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If there’s one thing about sciences, it’s that they’re all interesting in their own ways. Regardless of what branch it is, there’s something fascinating about learning how the world actually works through energy and matter.

Especially physics. It’s probably one of the most interesting programs out there and a lot of people want to learn more about it at universities or with private tutors. It’s a common program that’s why it’s easy to find an institution or professional who might be a good fit.

In Canada, there are several options that people can choose from. It’s not really a question of how to study physics, but where. In this article, we’ll be talking about the various options available for the future physicists in Canada.

Study Physics in British Columbia

Located in the most western part of Canada, British Columbia directly faces the Pacific Ocean. Given that, it has coastal islands and some of the most temperate locations in the country. But this side of the country also has its fair share of mountainous regions.

The province’s capital, Victoria has a distinct attraction to it with its horse-drawn carriages. Other major cities like Vancouver and Whistler are also quite popular with tourists and draw tons of visitors during the year.

With over 5.07 million inhabitants, this province is bound to have institutions and professionals who can teach physics to the aspiring Canadian.

Here’s a list of universities located in this province that offer the program to students:

  • The University of British Columbia - currently ranking at Top 34 all over the world, UBC offers a multicultural learning environment given that it entices learners from all parts of the world. It offers three bachelor degrees of unique majors in physics.
  • The University of Victoria - in 2014, this university was a part of the top 200 universities in the world. With its major focus on research-based learning, the physics course in this university is guaranteed to be topnotch. Currently, the institution only offers one physics course for each level.
  • Simon Fraser University - widely known as a public research university, one can also guarantee that the physics courses in this top 251 university are enriching. It currently offers five bachelor degrees with various majors to choose from.
  • University of Northern British Columbia - considered to be one of the country’s best small universities, one can expect a great physics program from this institution. This country ranked 801 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 - with its teaching at 19.3%. A student can choose from over 6 unique physics courses.

Needless to say, this province has been home to great institutions that always make their way to the top of lists. Deciding to study in this province might be a good decision because of the environment and the location.

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Study Physics in Alberta

Being one of the provinces that are the major source of petroleum, natural gas, and potash, Alberta plays an important role in Canada. It’s one of the three prairie provinces and it’s not the only thing that the province can offer.

It’s also a major ski and hiking destination due to the Canadian Rocky Mountain Range that the province shares with British Columbia.

Home to 4.37 million people, this province is definitely filled with potential Einsteins.

However, when it comes to studying physics in this province, there’s no denying that there are only a few options. Nonetheless, the options available offer great physics courses that might bring the next Einstein.

Here’s a list of universities that offer a physics degree in Alberta:

  • The University of Alberta - ranking 136 in the world and considered to be one of the top five universities in Canada, UAlberta is considered to be a top choice for undergraduate studies. Having its own history of innovative teaching, one can expect nothing more than topnotch teaching from this institution. The university offers three courses for those who want to study physics.
  • The University of Lethbridge - considered to be a top research-intensive institution in Canada, this university is famously known as the U of L. In fact, back in 2014 Macleans University Rankings, it was one of the top three universities in Canada - due to its high-quality undergraduate programs. It currently offers three physics courses to its interested students.

Despite only having two universities that offer the physics program, there’s no denying that quality reigns over quantity in this province. With both universities having been considered two of the best ones in the country, this is still a great province for future physicists to study in.

Study Physics in Ontario

This province is probably popular because of Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake. But if there’s one thing about Ontario, it’s that it’s most populous province in the entire country with over 14.57 million residents.

The province’s federal capital is Ottawa but Toronto’s more famous because it’s considered to be the financial capital - which is quite important to the province’s economy.

Compared to the previous province, there are tons of universities that offer physics programs in this province. Needless to say, the aspiring physicist has a lot of options and that could always be a great advantage.

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Here’s a list of top universities in the region that offer the physics program:

  • The University of Toronto - currently ranked at Top 18 in the world, there’s no doubt that this institution offers some of the best undergraduate courses in the country. There are over 700 undergraduate majors to choose from. For those who are interested in studying physics, there are over 10 majors available.
  • McMaster University - established in the year 1887, this university has long been offering quality education to its students. It welcomes students from all over the world and has various campuses in different provincial locations. Currently, it’s ranked 72 in the world and offers three physics courses.
  • The University of Ottawa - just like previous institutions, this university also has over 50 programs to offer to students. It’s quite famous because it has the largest law school in the country and it currently ranks 145 in the entire world. Although undergraduate degrees are currently unavailable, they still offer post-graduate degrees.

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For a really populous province, it’s quite expected that universities in this region will offer hundreds of undergraduate programs. The bonus part is that the universities that offer physics degrees are some of the best in the country and in the world.

Study Physics in Manitoba

Located at the longitudinal centre of the country, this province is also the most easterly of the prairie provinces. Given its label, it’s also one of the most important provinces in Canada.

An interesting fact about this province is that you get to witness the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis in Churchill. It’s considered to be one of the top three places in the world to see this spectacular sight.

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Most of the residents chose to live in the southern region of the province which explains why most institutions are located there. Its provincial capital is Winnipeg and the entire province is home to only 1.36 million people.

Here are the institutions that offer physics courses in the area:

  • The University of Manitoba - this university was Western Canada’s first university. Currently, there are over 20 research centers associated with this institution which makes it a research-intensive one. Studying physics at this university will definitely be a great option.
  • The University of Winnipeg - Winnipeg is famous for its small class sizes that contribute to a very intimate and nurturing environment for learning. That’s why this public university also has its advantages. Although there’s only one program for physics, it’s still a great option for future physicists.

There aren’t many options in Manitoba considering that it’s not as populated compared to other provinces. But what makes this place interesting is that the universities that offer physics courses each have their edge over others.

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Physics Tutors in Canada

As much as one might love physics, there might be times wherein the subjects will get a bit challenging. At this point, it’s always great to have some sort of help - especially getting through finals and physics homework help.

Superprof has a wide list of physics tutors that can definitely help you with that. When it comes to choosing the right partner for learning, you should first read the reviews given by their previous students and judge based on how you want to be helped.

Also consider your price range because after all, hiring a professional won’t be cheap considering the advantages that come with them.

Just make sure that when you finally choose a physics tutor for yourself, you’ll be able to communicate how you want to learn with them and how you want the setup to be. Don’t worry, they’re professionals and they’d be more than happy to meet your standards.


There are tons of great institutions in Canada that offer undergraduate physics programs. Major provinces all boast something unique about them and not just the universities that consistently make it to the list of top universities in the world.

At the end of the day, it’s always up to the student on how much they’re interested to learn and how they strive for better grades for a better future. Whether it’s on their own or with the help of a professional tutor, learning physics will always be fun for the next Einstein.

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