Math can be one of the more significant challenges in elementary and high school. It’s a subject that can send your confidence soaring or crashing depending on how well you are doing on tests and assignments.

So much of how we perform in math is dependent on two vital aspects:

  1. In the early years, students must understand basic math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and all elementary math components before moving on to more complex problem-solving.
  2. To be successful, teachers need to break concepts down into their core components and meet the student where they are in their understanding. Then gradually build their math knowledge to the point where they see the integration of past math elements and can move onto more complex ideas.

Having trouble with math courses is not a new problem. Thankfully there are many avenues of assistance that both parents and adults can take to get math help.

In the upcoming articles, we have reviewed all the local math tutoring services and free or subsidised provincial math resources in four major Canadian cities: Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa and Edmonton. We'll find out more about the local math tutoring centres, private tutoring and talented online tutors. Plus, government programs that help adults obtain their high school diploma or access to vocational programs with supplementary courses/exams.

Canada has an abundance of talented scholars and teachers

waiting to help you reach academic excellence!

The Best Math Tutors in Toronto

Downtown Toronto
Downtown Toronto. Source: Photo by Omar Flores on Unsplash

As Canada’s largest city with the most students and its economic engine, Toronto has tonnes to offer when it comes to tutoring options and educational resources. Kumon and Mathify are two different Toronto tutoring services that bring student success, whether it be in numeracy, pre-algebra, calculus, test prep or study habits.


Kumon is a math program that originated in Japan with math teacher Toru Kumon, who wanted to see his son excel in mathematics. Since it originated in 1958, it has spread around the world. The Kumon philosophy is one must master elementary math and perform 30 minutes of math practice daily. Kumon gives students fantastic study skills and prepares them for graduate-level studies when they are older.

Kumon is the number one educational franchise in North America and has been for eighteen years. Their formula for learning is an undeniable success. It has made them one of the best tutors in Canada and the U.S. There are hundreds of Kumon locations to choose from in Canada. Generally, there is one in every city over 100,000 people.

Much of the program is individualised study, with the student going to the Kumon centre only twice a week to meet with their tutor. There they review the learning that week and are tested at the end of each section. Much of the program’s success stems from the confidence children feel when they understand the concepts and start to perform better on math tests.

When math scores go up, it's excellent for both the children and parents, and it makes the investment well worthwhile.


Mathify is a free online tutoring program that is available to any student in the Ontario education system from Grades 7-10. It matches each student to one certified Ontario Teacher who is available for math assistance Sunday to Thursday online from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Mathify is an excellent resource for any child struggling with middle school math. Click on for free tutoring!

Want to feel good about Maths class in Calgary? Check Superprof now!

The Best Math Tutors in Ottawa

The parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.
The parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Source: Splash of Rain,

The capital of Canada is a vibrant hub of higher education and tutoring offerings. One of the most recent finds is Superprof, which has just come to Canada and provides online and private home tutoring. The other option to consider is the program for the elementary school Grades 1-8.

Superprof Math Tutors

Superprof is a website that originated in France, and its purpose is to connect people to education. Students from around the world meet their tutors here and can learn everything from math to yoga, painting to zoology.

In Ottawa, there are 258 math tutors available today to help you master trigonometry, statistics, prep for the GMAT or improve your test-taking.

Each tutor posts their profile online with their rate, teaching experience and client feedback comments, so you know a bit more about who you are meeting. Be it either in your home, in a public place or online. The rates for private one-on-one tutoring through Superprof are very reasonable relative to math tutoring centres and tend to average at $20/hour with the first lesson often offered free.

If you are interested in becoming a private tutor, Superprof’s web platform is free and the perfect start to a career as a professional tutor.

Peer tutoring is one of’s most significant advantages.

Their tutors have taken the course and can teach you

what you need to know to get an A like them!

John Mighton, a Canadian Mathematician, Author and Playwright, created JUMPmath. He wanted to find a way to make math more accessible to students and allow them to exceed their expectations and be successful in math. It is a program for Grades 1-8, and it is meant to solidify those math ideas so students can build on those skills and attempt harder concepts in high school.

The program is a charitable offering to be used by teachers in the classroom, homeschool parents and provincially funded tutoring centres and daycares. However, you can pick up their workbooks on Amazon if you would like to supplement your child’s math program with their practice sheets.

The Best Math Tutors in Edmonton

Downtown Edmonton.
Downtown Edmonton. Source:

Edmonton has a quality selection of professional tutoring groups and government resources to help you excel in math at school or get your high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma). Two of the many include P.A.L.S. (Project Adult Literacy Society) and Mobile Tutors, a learning centre that focuses on all levels of math competency.


Born from the literacy crisis of twenty years ago, P.A.L.S. is a charity that helps adults obtain their high school diploma, GED, or pass vocational or apprenticeship entrance exams.

P.A.L.S. is for people who have slipped through the educational cracks in the system or new Canadians looking to upgrade their skills and obtain quality employment.

Mobile Tutors

Mobile Tutors is a well-established learning centre that tutors math from grade school to university and college level as well as IB program and AP level courses. They match you with a tutor that fits your:

  • program of study
  • personality
  • geography
  • availability
  • learning style

They also provide career counselling in the form of resume and cover letter writing and interview preparation for those wishing a leg-up in the job market.

The Best Math Tutors in Montréal

Downtown Montreal has many talented local tutors.
Downtown Montreal has many talented local tutors. Source: Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Montréal has several entrepreneurial tutor agencies like GRADESAVERS and Succès Scolaire, who have made the math learning landscape infinity easier for both anglophone and francophone students.


GRADESAVERS was started by university students ten years ago who saw the need for quality tutoring in post-secondary classes. They offer four different types of courses: private one-on-one instruction, mini-groups (2-8 people), weekly tutorials and crash courses for specific courses held at five different schools in the Montréal area. It’s been incredibly popular, as the testimonials from students on Youtube proclaim.

Succès Scolaire

Succès Scolaire is Montréal’s most referred math tutoring centre and provides an array of tutoring programs to fit your needs. They match students with tutors who are experts in the area of math that is most difficult for them. They can work on algebra, trigonometry or real analysis. No subject is too complicated.

There is also homework help, test preparation, exam review and summer programs.

O Canada - we’ve found your best math tutors!
O Canada - we’ve found your best math tutors! Source: Photo by Ali Tawfiq on Unsplash

Canada is said to be one of the friendliest places on earth. It is also one of the best in math, particularly in Quebec. Many of those math scholars share their knowledge as tutors. That is why there is such an abundance of great math tutors here.

No matter what your math need is, there is math course tuition in every major Canadian city. You can choose to do it in the privacy of your own home, at a tutoring centre or online.

No one needs to worry about failing when the academic support systems in our country are so rich. Even the provincial governments will provide you with free educational support to obtain a high school diploma as an adult if you put in the work.

So, let go of your math inhibitions and grab the service that best suits you to conquer math once and for all.

Check out the best math tutors in Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Vancouver, and Edmonton here.

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