for each student.

The cost per month for two sessions per week for a grade school child is approximately $350, as well as a $150 registration fee.


Mathnasium - Focused on math excellence
Mathnasium - focused on math excellence. Source:

Larry Martinek, a Californian Math Teacher and creator of the Mathnasium Method, spent forty years developing the method and the last decade sharing it with the world. What is the Mathnasium Method? It’s the combination of math skills assessment, a customised learning plan and teaching for understanding.

The Mathnasium Teaching Method
The Mathnasium Teaching Method. Source:

We use a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques in our education strategy.

Mathnasium's proprietary curriculum focuses on helping kids build their number sense, so they truly understand math.

There are 30 locations in the GTA. Mathnasium is a math learning centre where the math lessons take place in their space, and there is no assigned math homework. The teachers are all individually screened and have their math skills tested before hiring. This method has proven to be one of the best tutor programs available and brings kids forward from basic math concepts to college-level calculus.

Mathnasium will cost between $200-$300 per month with one to five students per class.

Superprof Math Tutors

Toronto Math Tutor & Ambassador Mansur
Toronto Math Tutor & Ambassador Mansur. Source:

Superprof is a great resource to find over 600 private tutors in Toronto.

Superprof was founded in 2013 by Yann Leguillon and Wilfrid Granier in Paris and has since expanded around the world to 26 countries, including Canada.

At Superprof, you can receive one-on-one tutoring where your instructor will come to you or will work with you via webcam. Math tutoring is available for all ages, from grade school to university and graduate studies. All math tutors’ credentials and diplomas are verified. Within each tutors’ profile, you will find their rate per hour, the math levels taught, their experience and philosophy of teaching.

Rates can vary, but the average cost is approximately $20/hour, which is quite reasonable relative to the Toronto math tutoring centre costs.

Most Superprof math tutors offer the first lesson free and endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours. The online client recommendations for each tutor also help provide decision-making information for their future clients.

Superprof math tutors will assess your skill & your needs and

will tailor a program to help you conquer math!

It’s also a great time to become a tutor as the web platform from is absolutely free.

It’s easy to find a qualified math tutor anywhere in Toronto with, just type in “math” here.


JUMPmath teaches kids Grade 1-8 math concepts
JUMPmath teaches kids Grade 1-8 math concepts. Source:

JUMP Math is a charitable organisation developed to teach math in Grades 1-8 by Canadian Mathematician, Author and Playwright John Mighton. JUMP stands for Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies. This program believes anyone can excel at math. You simply need to learn each math concept well, taking as much time as you need to process the information correctly in your mind.

“No step is too small to ignore,” Mighton says.

“Math is like a ladder. If you miss a step,

sometimes you can’t go on.

And then you start losing your confidence,

and then the hierarchies develop. It’s all interconnected.”

The JUMP program is meant to be a resource to teachers, homeschoolers and charitable organisations that provide both group and home tutoring. You can find a list of the charitably funded daycares and tutoring groups that use JUMP Math in Canada here.


Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash - Mathify a free online math tutoring program for Grades 7-10
Mathify is a free online math tutoring program for Grades 7-10. Source: Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

Mathify is a free online tutoring program with an Ontario Certified Teacher for Grades 7-10. It’s offered after-school Sunday to Thursday from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm. All that is required to register is your O.E.N. (Ontario Education Number) from your latest report card.

Go to to register. The service is very secure, and only the teacher working with you online will know your name.

Funded by the Ontario government, this is a fabulous resource if you are struggling with any of the higher math problems taught in these grades. Free tutoring is only a few clicks away.

Find out more about how you can learn math in Calgary and math classes in Vancouver. – Adult Learning

The Government of Ontario offers adult learning courses for those who desire to improve their reading, writing, math, French or English skills or obtain their high school diploma.

This program is offered through Education Ontario and can help you upgrade your skills to apply to university, college or apprenticeship training programs. It is also available to immigrants and refugees who would like to improve their language skills in English or French or bridge their skills to work in Canada.

To qualify, you must be one of the following:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • Refugee claimant
  • Convention refugee

International students can register for a fee.

Getting math help is the first step to success.
Getting math help is the first step to success. Source: Photo by from Pexels

There are many options when looking for math tutoring in Toronto. You can utilise the programs offered by the provincial government, coordinate online or in-person with private math tutors like, or sign up with a private tutoring centre.

The unifying factor is that math is a subject anyone can master. All that’s required is the student's desire to learn, as well as a patient teacher. Then the key is to fill those knowledge gaps with a bit of work and practice.

Check out the best math tutors in Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal and Canada here.

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