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Before you decided to become a personal trainer, you must have seen other personal trainers do their thing or you might have been inspired by someone you know. 

Obviously, becoming a personal trainer requires a lot of discipline, perseverance, and confidence. It’s a career that involves a lot of interacting with other people and interpersonal skills are definitely necessary. 

Moreover, it’s a career that requires you to walk the talk. You have to be the living example of what you preach. It’s one thing to say you’re a personal trainer but it’s another to actually look like one. 

In Canada, a lot of people are becoming interested in this career path. There are quite a number of institutions and programs all over Canada that teach the fundamentals of being a personal trainer.

This article will list down various personal training programs and courses all over Canada that you can enrol yourself in. 

Personal Training Courses in Toronto

Being the most populated city in Canada, Toronto is surely filled with people who are interested in becoming fit. That’s why it’s quite predictable that there are tons of personal training courses in this city. 

One of the institutions that offer formal education for this career path is the University of Toronto Scarborough. The program is under the Department of Athletics and Recreation. The university promotes an inclusive environment and various opportunities for growth. 

They offer a certification on personal training which will teach students on how to provide and teach safe and effective exercise techniques, train clients regardless of group size, and support clients towards achieving their personal goals. 

You can expect to learn various theories on fitness and body systems.

Seneca College also offers a course on personal training. This college promotes part-time studies that will help students find time to fit their classes into their busy schedules. The college offers degree programs, certificates, and diplomas. 

This course will help students learn a client-centered approach towards fitness and exercise prescription. You will also learn about health screening, assessment methods, goal setting, and other techniques. 

Personal Training Courses in Montréal

Montréal has always been popular for its diverse culture and bilingual people. More than just being a city of different cultures, the city is also known for having the highest number of restaurants per capita. 

There are several institutions that offer personal training courses. One of these institutions would be TAV College. This college is a private CEGEP-recognized college that is subsidized by the Quebec Ministry of Education. 

It has state-of-the art facilities that are suitable for the courses and programs that it offers. The college offers a program on personal training where students are trained to promote physical activity and health and develop training programs based on the physical ability of the individual. 

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They offer both day time courses and evening time courses - depending on the availability of the student. 

Another institution that offers a personal training course is the YMCA in Montréal. The organization has been around for over 170 years now and they’ve been doing a lot of activities to help nurture healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. 

They offer a Personal Training Certification Course that replaced their previous Individual Conditioning Certification Course. This is a five-step course that starts with basic theories - teaching students about concepts in health and fitness and ends with a practical exam. 

Students can expect to learn a lot of knowledge and skills in, more or less, 70 hours. The rates vary between members and non-members. 

Personal Training Courses in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for a lot of things including its rich source of seafood. The seafood in this area is always fresh, especially the salmon. People love to indulge in this city’s seafood which makes it necessary to balance it out with working out and fitness programs. 

Just like every other area in Canada, Vancouver also has its own set of personal training programs. One of the institutions that offer personal training programs is Douglas College. This is the largest college in the area, with around 25,000 students each year. 

The college also has the most number of programs and post-degree programs in British Columbia. Their personal training course helps you become a certified BC Recreation and Park Association (BCRPA) personal trainer at the end of it. You’ll be paying for your textbooks, manuals, exams, and evaluation fees.

Hilltop Academy also offers a personal training course. It’s been operating for over 17 years in both British Columbia and Alberta, with graduates being employed quickly after graduation. Instructors at this institution are also registered with BCRPA.  

Being the first accredited college in the area to offer a program on personal training, students can learn more than just how to become a personal trainer. The program is over 340 hours which is about 3 to 5 times more than the typical classroom and practical hours. 

Personal Training Courses in Calgary

Calgary is known for being a vibrant and friendly city in Canada. People here are enjoying more days under the sun than any other city in the country which makes it even more inviting for morning runs and outdoor workouts. 

There are tons of fitness gyms and studios in the area and personal training programs are also in abundance. If you want to become a personal trainer in Calgary, here are some of the institutions that have a course on the field. 

Elevated Learning Academy is one of the institutions that offers a personal training course. The academy is known to be one of the most active ones in Alberta over the past few years. You can choose from several start dates every year if your schedule is not that flexible. 

Their Personal Fitness Trainer DIploma program is over 340 hours of in-person instruction. 30% of these hours are conducted inside a fitness studio and you’ll be CPR/AED certified after the program. It’s also guaranteed that you’ll be internationally-recognized after you graduate from the program. 

Mount Royal University also offers a Personal Fitness Diploma Program. The university is known to train their students to the highest quality of education. Students at this university also benefit from small class sizes which means more focus on individual performance and growth. 

Their program trains students to have a comprehensive understanding of health science education with an emphasis on special populations. You can also expect to develop your practical skills and easy entry to professional practice. 

Personal Training Courses in Ottawa

The word Ottawa comes from the Algonquin word Adawe which means to trade. With that being said, it’s quite apparent that Ottawa has always been an important business centre in the area. 

Consequently, it’s expected that the city is busy like its people. And with that level of hustle, people are looking for ways to stay healthy and fit which most likely increases the demand for personal trainers. 

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Algonquin College offers a personal training course - both part-time on campus and online programs. This college aims to be a global leader in personalized and digitally connected learning which is why they offer several ways to learn their courses. 

The college has two programs - Fitness and Health Promotion and Fitness and Lifestyle Management. These two will let students participate in various lab exercises to develop their skills and knowledge regarding personal training. 

Another institution in Ottawa is Carleton Athletics. They have a Personal Training Certification Course that will include 16 hours of online theory lectures and 16 hours of in-class hands-on practical training. You can expect practical exams and written exams, as well. 

Personal Training Courses in Edmonton

Rich in natural resources, history, and culture, you can expect Edmonton to be a thriving and vibrant city. People are also looking into Edmonton because it’s one of the most affordable areas to live in Canada. 

As for personal fitness programs, there are quite a few in Edmonton. But one of the most significant ones is the Personal Fitness Trainer Program of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. 

The course combines hands-on physical training and knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle counselling. Instructors of this program have an average of 20 years of experience that comes useful in learning. 

Private Personal Training Courses in Canada

If you’re not a fan of classroom setups, you might want to hire your own instructor to learn personal training programs. You can find a number of instructors at Superprof. 

Browse through the list of profiles to check out the brief descriptions they have of themselves, their rates, and reviews left by former students. 

Having your own private instructor is ideal for people who have quite a busy schedule and want to learn at the comfort of their own. Find the right instructor for you and start your journey to becoming a personal trainer today!


The career of being a personal trainer in Canada is slowly becoming one of the more popular ones in the country. It’s not the easiest career to pursue - in fact, nothing is. But this course definitely takes discipline and perseverance to the next level. 

There are quite a number of institutions that offer personal training programs all over Canada. Find one in your area today!

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