Kickboxing has gotten so popular in Canada that people already have tons of options on where they can enroll themselves. 

The sport itself has a lot of health benefits and is seen to be one of the best ways to learn self-defense. While it might take some getting used to, you’ll notice just how rewarding the initial muscle pains are and how you’re going to feel much healthier and stronger after each session. 

Let’s not delay this any further! Here's a list of kickboxing gyms and centres you can find all over the country. 

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Toronto is the country’s most populated city. It brims with opportunities for both personal and professional growth which is why it’s not surprising that people choose to flock to this part of the country. 

In terms of kickboxing, you have several options. One of which is Revolution MMA & Fitness. This is one of Toronto’s most established gyms and training centres. 

It was opened in 2006 by Joel Gerson and was the first dedicated MMA and fitness facilities in the metropolitan area. Magazines and news outlets have featured this training centre several times, adding to their reputation of being a good training centre. 

Their most popular packages include mixing workout programs with kickboxing for weight loss and fitness. Muay thai is also quite popular, if you want to have some variety in your workouts. 

Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy is also one of the most popular ones in the area. It was opened in 2004 bby Warren Lee who was a former high school teacher-turned-gym owner. 

His desire to open an academy started when a client offered to pay $40/hour of personal training. He saw a market for his skills which made him quit teaching life to move into business. 

They offer classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Some of these classes are Muay Thai Fundamentals, Muay Thai Kickboxing Bootcamp, and Competitive Fighter’s Training. 

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Kickboxing Classes and Gyms You Can Find in Canada. Source: Unsplash

Montréal is widely known for being the host of international events. Here, you can enjoy festivals all year-round for all sorts of things! This lively city is definitely a top destination for those who want to have fun.

However, it’s not just a destination for tourists. It’s also an ideal place for getting into your best shape—through kickboxing. 

There are several word-class gyms that you can find here, starting with H2O MMA Martial Arts Schools. It’s a popular school in the city that offers Thai kickboxing, BJJ, and MMA. it’s managed by two highly skilled experts in martial arts, Mike Lee and Richard Ho. 

Their affordable prices make their classes more popular. Their kickboxing classes are Women’s Only Kickboxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. Both are an hour each and incorporate cardio and kicks to get real deal kickboxing. 

Another gym that you can consider top-notch is Patenaude Martial Arts. This gym has been around since 1975 and has since been owned and operated by the Patenaude family. It has several branches in the city and in Canada, gaining recognition as one of the most successful chains in the country. 

Their kickboxing is based on Sanshou Kickboxing, which is a Chinese-style kickboxing. Other classes include Martial Arts for Self-Defense, Martial Arts for Kids, Kickboxing and Fitness, and MMA. 

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Women’s Only Kickboxing Classes in Canada. Source: Unsplash


People generally visit Vancouver because it’s an urban centre surrounded by all forms of nature. You have the ocean to provide you with great seafood and the mountains to offer you a beautiful scenery.

It’s this place that gives you the best of both worlds. Go skiing in winter and enjoy water sports in the summer. 

But apart from all tourist-y locations, Vancouver also boasts its kickboxing centres and gyms. People are pretty conscious about their health and overall wellness here, making kickboxing a pretty relevant way to workout. 

One gym that people patronize is Westside Kickboxing. This gym is known for its ego-free environment, welcoming all those who want to learn kickboxing with open arms. 

All workout sessions are designed to make different techniques from Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing a fun workout session. You’ll never run out of drills here, learning how to through quick punches and powerful kicks. 

Another gym worth talking about is Diaz Combat Sports. It’s one of the top martial arts schools in Vancouver with over 11,000 square feet worth of training grounds. Kickboxing, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and fitness classes are all offered here. 

To enjoy these classes, you have to become a member. Membership costs around $250 for 10 prepaid classes. Unlimited classes are also available at $250 for 1 month, $175/month for 6 months, and $150/month for 7 months. 

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Calgary is practically the sunniest city in the entire country. It gets an average of 333 days of sunshine each year, suitable for those who can’t stand being away from the sun. But just because it’s sunny over here, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. 

A way to combat the coldness is through working out. And what better way to get the entire body heated than to have some kickboxing sessions. 

There are several gyms that offer sessions all year-round. First of which is Mike Miles Calgary Muay Thai & Kickboxing. Opened in 1977, Mike Miles decided to share his expertise with people. More than 40 of his students went on to becoming world-champions, backing up his credibility in teaching. 

His gym offers cardio kickboxing from Mondays to Sundays, each with their own schedules. The classes are focused on fitness and drills with heavy bags, body weight exercises, free weight exercises, and partner-based exercises. 

All levels are welcome here. 

Another gym that you can check out is Champion’s Creed Martial Arts. its Facebook and Google ratings all only show high ratings, backing the credibility of this centre. They aim to provide a healthy, fun, and safe environment for everyone interested in learning the sport. 

With over 5000 square feet of training grounds, you can expect a bunch of classes, with kickboxing ones ranging from self-defense, fitness, women’s only, and kids’ classes. Muay Thai classes are also being offered here.

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There’s a lot to expect in any country’s capital. With all the important activities happening here, you can expect that it’s abundant with people who have serious goals in life. 

Fitness is considered to be one of the goals that residents of Ottawa prioritize and it can be seen in the number of kickboxing gyms in the city. And of course, being the capital city, world-class gyms don’t fall short when it comes to quality classes. 

One of the most popular gyms in the area is 100% Martial Arts and Fitness. It was opened in 1992 by Bill Gatchell, a 7th dan in Jiu Jitsu, a Golden Gloves Kickboxing Expert, and a Black Belt member of the Brazilian Top Team-Canada. 

His gym aims to help both athletes and non-athletes achieve their personal goals while building mental, physical, and social skills, regardless of age. They offer kickboxing and fitness classes with close progress monitoring once you become a member. 

They have several branches inside the city, too!

Another gym you should take note of is 9Round International - Ottawa. This training centre is quite known for their quick yet effective 30-minute circuit workouts. You might think it’s not as long as the usual, but 30-minutes might seem forever once you begin. 

It has over 9 stations. Stations 1 to 2 are dedicated for strength, stations 3 to 8 are dedicated for kickboxing fitness, and station 9 is dedicated to abs and core. 

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Kickboxing for Personal Fitness and Health. Source: Unsplash


The last major city on our list is Edmonton. This city is considered to be Canada’s gateway to the wild, adventurous boreal landscapes. It’s the northernmost metropolis in all of North America and also has its fair share of festivals all year round. 

But apart from these key details, Edmonton is also known for having excellent fitness centers. One of which is Champs Boxing Studio. 

Champs Boxing Studio was opened by eight-time world champion, Jelena Mrdjenovich. As a way to share her experience and expertise with the world, she opened up a centre that is popular for their K.O. Classic, Bag Drill Run, and Bootcamp. 

The studio’s music-driven and the programs are really full of energy. All fitness levels are welcome, making it beginner-friendly as well. 

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The list above only proves that you have a myriad of options on where you can learn kickboxing. Whether you want to stay in the sunny city of Calgary or want to head on over to the seaside city of Vancouver, you’ll find a kickboxing gym there. 

All you really need now are some gloves, kickboxing outfits, and free time. Kickboxing will have a learning curve, so make sure you can commit to your sessions to see all the benefits people have been raving about. 

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