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It’s one thing to decide to start your career as a personal trainer, but it’s another to actually have clients to propel that career. You need to build your own name and find ways to expand your clientele - not just your friends and family.

But the question is, how do you really do that? 

This question is most common for people who aren’t really marketers or who don’t really have the connections to expand their reach. However, it shouldn’t be a roadblock towards you achieving your dreams. 

Montréal is one of the busiest cities in Canada - it’s filled with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Other than the diversity in terms of population, there are also quite a number of restaurants in the area which make it seem like people like to eat.

And when people like to eat, it’s most likely that they want to remain fit and healthy so that they can keep eating good food. 

If you’re a new personal trainer in this city, read on to know more about how you can get more clients. This article will also enumerate the places where you can study personal training certification courses. 

How to Get More Clients in Montréal

It’s already a given that competition might be tough for this industry but it should stop you from kick-starting your career. Don’t be intimidated by other people also starting their career - instead, focus on your own. 

Montréal is filled with a lot of people which also means that it’s filled with potential clients. The only thing you need to do is attract those clients to you. You may ask, how?

Here’s how you can get more clients:

Create Social Media Accounts

People will always look for a Facebook page or website they can visit - think of it as window shopping. Create a page or website where people can get a glimpse of who you are and how you can help them towards their fitness goals. 

You can also create a Twitter or Instagram account that you can constantly update without putting in too much work. Whether it’s a simple tweet about your schedule for the day or a brief story in Instagram, it’s one way to engage with clients.

Make sure that you update this regularly so that people know you’re still active. Post pictures of your sessions with clients or a little bit of what you do everyday. Chances are, they’ll send you a message asking about your rates faster than you can think.

This is also a place where you can ask common questions so people don’t have to keep asking outright. 

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Try Social Media Ads

You’ve probably social media ads on your accounts. Most of the time, these ads are related to the content you’ve been looking up lately. From this, you can easily deduce that if you put up your own ads, you’ll most likely end up with clients who have been doing their research for quite some time now. 

The most common ones you can find are Facebook ads that target your preferred audience. Although these are quite pricey, the returns are potentially huge. Just make sure that you have a great landing page where they can read all about you and your services without much fuss. 

Twitter and Instagram ads are also effective when you want to target people who use them. So make sure you know your target market before you decide on which social media ads you want to utilize. 

Just make sure you set aside funds for this because it’s not going to be very cheap. Patience is a virtue!

Ask For Client Reviews

Make sure to ask your former and current clients to leave a review on your social media pages. This is one way to utilize word-of-mouth in your favor. 

Your clients will have their own set of family and friends which makes it easy to spread your services without spending or exerting too much. When your name constantly pops up on social media, people will eventually become curious.

This is also where you can create your own hashtag so that people can click on something that will lead them to all the reviews your clients made. This is also exceptionally useful for people who just stumbled on your page or social media account. 

Take Care of Your Current Clients

It may seem counterintuitive but one way to increase the number of clients you have is to make sure your current clientele is satisfied with your services. If they’re satisfied, it’s easier for them to recommend you to other people.

Some people may ask them unconsciously or they could just recommend you outright to people who are looking for your services. Eventually, you’ll notice you’ll get more and more referrals from your current, satisfied clients. 

Personal Training Certification Programs in Montréal

There are a few certification programs in the city that you can enrol in. These programs are being offered by great institutions who have tons of graduates each year. Look into these schools and start your journey as a personal trainer. 


The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) has been in the city for over 170 years now and they’ve gone through a lot of challenges over the years. But one thing’s for sure, the association is still alive until today. 

A lot of people donate and partner with this association, one of the main reasons why it’s still operating today. The association nurtures its neighborhoods and keeps those healthy and vibrant. 

Moreover, it also makes sure that the environment they have helps generations engage and respect each other. 

Their Personal Trainer Certification Course replaced their initial Individual Conditioning Certification Course. This course has over five steps before you can become a certified personal trainer. 

The course starts with Step 1: Basic Theory that’s over 30 hours long. This first step is an introduction to the YMCA Basic Theory Fitness course and equips the student with the knowledge and skills required of a personal trainer. 

The second step is a personal trainer certification course that will last for 34 hours. Step two involves learning the necessary knowledge and skills that are needed to assess clients and create a safe and effective program for them. 

Step two is also where students will learn the principles and correct application of strength and cardiovascular conditioning. 

For the third step, the students will undergo an internship that will be 5 hours long. This is where students will create fitness programs in a YMCA conditioning room. The fourth step is where participants will be certified for Heartsaver CPR AED

The last step will be a practical exam for students with a YMCA Fit Trainer. 

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ottawa also offers a certification course that will automatically make the graduate eligible to become a YMCA personal trainer. 

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TAV College

Created 30 years ago to form a community for education and training, TAV College offers quite a number of courses to a large number of students from different cultural backgrounds. 

The college is also now a private CEGEP-recognized college where it is accredited for subsidies from the Quebec Ministry of Education. The goal of the college is to train people who are competent, responsible, and well-integrated into society. 

Their personal training certification program aims to help students develop a training program based on the individual’s specific needs and implement this program through various fitness activities. 

The program also aims to help the students create follow-up mechanisms that will be beneficial for their clients and promote a healthy lifestyle for their clients. 

Graduates of this certification course are guaranteed to work within businesses or organizations to promote physical wellness and other services. Given that Montréal is a thriving city, it won’t be hard for these graduates to find clients and be successful in their careers as personal trainers. 

Seneca College in Toronto also offers a similar personal training certification course that you might want to check out. 

Find a Private Personal Trainer Certification Instructor in Montréal

Since there’s a limited number of institutions offering personal training certification courses in the city, you can also opt to look for your own private certification instructor. This instructor is equipped with the knowledge and skills that you need to learn in order to be certified. 

You can find your own private instructor on Superprof. The website is filled with profiles of professionals who are willing to offer private classes on your most convenient schedule. 

You can read the brief descriptions they have about themselves, their rates, and reviews made by their former clients. These pieces of information will be useful for when you’re looking for the best instructor for you. 

Start your learning journey today with Superprof. 


There’s no denying that Montréal is a thriving city filled with potential clients. You just simply need to use the right tactics to expand your clientele and have a successful career in personal training. 

Moreover, since there are only a few certification courses in the city, you can just look for your own private instructor. Through Superprof, you can find an instructor that matches your personality and your budget, as well. 

You can also check out certification courses in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton

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