2020 is around the corner. It’s hard to believe. Most of us haven’t thought about our New Year's resolutions in over 11 months, but you know what? That’s okay. What were your resolutions? Did you want to learn a new language this year? Imagine going to Paris and speaking the language or getting a better job because you speak French. This could have been something you achieved this year. Let’s try again in 2020.

Superprof is here to help. Our goal at Superprof is to help you. Yes, you living in Canada’s capital city. We want you to get that better job, travel abroad, or even just be able to speak our nation’s second official language.

We’ve all thought about being able to speak a second language. Every time, someone brings up that they can speak French, everyone says “oh, that’s amazing!”. Or on the other end of that, you’re at a family reunion and your uncle Joe talks about how you should learn French to better yourself and then everyone else chimes in (ahh sorry speaking from experience). If you’re thinking about learning French we want you to learn because you want to learn. It’s your choice, your decision.

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Parliament Building
Parliament Building, Ottawa. Source: Splash of Rain, Pexels

Why Should You Learn French?

The obvious benefit of learning French is the ability to communicate with others and to better yourself professionally. These are the 2 main benefits we always go towards when someone tells us why, but there is a lot of other wonderful benefits to speaking French.

If you're worried about learning French as an adult, check out French lessons in Surrey to learn more.

Cultural appreciation

The ability to speak French welcomes you to another culture. You’re not just going to learn the language, you’re going to be learning about their culture, customs, and beliefs. This is going to make you a better person. Right now you’re only seeing the world from your cultural background. If you understand another culture you would be able to make better decisions because now you can see things from 2 perspectives. Cultural appreciation for French culture is even more important for us Canadians. French is our second official language and has had such a big impact on our history. You can learn more about this here.

Ottawa Jobs Are Bilingual.

For anybody that has lived in Ottawa over some time knows we’re seen as a bilingual city. Almost all of our municipality services are offered in both English and French. This is great for our Francophone neighbours living among us. It also means we can accommodate most people that travel to our wonderful city. But what if you don’t speak French? This is where problems can arise for some monolinguals (someone that only speaks one language) If you look at the majority of jobs in Ottawa they’re looking for someone that can speak both French and English. It’s going to give you a competitive advantage amongst others.

Cognitive Improvements

Back in the day, people thought to learn a second language confused the brain. Scientists have now proven that learning a second language improves cognitive ability. This means by learning a second language, such as French, you can have improved attention and better multi-tasking abilities. Your brain has to work hard to distinguish between different sounds and thus improves over time. Another study also suggested that you can delay Alzheimer's disease by 5 years. Read more about this here.


Learning a new language will translate to other parts of your life. It’s hard learning a new language. It takes time and it takes work, but the rewards outweigh the bad. If you're able to learn a new language, your next obstacle in life you're going to be able to overcome it. Once you achieve something it gives you the confidence to keep going and accomplish more. For example, a big project at work. You may have stressed about something like this in the past but after learning a new language I guarantee the project isn’t going to be as hard as learning a new language.

Lourve Museum
Louvre Museum, France. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Is It Hard To Learn French?

Anything new is going to be hard. We won’t sugar coat that about learning French. We can be so honest here at Superprof and say there's going to be days when you don’t want to do it. We can also be super honest and say you’re going to able to accomplish learning French. You see, we call it the drudge. If you look at the definition of drudgery it means hard work Look back at the times you wanted to achieve something. It takes work. Studying for a test to get a good grade or preparing a big presentation at work, it takes effort. You’re not going to love every minute of it and that’s okay. It wouldn’t be fun if you were great at something all the time The fun part is putting in the work and seeing the result. The benefits always outweigh the hard work. Especially, when it comes to learning French. Your future self is going to love your past self for sticking with it and learning French.

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Places To Learn In Ottawa

French Classes

Ottawa has tons of places to learn French. If you’re looking for in-class, online or private sessions Canada’s capital has it all. To start with a more traditional classroom setting here are our favourite 3.

Alliance Francaise is very well known for French classes around Canada. They offer classes for the beginner to advanced. They have highly qualified instructors that share a passion for the French language and are committed to helping you succeed. Alliance offers classes throughout the year. There most popular class is the part-time program which is over a 7-8 week time frame. Alliance is truly committed to making you proficient in French.

Berlitz is another top French course. There outstanding reviews and recommendations make them a place to look into. They offer group, private and online lessons. They focus on conversational skills ensuring you can communicate in French all while guaranteeing small classes with less than 7 people per class. They have a proven method that has been working for 140 years.

Education Permanente is another highly rated place in Ottawa. They offer only class sessions but you can do part-time or full time depending on your availability. They call their teaching method blended. You will spend half the class in the classroom and the other half is done online. This would be great for someone who is busy and can’t spend a lot of time in class or for someone that doesn’t want to fully commit to coming to class. Education Permanente is affordable and worth checking out!

Superprof Tutor’s

We have 100s of tutors dedicated to teaching you, French. Most of our tutors offer online sessions. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect class time or want to learn French in your pyjamas, using a tutor on Superprof is a great option. Your sessions are going be focused on you and your tutor can adapt to your needs, ensuring you learn the language efficiently.

Start searching for the perfect Superprof French Tutor. Choose your city or neighbourhood and then filter your search by level, price, and distance. Contact a tutor that interests you by clicking “Book a lesson”.

College Or University Student?

Ottawa University offers French learning classes to all its students. Another option would be at Algonquin College. If you are enrolled or a member of the public they have tons of French courses. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting, advanced or wanting to achieve the bilingual certification, they offer it all.

Students going to class. Source: Stanley Morales, Pexels

Picking The Right Place

Picking the right place to learn French really just depends on you. We listed some awesome places above that we know can teach you, French. There’s no shame in trying out multiple classes or even different tutors. You want to find a teacher or tutor you’re comfortable with. If you’re shy or more introverted doing private sessions or using an online tutor would be perfect. If you want to meet new people, then going to a class would be right for you. There’s no wrong answer here. A lot of teachers or tutors offer a trial period so you’re not committing in the beginning. Everyone you talk to does want to see you succeed in learning French.

Experience Ottawa’s French Community

Speaking French allows yourself to have more experiences. Ottawa offers tons of French activities, festivals, and events. To name a few places here are some French places you need to experience.

  • Franco-Ontarian Festival – This event has grown tremendously since 1976. If you haven’t been here before you have heard them in the summertime. Around June, French music is playing throughout the streets. There are tons of emerging new French artists from Canada and other parts of the world. They showcase music but have other activities going on throughout the festival such as a parade, culinary tastings, and markets. You can get a feel for the passion of French culture here!
  • La Boulangerie Francais – This is a wonderful French Restaurant In Ottawa. It's less than a mile from the Rideau, Canal making its location perfect. It offers real French cuisine at an affordable price. If you were unsure about French culture. Start here with mouthwatering bread and pastries.

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Get Started Learning French

If learning French is still unchecked off your New Year's resolution list, it’s time to check it off. We’ve given you the benefits and reasons to learn French. We’ve also given you the options to try a class. Now it’s your turn to make the move. Are you going to leave learning French checked or unchecked on your 2020 resolution list?

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