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It’s clear that the success of social media will never end. Now that it is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, we have seen how we can use the many platforms that make up our social networks to better our lifestyles.

On social media, all areas are represented, and as digital marketing campaign teams and online businesses across the world are seizing the opportunities that come about thanks to social media, influencers are being born.

The influential people known as ‘influencers’ build brands for themselves as their community grows. Not only do these brand images help influencers and bloggers to maintain a presence across various media outlets, they contribute to their overall success whenever their content goes viral.

It is estimated that social media is used by 3 billion people – an unsurprisingly large figure. These 3 billion people all have interests that they keep up with an online personal trainer, such as sport, for instance, as we will be exploring in this article.

So, what are the best accounts, blogs and influencers to follow if you’re into your running, weight lifting, cycling, yoga, or sport in general?

The Top Fitness Accounts on Instagram!

Fitness is everywhere. Whether it’s through influencer marketing campaigns for sports or health products, or on our electronic devices, it seems that we can’t escape the #Fitspo on our smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions – digital advertising is a powerful tool.

As working out becomes a common theme for more and more social media accounts, it’s hardly surprising that fitness bloggers are establishing themselves as the leaders of the digital world.

With the ever-increasing numbers of fitness ambassadors active on all kinds of social media, it seems that Instagram is their preferred form of communicating with their audiences. From launching their own sports products to giving lifestyle advice to those looking to stay in-shape, Instagram is used by fitness influencers in many ways. Let’s take a look at the fitness accounts that are breathing new life into the fitness industry, one Instagram post at a time.

  • Alice Liveing

One of Instagram’s most famous influencers goes by the handle @aliceliveing. Sharing her workout techniques, gym routines and healthy meals with her 640,000 followers, her social media success has seen her develop and sell her own range of fitness clothing in Primark stores. When she’s not lifting weights, Alice works as a personal trainer and also writes for Women’s Health magazine. And if that’s not enough, she’s also published three books of her own! This fitness guru’s engaging content is great for anyone just starting out in their journey to a healthier body and looking for advice from someone with the right expertise.

  • Kayla Itsines

With a cool 10.1 million followers, this Aussie is known all over the world for her bitesize workouts as well as the full-on workouts available to download through her app, Sweat. She rose to fame with her Bikini Body Guide (#BBG) which helped her grow her platform.

Her Instagram content mainly focuses on providing #Fitspo (fitness inspiration) by showcasing the body transformations of those who have followed her programme, as well as workout demonstrations and ideas for healthy eating.

  • Bethany Tomlinson

Bethany Tomlinson, or @beth_fitnessuk as she is known on Instagram, is a typical fitness blogger who showcases her workout routines and shares her results to motivate and inspire others in their fitness journeys.

And she doesn’t just film a few of her gym exercises, either. If you’re new to the gym or feel lost when it comes to planning your routines, @beth_fitnessuk writes her workout step-by-step in the captions of her posts. The guided workouts along with the demonstration videos are great for letting her 286,000 followers know how to properly execute their workouts.

  • Zanna van Dijk

Last but not least, how could we not mention @zannavandijk? Influencer and entrepreneur Zanna’s Instagram is an eclectic mix of fitness tips, food and travelling, but it’s always centred around wellbeing. In addition to her main Instagram account, she also runs a business that manufactures swimwear from recycled plastic and another fitness account called @thegirlgains, both of which she is the founder.

Get inspired to get fit with Instagram fitspiration
Find health inspiration on Instagram ¦ source: Pixabay - Pexels

So, it’s clear to see that Instagram is a catalyst for learning and sharing fitness tips. No matter who you are, if you want to get fit, there will be an account that will resonate with you, and in the digital age, it’s easier than ever before to get access to motivation and advice, so what are you waiting for?

Of course, Instagram is by no means the only social network where you can find fitness-related content. Other networking sites such as YouTube have also taken the world by storm thanks to their interactive qualities!

Find more of the top Instagram fitness accounts.

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Who are the Best Personal Trainers on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, connecting nearly 1.5 billion people across the globe through their electronic devices.

Its instant accessibility gives fitness influencers the perfect platform to provide personal training videos to go along with the rest of their online branding, and with the means to communicate with their viewers and take requests, it is an invaluable tool for those looking to keep up with the latest fitness trends and stay relevant.

