French is all around us in Canada. Over 15 percent of Calgary's population is French. This means you haven’t gotten to experience 15 percent of Calgary. The French community offers lots of events, festivals and much more. There’s so much to discover and it all starts by learning French.

Living in Canada we’re not unfamiliar with the French language. It’s a language we hear and see all the time. For some, we even have spent years in school learning the language but never stuck with it. The thought of being able to understand French or speak French has definitely crossed through our thoughts once or twice. If you’re still considering learning French now is the time.

3 Reasons To Learn French

It’s no secret that learning a second language, especially French, can further your career and personal life. French is one of our nation's official language. We’ve only seen the English side of Canada, but there’s whole other culture of French that we need to experience. The French community offers lots of events, festivals and eateries that are a must to check out. Learning French is going to broaden your cultural horizons.

 Live Abroad

For some of us, we’ve daydreamed about living or working abroad. The ability to learn French is going to give you the possibility of living or working abroad. Of course, you can still go abroad without knowing the language, but that can make you anxious if you don’t know the language. Having the ability to speak with the locals in France or Belgium is going to make your experience more enjoyable. Learning French is going to put you one step closer to that dream.

 Cultural Experiences

As mentioned above, you can see another side of Canada you haven’t experienced. The French community offers a lot of different events you get to experience. This gives you a chance to interact with the French culture. This could mean fashion, food, films, dance and music. There are lots to discover.

Experience France
Experience France. Source: Daria Shevtsova, Pexels


Learning French as a second language you’re going to boost your professional career. You’re going to instantly become more valued in the job market. You're also more likely to be paid more for being bilingual. If you’re looking for jobs internationally French is useful in NATO and the International Olympic Committee.

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Best Way To Learn French

You have the 3 options when your searching for your French lesson. Each class setting is going to bring a different aspect to learning the language that I’ll discuss down below. You need to pick the method that is going to suit your needs the most and you feel that you’ll learn best in. Always talk with your teacher before signing up. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your teacher and it gives you a chance to ask any questions about the French class.

  1. Group

Group settings are going to be with 6-12 people. The class size depends on the institution. Group classes can be a cheaper method because there are more students to bring down the price per individual. Group classes also have a huge advantage. You're going to be able to practice with your classmates. Outside or inside the classroom, you're always going to have someone to practice your language skills with. Group classes may not be a great option if your shy. You may be uncomfortable learning around other people. This can lead you to not understand or missing class. That being said though, it might be a great idea to bust of your comfort zone. The class will be a welcoming setting.

  1. Private

Private classes are usually 1 on 1 class, but sometimes you can do semi-private if you wanted to do the class with someone else. Private classes have a lot of benefits. For starters, you can get a personalized lesson plan. This will be based on your needs. Also, with private classes, if you're struggling with something the teacher will have more time to help you understand the material. Private lessons can be more expensive but for the personalized experience it’s worth the price.

  1. Online

Online tutoring is a 1 on 1 class. It shares a lot of the same benefits as private lessons. Online tutoring means your session is completely online. This means you can have your session anywhere and eliminates travel time. Online tutoring gives you more freedom. You're able to better schedule your session with your tutor. If you are always busy and can’t follow a structured class schedule online tutoring is a great option. Online can be a cheaper option as well. You’re not paying for overhead costs or other unwanted costs you’re just paying for the tutor’s time.

Studying at Home
Studying at Home. Source: Tirachard Kumtanom, Pexels

Places to Learn French

 Alliance Française – Alliance has to be mentioned on this list. They’re a top-notch school that offers fantastic French classes all around the world. Alliance offers beginner and advanced classes. If you’re unsure what level you’re at they offer a free French assessment. Their teachers are dedicated to providing Calgary with the lessons to learn French. They offer small group classes, an immersive experience and a friendly atmosphere. Check out the Alliance Française website to get started. 

Berlitz – Berlitz is another world-renown French institute. They offer classes in private or group lessons. Their teachers are focused on fast results. They want you to spend less time on studying the language and focus on speaking the language. Berlitz has amazing reviews online and shouldn’t be overlooked when looking at French classes.

 University of Calgary – The university offers 7 levels of French courses. If you’re just beginning to learn the language or have some knowledge of the French language they have a course for you. Most of their students do start at level 1 and progress through each level. You can always take a placement test to assess your level. You do not need to be a student at the University of Calgary these classes are open to the public.

 Superprof – We have a lot of amazing French tutors that are dedicated to helping you learn French. Our tutors offer an online approach giving you freedom and flexibility of learning French. Our tutors have spent 1000s of hours perfecting their craft and now they want to help you. Superprof’s tutors always offer a free session to make sure online is a good fit for you.

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What Your First French Class Will Entail?

So you’ve finally made that first step and now you’re ready for your first class. It's perfectly normal to have some first-class jitters. Your class jitters will go away after you settle in your first class, by the second class you’ll be feeling great every time you walk in. Your class jitters could even be excitement because you know all the benefits you’re getting from your class. Your first class is usually an introduction. This means your teacher will go over the important information about the class and what to look forward too. The first class also gives you a chance to get familiar with your classmates.

Always have a notebook handy just in case you need to write down important notes. Remember this a huge step forward you’re making for yourself. Your nerves will calm down and you’ll love going. I’ve been taking a language class for the past couple of months. My first couple of classes I was super nervous walking into but now I love going every week. Your class gives you a chance to get out and meet new people. It feels good to challenge yourself. If you stick with your class or tutor session, I promise you’ll love your class.

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Starting School
Starting School. Source: Anastasiya Gepp, Pexels

Start Benefiting From A French Class

This is the start. Living abroad, enhancing your culture, improving your career is all possible once you sign up for a class. Pick the class that you feel is going to benefit you the most. If your busy and are unable to commit to a schedule, try online tutoring. If you want to get out and meet new people, try a group class. You can look back on this day and realize taking a French class has been the best thing for you.

A great idea when learning French is to look at French groups in your area. This can help you practice the language and enhance your understanding. We can benefit ourselves in Calgary. We just have to take that first step. Start with the class we listed above and start learning French.

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