At one point in our life, we have all thought about learning a new skill. You see something on T.V, you see someone do something cool or you see a cool YouTube video and you say “wow, that’s awesome, I wish I could do that”. But, what do you after you watch that skill. Do you act on it or do you forget about it? Now, that skill might be learning to stack dice or solve the rubric cube or maybe it’s learning to speak French.

Do you remember when you were standing on the subway? You heard someone speak French and you wish you could understand them, or maybe you’re on the bus and someone from a different country tries to communicate with you, but you don’t understand them. Or remember the last time you were applying to jobs and it read “French is an asset”. We’ve been there! We all have!

The best time to learn French is now. Learning French can accelerate your career and your life. French is Canada’s second official language. It’s reported that over 7 million people in Canada speak French at home. It is estimated that there are over 3 million French-English Bilingual Canadians.

The Benefits Of Speaking French

Speaking French will open a door of opportunities for you. The benefits can be endless.

  • improve your career options
  • have a bigger social circle
  • learn more languages
  • widen your cultural awareness.

Get Paid More Knowing French

The job market has been increasingly more demanding with more applications of people applying to the same job; having French on your resume will make you stand out. Employers need you to interact with French-speaking customers or clients. It will also mean you can expand your job horizons. If you have ever thought about studying or working abroad now could be your time. Imagine yourself working overseas in France or Belgium. The places to work could be amazing! If working overseas or being a better candidate doesn’t make you want to learn French, most companies are willing to pay between 5-20 percent more per-hourly than someone who only speaks 1 language. A quick search on Indeed shows in Ontario there are currently over 8,000 jobs available for bilingual people. It will pay off to learn French.

Work Abroad
Work Abroad. Source: Eugene Dorosh, Pexels.

Gateway To Learn Other Languages

Learning French can be a great way to learn more languages. French is very similar to Spanish, Italian and Romanian. It is also noted that English speakers find it easier to learn French. Learning French can be your gateway to exploring another language you want to learn.

Learning New Cultures

Learning French doesn’t just mean you're going to learn the language. Your opening yourself up to another world. You're going to understand their fashion, food, customs, and other French cultural practices. It’s exciting to learn about a different culture, especially French culture.

You may even be surprised by the size of the French community in places like Edmonton. Read our article about French Classes in Edmonton to learn more.

Toronto’s French Community

Toronto has a very prominent French Community. If you haven’t tried any of the French restaurants or been to a French Festival you're missing out. These are our favourite:

  • Le Select Bistro - French Restaurant with exquisite meals
  • Théâtre français de Toronto - They are the only French theatre in Toronto.
  • Franco-Fête – a Free festival downtown in the summer months
  • Francophone International Film Festival – it’s not TIFF it’s FIFF. It’s a French film festival that also showcases younger performances with must-see films.

If you want to check out more French Festivals around you read our article about Opportunities to Learn French in Canada.

The word is yours. Developing your skillset by learning French can offer you a world of opportunities that you never thought about.

Learning French in Toronto

French Classes

Toronto has tons of ways to learn French. From beginner to intermediate to becoming fully fluent: Toronto has it all. Places like Alliance Francaise offer a great course for anybody’s skill level. They also have many locations in and around Toronto to make it accessible to anybody. You can reach them anywhere with your Presto-Pass.

Another great place in Toronto is the Berlitz. Their outstanding reviews by past students is more than exceptional. They stand by their methods and give you the confidence to start learning a new language including French. They offer private, group and virtual lessons to meet anybody’s needs.

The perfect beginner place to learn French in Toronto is AssetFrench, with its certified teachers, affordable rates, and small class sizes. They hold themselves to a high standard and work with beginners and intermediate students. The put the emphasis on conversation skills ensuring you can interact in normal situations. Did we mention easy subway access?

If you're worried about learning French as an adult, check out French lessons in Surrey to learn more.

Studying French
Studying French. Source: fotografierende, Unsplash.

