Have you ever thought about learning French? It’s a thought most of us have had. Either you’ve been waiting on the sky train or just walking downtown you’ve heard French in Vancouver. We've thought to ourselves how amazing it would be to understand them. For some of us, we even have learned French in the past, we just never stuck with it.

Knowing French as a second language can greatly increase opportunities in your personal and professional life. You can start to see the world differently by experiencing the French culture. It's truly amazing all the great people, events, and festivals you'll get to experience when you start learning the French language. If learning French has crossed your mind or it's been something you've been wanting to do now is the time. 

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French Culture
French Culture. Source: Margerratta, Pexels

Why Learn French?

Learning French is going to open you up to a lot of wonderful opportunities. The ability to speak another language especially french can further your career and your personal life. You know the typical benefits of learning french. We’ve all heard you’re more likely to be hired. I’ve been told this too many times to count. They’re not wrong. You instantly give yourself an advantage over someone else that is a monolingual (someone that only speaks one language). You could learn any language, so why pick French? French is our nation's second official language. This means your more likely to encounter someone that speaks French as opposed to American Sign Language or another language. Also, all our government services offer people the ability to speak Fench or English to serve them. There are so many benefits to speaking french, let’s just dig in. 

More Money

This is a typical benefit but what is the actual statistic about making more money being bilingual. Being Bilingual means you can make an extra 5- 20% more per hour. If you are making 20 dollars an hour, you can increase that number to 24 dollars an hour. What could you do with more money on your paycheck? This benefit alone can make you want to sign up for a French class.

Easy to Learn

Most of us living in Canada we’ve heard French our whole lives. We even use some of the same words in our day to day conversation. Words like a cafe, petite, and encore. Did you realize these words we’re French? The alphabet between French and English is almost the same. You don't have to learn an entirely new alphabet. You already have a big part of the French alphabet understood.

Travel Abroad

Your ability to speak French is going give you access to French-speaking countries, Of course, you can still travel to parts of the world where you don't speak the language, but knowing the language makes your travel a lot easier. You’ll be able to interact with the locals and get a feel for what it's like to live there. You’ll also be able to get around more easily. You can ask for directions or order a drink with ease.

Paris France
Paris France. Source: Nextvoyage, Pexels

More Benefits

These 3 benefits listed above are only the beginning. Just imagine yourself making more money, speaking to locals in Paris or bettering your career. It’s exciting to think about all these benefits and yes, they can become a reality for you!

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Vancouver French Community

The French community is pretty prominent in Vancouver. They offer tons of different events that all seem incredible and let's not forget about some amazing French eateries in Vancouver. Being able to speak French is going to give you access to experience all of the amazing francophone experiences in Vancouver.

Vancouver French Film Festival - This film festival happens every year. Each year all the filmmakers put on amazing films. They have over 10 days of movie greatness. This event brings the French community together. Everyone can socialize and enjoy some upcoming films.

C’est Extra Vancouver - This event is a music event. C’est Extra is a great time to blow off some steam and listen to some French music hits. This event is hosted on Granville Island. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

La Baguette - This bakery is located on Granville Island. They offer an authentic French bakery. It’s a popular spot for the locals and the French community. The smell of fresh bread when you walk in makes this feel like an easy place to enjoy French culture.

Francouver - Francouver brings together the French community in Vancouver. They organize a variety of activities such as events, social gatherings and cultural events. Francouver is a great place to start to experience the French community.

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Participating in these events would be a great start to learning the French language. It gives you a chance to experience the French community in a fun way. You're also going to be able to learn the language better because you're going to be surrounded by the language.

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Where Can You Learn French In Vancouver?

Alliance Française - Alliance has a few locations in Vancouver with one being right downtown. Alliance offers world-class French lessons. They have locations all over Canada. They offer classes to beginner to advanced.  Where ever you are in your French skills Alliance Francaise will be able to help. They focus on all aspects of the French language such as grammar, reading, writing, listening and conversation. The teachers are truly dedicated to helping people learn French.

 Learn French - There located right downtown making it easily accessible for anybody in their area. Learn French focuses on teaching beginners french, but they also off classes for more experienced French speakers. You can take their language test if you’re unsure of your level. They have a full team of dedicated teachers. All their teachers share a passion for teaching and love of the French language.

Studying. Source: fotografierende, Pexels

University of British Columbia - The University offers several different classes from beginner to advanced. You don't have to be a student either if you want to enroll in their French class. UBC is committed to teaching a quality program that can meet the needs of all its adult learners.

Superprof - We have 100s of French tutors in the Vancouver area. Our tutors offer online French tutoring. Online tutoring means you’ll have more flexibility in your class schedule. You can find a time that’s convenient for you. Online tutoring means you get to learn French in the comfort of your own home. Your tutor sessions will be done by webcam. An online tutor can also be cheaper than in-person tutoring because there are fewer overhead costs. Our tutors have the years and experience of helping other students just like you.

If you're on the move you can also try French classes in Ottawa or French classes in Montreal

Start Learning French!

Now, is the time to learn French. You’ve had the thoughts in the past about learning. You know the benefits and opportunities you can gain from learning French. Now, is the time. Imagine this time next year, when you understand the French language. You could be on your way to the French Fim festival or getting ready to travel to France; confident in your ability to speak French. You just need to sign up.

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