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Personal training is starting to become one of the most popular careers in Canada due to the rising interest in health and wellness. 

Although the trend of following healthy diets and workout plans have been around for a couple of years now, it’s only recently that people actually treat personal training as a career option.

In Canada, personal training is not a regulated profession and anybody can simply call themselves a personal trainer. However, getting certified will give you a lot of perks in terms of services and job opportunities. 

Before you even consider becoming a personal trainer, you should explore more about the profession - especially the potential salary you will be making per year. 

In this article, we will discuss the potential salary of a personal trainer in Canada, various personal training services in Edmonton, and the different institutions where you can get certified as one. 

Personal Trainer Salary in Canada

As mentioned, personal trainers are now growing in numbers due to the potential of the entire industry. A lot of people are now looking into getting fit and monitored by these professionals. 

With this many people availing their services, there is a high potential for return of investment in just a short time. Not to mention, it’s not like those boring careers that will just make you sit your entire life. 

As a trainer, you need to be fit yourself which means you’ll also need to be active yourself. Hitting two birds in one stone - being fit and working to be fit.

In terms of salary, personal trainers are paid above minimum wage. According to Neuvoo, the average salary is about $25.86 per hour. At this rate, one can earn up to $50,427 per year - considering 1950 hours within a working year. 

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However, the salary varies per major region. 

In Ontario, specifically in Ottawa, the average yearly salary is about $99,450 or around $51 per hour. That’s twice as much as the average salary all over the country. 

In British Columbia, where Vancouver is located, personal trainers can earn about $50 per hour or $97,500 per year - very close to Ontario’s salary range.

However, in Alberta, the average salary is only about $30 per hour or $58,500 per year. But on the bright side, this average rate is still way above minimum wage - making the profession a good option. 

Personal Training Services in Edmonton

You can find personal trainers in every city in the country, especially in Edmonton. 

In fact, in Edmonton, the city itself offers Personal Training and Fitness Services. You have a wide variety of options that include personal training programs, small group personal training and fitness services. 

Their personal training programs are available in all the city’s recreation centers. You can opt to get a membership, which will give you discounts when it comes to services. You can either avail their private personal training or their semi-private personal training program

Private personal training costs about $70 per session for non-members and $63 for members. The more sessions you avail, the lower the costs. For semi-private training, it’s $42 for non-members and $38 for members. 

As for small group personal training programs, this program is offered for groups with 5 to 10 members. Even though it’s a group training program, each individual is assessed one by one by a personal trainer. The program is about 4 to 8 weeks long.

You can also have a customized small group personal training where you can schedule your sessions in monthly blocks, for 1 to 3 sessions per week. Fees are all subjective to the number of sessions purchased. 

Personal Training Certification Courses in Edmonton

Given that opportunities for personal trainer jobs in Edmonton are great, there is a number of institutions in the area offering certification courses. 

Here’s a list of them:


Infofit is a place where you can start your career as a personal trainer by helping people live happier and healthier lives. The institution promises that you’ll easily become part of one of the faster growing industries in the country and in Northern America. 

Their personal training certification program contains three knowledge-based courses. 

The certification process starts with Fitness Theory. You can learn foundational knowledge on basic anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise analysis, and safety. You will also learn the fundamentals on conditioning for cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. 

Students will also learn how to assess a client’s heart disease risk profile using the right terminologies and scientific principles. 

The second knowledge-based course is Weight Training. The 32-hour course will teach students the basics of personal training and development of a fitness program. Here, they will also learn the safe and effective exercises and stretches for their clients.

The last part of the program is personal training. The course is also 32 hours long which will teach students the standard legal terminologies and documentation that is relevant to the fitness industry. Here, they will learn the screening methods and risk stratification analysis. 

Elevated Learning Academy

Elevated Learning Academy is the only institution that specializes in teaching personal training courses in all of Alberta. The academy is licensed and designated by the government of Alberta to provide the highest quality of education to students. 

The academy was opened in 2011 and has since been producing excellent graduates to become personal trainers in the rising industry. They’re also known for having low barriers to enter their academy - meaning less requirements compared  to others. 

Their Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Program includes over 340 hours of in-person instruction. These in-person instruction hours are delivered on fitness fours. Students will also get CPR/AED certification and a 36-hour practicum to practice their knowledge and skills. 

The advantage of getting certified from this academy is that the certification is recognized internally which means that you can work abroad, if you choose to.

They have multiple start dates which is great for people who aren’t free all year-round or on specific dates. 

The program runs for about 17 weeks or 4 months. After graduation, you won’t have to worry about looking for a job alone because they offer job place assistance. 

You can also study personal training certification in Calgary under the same institution. 

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is a technology-based educational institution where applied research is essential to their productivity. The university aims to make their graduates essential contributors to Alberta. 

The programs of the institute also aim to equip students with knowledge and skills that employers want. Graduates from this institute are also assured that they are prepared for their jobs and are sought out by various employers. 

Their Personal Fitness Trainer program combines hands-on practice and knowledge-based courses. Students will learn about nutrition and lifestyle counselling - which are two in-demand areas in Alberta. 

They program is credited as a diploma program which is offered for both online and day classes. The program is about 2 years long and is available for open studies which allows you to explore other programs and courses. 

Group Training Session. Source: Stockvault

Students will also be taught by professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the field. Students can expect an incorporation of business management and marketing practices for those who want to explore the entrepreneurial side of the job. 

If you’re also looking into online courses, you can check out Toronto’s University of Toronto Scarborough. They have a mix of online courses, as well. 

Private Personal Trainer Instructor in Edmonton

If you don’t want to enrol yourself in a diploma or certification course, you can also opt to look for a private instructor. This option is ideal for students who want to maximize their time or those who still have other responsibilities. 

With a private instructor, you can take charge of your schedule and where you study. But the question is, where will you find one?

The answer is Superprof. 

You can find your own private personal trainer instructor at Superprof. This website will give you a list of instructors available in Edmonton. You can also see brief description they made for themselves, their rates, and reviews made by their former students or clients. 

Find one that you think will best suit your interests and schedule. 


Personal training is indeed a rising industry where certified personal trainers earn way above minimum wage each year. Although it’s not a regulated industry, there are still tons of job opportunities for those who pursue this profession. 

Moreover, Edmonton is definitely a great place to be a personal trainer. The industry is thriving in this city. This is emphasized by the services offered by the city government. 

Lastly, institutions that do offer personal training certification programs also guarantee that their graduates will find suitable jobs in the future. 

So if you want to pursue personal training in this city, you might want to check out the various institutions. 

You can also check out other personal training courses in Canada. Try this one in Montréal.

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