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💰 How much is a physics tutor in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas?

In Saskatoon, the average cost of a private physics teacher is $20 per hour.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • The level of experience of your physics tutor
  • The location of your lessons(online or a physical location)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each class
  • The objective of your physics classes. I.e. are you studying to prepare for your high school physics exam?

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In Saskatoon and the surrounding areas, 75 private physics tutors are available for classes


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From a sample of 11 scores, students scored their physics teachers an average of 5.0 out of five.


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Superprof allows you to learn physics at any level through online classes. Whether you need help preparing for your university exams, are struggling with coursework or would just like to improve your physics skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our tutors also offer private online tutoring. Around 80% of the private teachers on Superprof offer physics classes online and most of them even offer their first lessons for free!


To find the tutors that offer online lessons, just enter your subject criteria into the Superprof search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online physics lessons offer you more benefits. You can organize your classes to fit your busy schedule. Additionally, online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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What is Physics About?

Physics is a natural science investigating matter, its fundamental constituents, motion and behavior in space and time, and energy and force. Physics studies the cosmos from the most significant galaxies to the tiniest subatomic particles.

Physics is known for being more technical than other courses and for necessitating a great deal of critical thinking. It entails dealing with both theoretical and experimental components of science. In addition, most of the rules in physics are governed by several hypotheses.

Several scientists, including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, and others, have been actively discovering ideas that build the foundations of physics and astronomy since the 16th century. Physics is a fascinating subject to study since it teaches you how the world operates scientifically.

Why is physics essential?

If you are pursuing a diploma in engineering, computer science, astrophysics, or chemical physics, you are required to have a fundamental understanding of physics to an extent. In addition, you must have background knowledge of physics because these majors depend solely on physics. 

There are several perks attached to having a physics degree. If you are wondering if you would be able to use your degree after school, then best believe that your worries are null and void. Some of history's most accomplished people studied physics, and believe me when I say you're at the right place.

How Physics Impacts the Society

You have the chance to change the world as a physics graduate! Physics is concerned with all aspects of our lives. We all know how much our lives have been improved due to the numerous inventions of various old scientists; their inventions have turned science around.

For example, J.J Thompson, an English scientist, was responsible for discovering the electron, the first subatomic particle, and the presence of isotopes. In addition to his many innovations, Thomas Edison was a significant pioneer in using systems science principles and collaborating in the establishment process, working with many research-oriented persons.

These inventions and a slew of others have significantly impacted and influenced our society. They improve our quality of life by giving us the foundational knowledge required to develop new instrumentation techniques for medical purposes. In addition, physics fascinates and motivates young people.

What you'll learn in physics

  • Study of heat; Study of the relationship between heat, temperature, and energy.
  • Nuclear physics; the physics of atomic nuclei and their interactions.
  • Newton's laws of motion are three classical mechanics laws that define the interaction between an item and the forces that operate on it.
  • Kinematics; motion of body or system of bodies without consideration of the forces acting on it.
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Work and Energy
  • Refraction and lenses
  • Thermal Physics; study of heat or heat energy.
  • Vibrations and waves

What Are the 5 Laws Of Physics?

There are several principles and laws in physics, and more are being discovered with more research. However, the 5 that are of importance in our daily lives are:

The action-reaction principle's forces

The principle of inertia

The law of force of gravity

The thermodynamic principle

The acceleration law

What Are Some Tips for Studying Physics in Saskatoon?

Use physics textbooks as a guide; before you commence a new lesson with your tutor, try to read ahead to grasp what the topic entails, you may not completely understand all of it and do not have to.  

Solve problems related to each topic; to constantly be in touch with physics, you have to as often as possible try to solve problems.

Use mnemonics; This works for everyone; try using mnemonics if you find it hard to remember certain formulae or rules.

Do not distrust yourself; you can do this!

Can I Learn Physics on My Own in Saskatoon?

Physics is a technical course and, as such, it is vital you have someone holding your hands and walking you through the various aspects you’re interested in learning.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we've all had to adjust to new ways of life in one way or another, which has sometimes been fraught with difficulties. On Superprof, one of our most important aims is to make learning simple, accessible, and reachable to everyone, whether online or offline.

Superprof is a virtual learning platform that allows you to purchase lessons from real people within and outside Saskatoon and interact one-on-one with your tutors. As a result, you can get started on your physics studies immediately.

Do you live in Saskatoon and have to commute for an hour to get to school? Saskatoon, Canada's cost of living is projected to be roughly $4,075 per month (rent excluded). Your anxieties about beginning to learn physics will vanish in a single click.

If you have been scared or worried about starting your physics journey, well, you do not have to be anymore because, with Superprof, all your needs will adequately be met. You will get to learn physics from an expert around your schedule. Click here now to improve your physics knowledge starting from today.

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