French Schools

Your local school might even offer French Lessons as well. Looking at the University of Toronto they offer tons of French classes. These classes may fit well with your school schedule, making it accessible.

Living in one of Canada’s busiest cities, we can get lost in our crazy routines and work schedules Taking a class can be a great way to mix things up. It could be something fun to try with friends, a way to relax or a date night every week with a partner.

If you're on the move you can also try French classes in Ottawa or French classes in Montreal

Should You Use A Language App?

The use of language programs is becoming increasingly popular. There are language CDs, language apps, and there are even video games that help you learn a language. We feel going to a French class is the most efficient way to learn French or any language. When you’re learning French you need to know if you’re saying things right. You don’t want to take your chances and try speaking to your spouse's French-speaking parents or you're in Quebec and they have no idea what you're saying. Awkward, right! Taking a class means your assurance in pronouncing the words right. Using a language program may also hinder your success of fully learning a language. You may develop bad habits and it will be harder to learn the correct way. It’s like when you're at the gym and you’ve been doing push-ups and someone tells you you’re doing it wrong. It’s harder to re-learn something the right way.

SuperProfs Wonderful Tutors

Hiring a tutor can be a great idea. SuperProf tutors make sure the focus is on you. Yes, it's all about you! You’re not in the class with 15 other people and you're not following along to a language program that was made for the general population. You’re going to have your own needs that your tutor can help you through it. Whether you need to re-learn certain phrases or just need more clarification your tutor has the time to focus on you. Your tutor will also take the time to learn how you learn best and can adapt to better suit you.

It’s enjoyable using a tutor. We’re not just bragging when we say our French Tutors are amazing. They make learning fun. It may be frustrating at times, not like sitting on the Gardiner expressway frustrating, but it can be difficult if you're not understanding. Your tutors are there to guide you through it. They make the learning experience enjoyable.

Start searching for the perfect SuperProfs French Tutor. Choose your city or neighbourhood and then filter your search by level, price, and distance. Contact a tutor that interests you by clicking “Book a lesson”.

Is it Hard To Learn French?

Yes, and No. It’s not easy learning any language you have to put in the time to focus on learning, but that goes for anything. If you’re willing to put in the work and be present in your tutoring lessons, you’ll be well on your way to learning French.

If you want to know what to expect in your first French class read our article French lessons in Calgary to learn more.

How Long Will It Take To Learn French?

The time it takes you to be able to speak French fluently is all about you. Depending on your class schedule and your availability this can vary for everyone. The most efficient way to learn French is with a tutor and although we know our tutors are the best at what they do, nobody is going to become overnight savants, or prove us wrong! It doesn’t matter what type of class you attend; you’re going to need to put in the effort.

Learning takes time
Learning Takes Time. Source: Aron Visuals, Unsplash.

What Can You Expect Learning French?

  • Having Fun – It’s exciting learning something new.
  • Meeting New People – Taking a class is a great way to meet new people. A lot of these classes are engaging. You’ll be interacting with your peers to practice your new language abilities.
  • Getting out of Your Comfort Zone – It can be nerve-wracking walking into a new class. You just have to remember everyone is there to learn and everyone is feeling what your feeling. After getting the confidence of learning French you’re going to feel like you can tackle any challenge.
  • Class Structure – Every class may be run differently; this will greatly depend on your teacher. Every teacher should make you feel comfortable and will guide you through the French language. You’re not going to be expected to recite French books in your first class.

How Do You Get Started In Learning French?

Take the first step by finding the right class for you. Allow yourself to have time to carefully pick out a class you like by checking out their website or trying a free class to see if they're right for you. It’s okay to try out different classes; find one you enjoy!

If you're looking for more reasons to get started learning French, check out our article French lessons in Vancouver.

Yes, You Can Learn French!

Most of us start something, but we don't stick with it. It's the thought of doing something that excites us. It's when we start that task, that's when we quit, but what if that wasn't the case this time. What if you signed up for a class today? What if you stuck with your class, put in the effort? Don't let yourself give up this time! Start searching for a French Class!



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