So, who are fitness gurus of YouTube? Most of the time, fitness YouTube channels are linked to fitness Instagram accounts, but since we’ve already covered these, take a look at this slightly different selection of fitness influencers!

  • The Body Coach TV

Joe Wicks, known by his alias The Body Coach, is famous for his HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and Lean in 15 videos as well as his 90-day fitness programme. He champions short, a high-intensity exercise that burns fat and tones muscle. On his YouTube channel, you’ll be able to find simple yet effective workouts that require no equipment – so there’s no excuse!

  • Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena’s YouTube channel has a bit of everything to keep her 412,000 subscribers entertained as well as in shape. She regularly posts home and gym workouts that you can follow along as she does them, as well as vlogs and life advice for people who want to know about healthy eating, self-care and the best fitness equipment.

  • TheLeanMachines

The Lean Machines are two health coaches who make content on bodybuilding and weightlifting as well as giving advice on diet for those who want to have a leaner body. They offer lots of myth-busting tips on how to take care of your body when trying to build muscle and their channel often features collaborations with other well-known sportspeople - the latest one was a partnership with Tom Daley!

Work out at home with YouTube
YouTube is the new workout DVD ¦ source: Pixabay - rob9040

Personal Training Blogs to Follow!

Next time you’re between two YouTube workouts, why not look elsewhere on the internet for health and fitness advice to maximise your workouts and get the best results? Visiting fitness blogs is a great way to read up on specific topics and explore areas of fitness you may have never even considered! Let’s take a look at some must-follow fitness blogs.

  • The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista (or Gina, as she is known to her friends) is all about convenient fitness. Aimed at working mums with very little time on their hands, this blog features quick and efficient at-home workouts and recipes to fuel them. In addition to the articles and updates on her family life, if you enjoy this blog, you can also follow Gina’s fitness programmes to help you reach your fitness goals. This blogging is particularly targeted at new mothers as it features advice on getting back into fitness post-partum as well as a dedicated workout programme.

  • Fitness on Toast

Swedish-English blogger Faya Nilsson founded her blog, Fitness on Toast, as she wanted somewhere to share her healthy recipes with others and offer nutritional advice to her readers. Since 2013, her blog has surged in popularity, and she now uses her blog to connect with her readers and post content about her life as a personal trainer.

  • Run to the Finish

The clue’s in the name – it’s a running blog. Personal trainer Amanda Brooks publishes articles advising people on how to get the most out of their running regime, as well as the best nutrition and training plans for those looking to take their running to the next level. Whether it’s getting a PB at your next Half Marathon event, or find a workout routine tailored to runners, you’ll find it on Run to the Finish.

The Best Personal Trainers on Snapchat!

Snapchat is one of the newest social media phenomena to take the internet by storm. Most popular among the younger millennials, the fast-paced and instant nature of Snapchat makes it perfect for fitness influencers who want to give the world an insight into their fitness philosophies – so let’s see who they are.

Snapchat is great for looking into the lives of your favourite fitness bloggers
From selfies to #Fitspo, Snapchat is for everyone ¦ source: Pixabay - kelseyannvere
  • AJ Odudu

AJ Odudu is perhaps best known for her TV appearances, but when she’s not making content for the TV she’s working out and letting her followers in on the actions as she gives them some much-needed #fitspiration and tips to help them start their day. Add her on Snapchat using her username, AJ.Odudu to see it for yourself!

  • Fitness Hub

Fitness Hub publishes all kinds of fitness-related tips, jokes and insights into the world of a gym-goer. Although a lot of content has been reposted from Instagram, flicking through the Fitness Hub’s Snapchat stories can give you the little boost you need to get out of bed and head to the gym. Whether it's a food infographic or a relatable post from its creator, Fitness Hub is a typical fitness account.

  • Jen Selter

Jen Selter is a true fitness ambassador who shares everything from her workouts to her muscle gains, health tips and outings with her friends on her Snapchat Story. She has become popular among fitness beginners and amateurs looking for a bit of inspiration to tone up.

So, social media is not only a new way of communicating with the rest of the world, it’s a way for bloggers to create platforms to share with their audience and for internet users to find inspiration. If you’re thinking about getting into fitness, don’t be shy! Have a look on social media, there really is something for everyone.

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