You’re probably all too familiar with the word kickboxing. You’ve heard it once or twice, or perhaps someone explained to you what it generally is. 

But the term kickboxing is a generic term for a practice of martial arts that ranges from taekwondo to full-contact karate. There are different styles of kickboxing, depending on which country has a major influence on it. 

Yes, for the most part, kickboxing is largely influenced by muay thai and boxing; but over the past few decades, different styles have emerged, giving plenty of people options to learn it however they want to. 

Curious to know about the different styles of kickboxing? Keep reading! We’ll also let you know where you can learn kickboxing and its different styles in Vancouver.

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Different Styles of Kickboxing

Kickboxing Classes and Gyms in Vancouver. Source: Unsplash

As we’ve said, there are different styles of kickboxing all over the world. Depending on where you’re asking, kickboxing will have a specific name along with specific techniques.

Let’s get to know them below: 

Japanese Kickboxing 

Established in the 1960s, this is the first style of kickboxing that the world has ever known. As a sport, it’s pretty similar to Muay Thai only with a different scoring during competitions. 

American Kickboxing

The only thing that separates American kickboxing from others is that kickboxers are not allowed to kick on any region below the waist. 

Sanshou Kickboxing

Originating from China, Sanshou kickboxing is also known as Sanda which is a form of kickboxing that allows throws and wrestling. But although these are allowed, grappling and submissions aren’t. 

Savate (French kickboxing)

The word Savate means shoes or old boot. With this, kickboxers are allowed to wear shoes in the competition. However, their limitation is that they’re not allowed to strike using their shins or knees, only their feet. 

Yaw-Yan (Filipino kickboxing) 

Known as the Sayaw ng Kamatayan (Dance of Death), Yaw-Yan is the short form of the name this Filipino kickboxing variant. 

Here, kicks are in a downward direction, much like bringing an axe to the floor. It puts great emphasis on using the hips for pivoting to create more speed and strength. 

Lethwei (Burmese kickboxing) 

What sets Lethwei apart from other styles of kickboxing is that kickboxers are allowed to strike using any part of the body; this is why head butts are allowed. 

Sometimes, this form is also called Bando kickboxing. 

Gwon Gyokdo (Korean Kickboxing) 

In this style of kickboxing, both Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do are combined to form Gwon-gyokdo. Players in combat usually use one style to play against a fighter using the other style. 

Find out more about kickboxing classes in Ottawa. 

Kickboxing Lessons and Clubs in Vancouver

Now that you know the different styles of kickboxing, it’s time that we find out where you can learn them. Mind you, you won’t always find specific kickboxing styles mainly because styles nowadays are pretty much a mix of everything.

You should be glad to know you have a myriad of options in the city. If you’re really for specific ones, consider checking out kickboxing classes in Canada. But if you’re happy to learn in Vancouver, here are your options:

Women’s Kickboxing Classes in Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

Westside Kickboxing

Westside Kickboxing wants to be known as an ego-free environment and centre for those who want to learn this sport. 

One of their main aims is to incorporate different techniques from Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing into a fun workout session. All these can be enjoyed during their group classes and personal training. 

Expect drills and exercises along with learning quick punches and powerful kicks. Apart from these two main movements, you’ll learn how to improve your footwork, balance, and flexibility in a safe and fun environment. 

All ages are welcome and classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced learners. 

To enjoy their classes, you need to become a member. They have a 2-week trial that includes free gloves and wraps and would cost you around $89. After this trial, if you wish to pursue practicing kickboxing here, you need to pay $170/month. 

You can find similar workout programs in Montreal. Check out Hard Knox Gym for more details!

Diaz Combat Sports

Diaz Combat Sports is known as one of the top martial arts schools in Vancouver. They have over 11,000 square feet of training grounds that’s suitable for Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiujitsu, and fitness classes. 

With this size and space, they have about 150+ per week, depending on what you’re looking for. As what we’ve said, they have different forms of kickboxing along with strength and conditioning classes for whoever wants to get fit and healthy. 

The center offers children’s classes and women’s only classes for both Kickboxing and Jiujitsu. You can also have private training and events at their centre. 

To join their classes, you first have to become a member. 10 prepaid classes would cost around $250. An Unlimited Striking (Muay Thai + Boxing) membership is also available, costing $250 for 1 month, $175/month for 6 months, and $150/month for 1 year. 

In Vancouver, 100% Martial Arts and Fitness has similar programs. Give them a visit if you want to see what they have to offer!

K-Fitness School

K-Fitness Vancouver Martial Arts Fitness offers a unique way to train in martial arts for all groups and ages. It doesn’t what age you are, you can enjoy fitness on a level you’re comfortable with. 

Their Karate for Children programs are very popular with learners because of how the classes are crafted. Activities within the classes are quite fun and require high energy to help people build confidence, focus, and discipline. 

Women’s Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness and martial arts program is suitable for women who want to get in shape while having fun. The professional class is deemed to be an ultra-calorie burning class that women are generally looking for. 

Here, they’ve proven that you can lose around 800 to 1,500 calories in just a single hour of working out. 

Check out Affinity Academy of Martial Arts  for kickboxing classes in Calgary if you want to practice kickboxing in the sunny city!

InFighting Training Centre

InFighting Training Centres have branches in Vancouver and Burnaby. This is also Vancouver’s leading martial arts and fitness gyms. 

They offer a 7-day free trial for one-on-one sessions with a kickboxing instructor. Their sessions are guaranteed to be super fun and engaging while you burn your fats away and build all that muscle. 

On top of that, you get to learn a new skill in a program designed just for you. 

After your free trial, you can decide to become a member. You can pay for $207/month for unlimited classes or $177/month for 2 classes per week. A private session with an instructor would cost around $75/hour. 

If you don’t like the sessions, you can have a 60-day money back guarantee.

30-Minute Hit in Edmonton has great kickboxing classes  for only 30 minutes. Check them out if you head out to this northern metropolis. 

Private Kickboxing Lessons in Vancouver. Source: Unsplash

Find a Private Kickboxing Coach in Vancouver 

Maybe you’re not a fan of clubs and gyms and would much rather prefer learning on your own. If that’s the case, you still have an option left!

That is, finding a private kickboxing coach in Vancouver. You’d be surprised at just how many coaches are available in the area, each very much willing to teach you everything they know. 

The perks of enrolling yourself in private coaching sessions is you get to divulge specifics such as what you want to achieve over the next few weeks and, maybe, your fitness goals. You also get to decide the time and duration for each and every session you have. No need to get pressured by schedules!

One platform that lessens the time you need for searching is Superprof! You just simply input your location and wait for the list of names of coaches in the area. 

Browse through the profiles where you can see their rates and descriptions, along with some reviews left by their former students. These bits of information should help you decide who you want to schedule an appointment with. 

Once you find the most suitable coach for you, don’t forget that your first session is for free—always!

What are you waiting for? Find a Superprof kickboxing coach today!

Toronto also has excellent kickboxing coaches if you ever visit the city. 


The different styles of kickboxing each have their own distinct characteristic. With so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to see what sets each one apart and what techniques categorize them all together. 

If you want to learn kickboxing in Vancouver, just simply browse through the list of options we have provided above. Get started with your kickboxing journey today!

Find out more about kickboxing classes across Canada. 

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