Each year in Canada our obesity rates are climbing. Nearly 7 million Canadians are facing obesity. Over 17.1 million Canadians are eating less than 5 fruits or vegetables per day. Public Health of Canada defines this as unhealthy eating. We’ve been told over and over again that we need to eat better and move more. For some of us, we’re dealing with our own health goals. Some of you may want to be stronger, build muscle, or lose 10 pounds. Or for some of us, we want to just start living a healthier lifestyle and we don’t want to become a statistic.

I believe in the simplicity of things; we know what we have to do. If you wanted to lose weight you know you should eat less and move a little more. We’ve been told this for so long. Yes, in the simplicity of things that’s what we have to do. So if it’s simple why can’t we reach our health goals?

There’s a lot of factors to that question. It easy to say but it’s hard to do. It doesn’t account for other issues we deal with daily. These issues could be work, school, kids, and stressors you have in your life. If you want to lose weight or build muscle or just start living better but can’t seem to reach them consider a trainer.

Should You Hire A Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is your best chance to succeed when wanting to reach your fitness goal. Personal trainers are dedicated to helping people just like you reach their goals. Now, personal trainers aren’t what you see in the movies. They're not yelling at you as you struggle to push a weight, that just doesn’t happen. A personal trainer is your tool to reach your goals.

Women Stretching
Women Stretching. Source: Dejan Krstevski, Pexels

Benefits of Personal Trainers

Accountability – Your trainer will make sure you're staying on track and putting in the work. They’re going to be with you every step of the way holding you accountable.

Information Source – We’ve been told to eat less and move more but there is more to it. There’s a lot of science behind structuring the right program for someone to reach their goals. There is also a ton of bad information online. It’s easier to get your information from a trusted source like your personal trainer.

Personalised Programming – There shouldn’t be a one size fits all program. Yes, some of the programs out there do work, but they’re not going to be as efficient to a program that’s tailored to your needs. After all, you’re unique and you need a unique program just like you.

Safety – This should always be the main concern for everyone exercising. You always want to perform an exercise safely. Your trainer can guarantee you’re going to be performing the exercise correctly. This is going to limit your risk of injury as well as keep you training for longer.

What Are Your Options For Personal Training?

Personal training can benefit everyone. From beginner to advanced personal training can add something to everyone’s routine. If you’ve plateaued on your journey or are just looking to get started a personal trainer would be the perfect way to move forward. You have a few options when looking for a personal trainer. A lot of personal trainers are great at what they do. As long as you speak with a trainer before and feel they’re going to benefit you, it’s safe to take that leap and hire one. The different options you have is where you want to train at. Depending on the gym you train at it’s going to make or break your workouts.

1st option: Big Box Gyms – These gyms offer a lot of positives. They're typically cheaper than other gyms and they have lots of amenities. They do however have a high member count. This means it could be busy at the time you go and you could be left waiting around for a machine to use. Big box gyms do have personal training, but it’s not their main focus.

2nd option: Studio Style Gym – These gyms offer a personal approach to working out. Studio gyms keep their member count lower to provide a personal approach with all their members. This also means the gym is less busy compared to other gyms. Studio gyms can still offer what big box gyms offer just on a smaller scale. You will pay a higher price for a studio gym, but that personal approach would make it worth it. These gyms do focus on personal training.

3rd option: In-Home Training – I give everyone that works out at home credit, it’s not easy. At home has so many distractions but it is possible. At home can be a great option for someone that doesn’t have time and wants to save money. You can still work out just as effective as going to a regular gym. You just need empty floor space and no distractions. There is a couple of at-home personal trainers that come right to your door. They also bring their equipment so you will have everything you need.

4th option: Online Training – I like to say Online Training is the hybrid model between hiring an in personal trainer and working out on your own. Your online trainer is still 100 percent with you. You just have more flexibility. They only big difference between in-person and online training is they won’t be working out beside you. Everything else your in-person trainer does they’ll be able to do. There are ways around them not being there. A lot of times they’ll have you send videos of your workout to them so they can check form. Online training is great for anybody that wants a trainer but still wants to work out alone.

