It’s valid that you’re contemplating before fully committing to a sport or an activity. 

After all, it’s going to take a bit of your time—and money. But if it’s kickboxing you’re trying to get into, let me convince you why you should pick up your phone to call the gym or book that session right now. 

Kickboxing is beneficial in so many ways, and if you’re willing to know why you should definitely learn it, read on. 

And since we’re pretty confident you’ll get convinced, we’ll also include a list of kickboxing classes and gyms in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. 

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Why You Should Learn Kickboxing 

Best Kickboxing Gyms and Lessons in Ottawa. Source: Unsplash

Initially, kickboxing gained popularity because it’s a great way to protect yourself during dangerous situations. 

However, as people noticed just how much work and effort goes into throwing kicks while maintaining your balance, people now regard it as a fantastic workout program. There are still more reasons to love this sport. 

We’ll enumerate them below.

Relieves Stress

There’s absolutely something relieving about throwing kicks and punches. It’s not just because you’re releasing a huge amount of energy onto inanimate objects, but exercises have also been proven to be relieving. 

It’s beneficial for those who constantly struggle with anxiety, depression, and anger. Sooner or later, you might think of it as a therapy. 

Tones Body 

Contrary to popular belief, kickboxing doesn’t just focus on your arms and legs. It tones the entire body because of the amount of strength you exert and the muscle regions that you use whenever you do workout. 

If you know other kickboxers, notice how well-toned their bodies are. These people also have lower body fat percentage compared to the majority. 

Boosts Energy 

You might think all the energy gets drained after an intense kickboxing session. But you’re wrong. In fact, you’ll feel more empowered, feeling a boost of energy because of an increase in blood flow in various parts of the body. 

This increase in your blood flow will also help you stay alert and strong all throughout the day, if  you workout in the morning. 

Improves Posture

If you’ve suffered from bad posture all throughout your life, this exercise can be a great way to correct that. Since kickboxing is known to improve flexibility and balance, you’ll be feeling tall soon enough. 

This workout makes you conscious about your posture, and how it affects your balance. It targets your ab and lower back muscles whenever you give strong punches and kicks. 

Better Hand-Eye Coordination 

Professionals have a way of making things look quite easy. However, you might discover that kickboxing is an exercise that demands better hand-eye coordination. You’re not just going to kick and punch aimlessly; they need to be calculated. 

As you stay alert all throughout the session, you will notice how much it requires your hands and eyes to be on the same page. 

Kickboxing Classes and Gyms in Canada’s Capital 

With all the reasons we’ve enumerated on why you should learn kickboxing, by now you’re probably curious on where you can learn this beneficial sport.

Lucky for you, Ottawa has plenty of options. The nation’s capital won’t surely run out of gyms and classes for kickboxing. 

Kickboxing Classes in Ottawa You Should Check Out. Source: Unsplash

Here’s a list you can check out:

100% Martial Arts & Fitness

100% Martial Arts and Fitness was opened in 1992 by Bill Gatchell, who is a 7th dan in Jiu Jitsu, a Golden Gloves Kickboxing Expert, and a Black Belt Member of the Brazilian Top Team Canada. 

100% Martial Arts & Fitness have set goals to help you grow as an athlete and as a person. Their programs are designed to build various skills, such as mental, physical, and social—no matter what the age. 

They have various branches in Ottawa, Embrun, and Nepean that cater to different individuals who are looking forward to valuing their health and success. 

Both kids and adults are welcome here and can enjoy different classes. 

In terms of their kickboxing and fitness classes, each class is designed to increase your energy, tone the entire body, tighten the core, boost strength, and build cardiovascular endurance. You can have unlimited classes each week, with specific progress monitoring. On top of that, you get to practice kickboxing with a very supportive and energetic community. 

You can enjoy these classes in Ottawa, Embrun, Nepean, and Orleans. 

Diaz Combat Sports in Vancouver has a great kickboxing program. Give their page a visit if you have a trip there soon!

9Round International - Ottawa

9Round has been gaining popularity for their 30-minute fitness workouts. In only 30 minutes you can get stronger and healthy, without taking too long. It’s become so popular that they have branches all over the world—US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East!

At this training centre, workouts are in a circuit format, with fun trainers and kickboxing-style workouts. It’s suitable for members who need to workout without really committing so much of their time to the entire routine. 

In fact, the workout starts as soon as you arrive, whatever the time is. Here, you’re empowered to workout on your own time—all under 30 minutes. 

The different stations for their kickboxing style workout are as follows: strength on stations 1 and 2, kickbox fitness stations 3 to 8, and abs and core on station 9. All of that will be done in under 30 minutes. 

Might seem like a lot but you’ll eventually conquer the entire circuit!

They also have a branch in Edmonton that you can visit when you’re in this northern metropolis. 

Phoenix Boxing

Phoenix Boxing Gym is a privately owned gym within the Champagne Fitness Centre. 

The entire centre is based on traditional boxing techniques, drills, and skills that improve muscle tone, strengthen and condition, improve balance and coordination, as well as boost confidence while relieving stress. 

All courses are taught by coaches who started as Level 1 Boxers and have eventually demonstrated their commitment through years of training; so, you can definitely guarantee coaches here know what they’re doing. 

The gym offers non-competitive services for boxing training. The main course offered here is their 8-week Skill, Strength, & Conditioning System. Other structured courses also include Levels I to VII complete with circuit training, shadow boxing and skipping. 

Intensive kickboxing programs are also offered by Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy. Check out their kickboxing programs if you want to visit Toronto!

Patenaude Martial Arts and Fitness

Patenaude Martial Arts and Fitness is owned by the Patenaude family and was founded by Sijo Jacques Patenaude in 1975. It’s operating in several locations in Eastern Ontario and Quebec and is considered one of the most successful chains of Kung-Fu schools in Canada. 

Their programs are mostly Kung-Fu based. Their kickboxing & MMA school in Ottawa offers programs for health and fitness, kickboxing and MMA, self-defense and Kung-Fu, weapon training, self-development, and training for kids. 

Their kickboxing program is part of their most popular programs. They offer Sanshou Chinese kickboxing, for men, women, and children.

You can also check out their branch in Montréal if you ever think about moving to the francophone city.

Private Kickboxing Lessons with a Kickboxing Coach

Classes and gyms are not the only options you have when it comes to learning and enjoying kickboxing. 

You can also find yourself an independent, private coach that can offer sessions wherever you want, whenever you want. These private coaches have the flexibility and experience to offer just that to clients who don’t have much luxury of time.

Best Kickboxing Instructors in Ottawa that You Can Reach. Source: Pixabay

If you’re interested, a platform that you can check out is Superprof. 

It’s an online platform that connects you to professionals who offer their time and services to eager students—whatever the field may be. You can also find kickboxing coaches here! 

From their rates to reviews made by former students, you can easily make an informed decision with all the information that you have. Once you finally decide to book a session with a chosen tutor, know that the first session comes for free. 

So, what are you waiting for? Find a Superprof kickboxing coach today!

Calgary also has great kickboxing coaches you can reach out to!


You’ve reached this far because you’re convinced to take up those classes. If you’re not, we highly suggest you run through the reasons why you should learn it. Kickboxing isn't just a way for you to learn how to defend yourself, but it’s beneficial for your health—both physical and mental. 

The list of kickboxing classes and gyms in Ottawa should also be a testimony of just how beneficial it is since a lot of professionals offer classes for it. Take that leap of faith and enrol in that class, now!

Find out more about kickboxing classes across Canada.

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