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If you’re an aspiring personal trainer, you must be aware that the job requires more than just helping out your client at the gym. It includes making sure your client has an overall healthy lifestyle that will help him or her achieve his or her fitness goals.  

Being a personal trainer requires a lot of work - including personal development. You need to develop qualities that will be appealing and beneficial for your clients. If you develop these good qualities, you’ll easily become a great personal trainer. 

With that being said, it’s quite obvious that the job requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. You can’t just decide one day that you want to be a personal trainer and start working as one the next. 

You need to take certification courses and programs to equip you with the right knowledge and skills to ensure that your clients get the results they want safely. 

In Toronto, there are several institutions that offer such courses. This article will be enumerating the various qualities of a personal trainer and the courses to help you get that personal trainer certification in Toronto.

Great Qualities of a Personal Trainer

Just like every other profession, there are certain qualities that a personal trainer must possess in order to be a successful and effective one. Inevitable, you might not have these qualities outright but they’re something you can definitely work on. 

Here are the top qualities you should have: 


Your clients would appreciate it if you’re friendly towards them, especially since you’ll be spending a lot of time together. This won’t just help them loosen up but they’ll also be more productive when they feel like you’re a friend rather than just a personal trainer. 


When you’re empathetic towards your client, you can easily understand how they feel about themselves and their goals. This makes it easier for you to plan out their fitness program and diet plan without neglecting what suits them best. 


Your clients won’t always be enthusiastic about lifting weights and doing intense cardio workouts. You have to motivate them in a positive way so that they won’t lose sight of their fitness goals. This is one of the qualities that will really make you a successful trainer.


Of course your clients won’t always be as obedient as you want them to be. Sometimes, they might cheat on their diets or sometimes, they won’t always finish the planned workouts for the day and that’s okay. Just be patient and motivate them instead.


Unless your client is a full-time athlete, they don’t really have all the time in the world. So make sure you’re efficient as a trainer and maximize their time. They’ll be more than grateful to find that their workouts are efficient and packed most of the time. 


Your clients won’t have the same background as you and won’t understand all the steps you teach them the first time arounds. Just remember to keep things simple when it comes to explaining to them and you won’t have to explain things in the future over and over again.

Personal Trainer Certificate Programs in Toronto

University of Toronto Scarborough

Known for having a close-knit campus, the University of Toronto Scarborough is known for its great research facilities and breadth of the liberal arts. It has tons of community engagements that challenge the students to reach beyond the walls of the classroom.

Moreover, students also have the freedom to pursue various academic opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. The university has over 150 student groups and is located near the city’s greenest area. It’s also situated inside a culturally diverse neighborhood. 

In relation to getting certified as a personal trainer, the university has partnered with Canfitpro. This company is the largest provider of education in the country in the fitness industry and has been operating since 1993.

Through the university’s program, students will learn how to teach safe and effective techniques to their future clients. They will also learn how to train clients in groups or individually. And, of course, the program will also help students learn how to support clients all throughout the process.

More than just those important pieces of information, there will also be lessons on fitness theory and the various systems in the body including skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular systems. Lessons on components of workouts, human anatomy, and program design will be given.

The course will be a mix of online courses, in-class courses, theory and practical exams, and course manuals. After the course, the student will automatically have a Canfitpro membership. 

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You can also look into Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s personal certification program if you’re looking for online courses. This institute is located in Edmonton.

Seneca College 

Another great institution in Toronto that offers a personal trainer certification course is Seneca College. This college is known for offering courses to students who only have limited time. These part-time studies are often suitable for students who have work other than schooling. 

This college has ideal class sizes and is filled with students from all sorts of backgrounds, making it a pretty diverse learning community. The college also offers opportunities for students to have partnerships with industry leaders in business, education, humanities, and language among others. 

Given that this is a great school for students who have more workload, options such as online learning and field placements with full-time, part-time, and continuing education options. 

They have a personal training program that’s typically offered during fall, winter, and summer terms. The course aims to help the students have a client-centered approach when they practice their fitness instruction and exercise prescription

Students can expect to learn about various topics such as health screening, assessment methods, goal setting, motivational techniques, program design, professionalism, and business operations. 

So if you’re looking for an option that will fit your schedule, you might want to check out this college.

TAV College in Montréal also offers a similar certification program you might want to check out.

Yorkdale Adult Learning Center

If there’s one thing to know about Yorkdale Adult Learning Center, it’s that it’s one of the largest credit granting adult day schools in Toronto. Every term, this learning center caters to over 2000 adults at a time. 

Should you opt to study at this learning center, you can expect that you’ll get upgraded for entrance into university and college as well as workplace training and certificate. Every year, they have over 4 terms spread out, with over 3 months each. 

Each class only takes up two hours each day, every day but students are free to take up to 3 classes a day - depending on his or her own schedule. 

The learning center’s personal trainer program teaches its students knowledge and skills in the fitness and health field. They have an impressive faculty with teachers who are highly qualified and have years of experience in the field. 

The certificate program is 18 weeks long and the student will earn a personal trainer certificate, 5 credits towards the OSSD, Canadian and Ontario recognized industry certifications, and real-life work experience in the field. 

The program has two components - in-school which takes 9 weeks and cooperative education placement which also takes 9 weeks. 

The personal trainer qualifications they listed down are as follows:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have an English 11C or an eligible grade in the Yorkdale English assessment test
  • Be in a good physical condition
  • Pass the interview 

Private Instructor for Personal Trainer Courses in Toronto

There are perks when it comes to having private personal training courses. For one, it’s good to start it with a simulation of personal training by having your own private instructor for personal training certification. 

Such sessions will help you focus on your own progress as a student and help your instructor check where you still need improving. You will also have a chance to set your own schedules for classes - that way it won’t stand in the way of your other responsibilities. 

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One way to find a private instructor is through Superprof. This website shows a list of profiles for individuals who are willing to give you private lessons. You will see brief descriptions they have of themselves, their rates, and reviews left by former students. 

Check out their profiles and read through their descriptions. Start your personal training journey today once you find the perfect instructor for you. 


There are a lot of personal trainer certifications in Canada, especially in Toronto. With Toronto being a very busy city, it’s predictable that there will be a lot of learning and job opportunities in this city - including personal training. 

Other than just pursuing the career, there are also qualities that you have to possess in order for you to be an effective personal trainer. If you don’t already have them, don’t worry! They’re qualities that you can still work on as you go.

As for institutions, there are a few that offer in the Greater Toronto Area. All of them are reliable institutions and you can just choose which of them is most suitable for your schedule and pacing. 

You might also want to check out personal trainer certification programs in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Calgary

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