Gym Floor
Gym Floor. Source: Leon Martinez Pexels

Personal Training in Toronto

Toronto has every type of fitness centre you could imagine; from obstacle courses to your regular gym and everything in between. There’s something active for everyone to enjoy. As I have mentioned above starting on any fitness journey a personal trainer is recommended. Luckily for your Toronto is has a lot of top-notch trainers that are dedicated to helping Toronto get better. Toronto's training is more convenient compared to other cities in Canada. In-home training is more popular in Toronto than anywhere else.

A few great places to get started.

Nielsen Fitness – They focus only on in-home training. They bring everything right to your door. They bring equipment and a good workout along with them. Their team is truly backed with a good foundation to have people reach their fitness goals right from their own home. Nielsen also has amazing reviews online and should not be overlooked when looking for a personal trainer.

Fitsquad – They focus on in-person training. They're great for anybody that doesn’t want to train in a big box gym but is still looking for amenities. They have a premium training facility right downtown. They’ve also been featured in The Globe and Mail and BlogTo. They’re super flexible with scheduling which makes it perfect for anybody that wants to train early morning or late evening.

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Personal Training in Ottawa

Ottawa seems to be more active each and every year. They’re starting to have more and more fitness events. More fitness places are also starting to appear like OCR Academy and the Rock Gym. Everyone is trying to be healthy. Ottawa has plenty of traditional gym places that can tailor to everyone’s needs.

A few places to check out in Ottawa.

Iron North Studio – They’re committed to serving the Ottawa area at their phenomenal studio. As seen on their website this a gym that will get you results. A lot of studio gyms including North Gym only allow personal training sessions. North Gym is a studio meaning it’s a smaller quiet gym. This is a great option for a lot of people because most of us don’t like the big crowds you can get from box gyms. They have a great selection of certified trainers that are ready to help you!

Fitness On The Go – They are an at-home personal training company that comes right to your door. They eliminate your excuse of saying you can’t make it to the gym. They bring everything with them, so you don’t need anything. With over 10,000 clients helped it’s worth checking out. They’re committed to helping Ottawa!

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Personal Training in Montréal

Everybody walks in Montréal. It’s one of the great things I love about Montréal. The city is active. With the city being so active they have a lot of amazing fitness facilities. Like other cities around Canada Montréal offers a lot of other fitness centres besides the gym. They have the Westmount recreation centre and Asthana Yoga Montréal. Both of these places are worth checking out.

If you want to look for top-notch trainers, here are a few to check out.

Pro Gym – This gym stands out the most in Montréal with a full team of personal trainers and a facility that has it all it’s a place you need to check out in Montréal. They have a gym, boxing, personal training and group training. That’s not even everything, they have more places to workout inside as well as a supplement store, health bar and hair studio. They're also open 24 hours. There’s no reason to miss a workout. Check Out Pro Gym Trainers today to get started on your health journey.

Report Gym – This gym is a phenomenal place to work out in Montréal. They focus on group training. A quick look at their website shows all their members have a good time. They also have fantastic reviews online. Their most popular workout class is a 30-minute workout which is great for anybody looking to get in and get out. Their trainers all have impressive backgrounds and qualifications. Report Gym should not be overlooked.

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Personal Training in Edmonton

Edmonton offers a lot of different options between personal training and group training. They also have some cool fitness places to check out besides gyms. I’ll list a couple of personal training gyms to check out below, but I did want to mention XTherapy Athletics. They focus only on group training. They’re classes look amazing and all their members look like they’re having a great time.

La Fitness – This gym has regular memberships but also has personal training available as well. It is a state of the art facility with quality equipment and tons of amenities. They’re trainers look amazing. La Fitness is committed to serving the Montreal area. If you want to work out alone or with a trainer check out La Fitness.

Custom Fit Personal Training – They focus only on personal training and just like the name says they really do have a custom approach to training their clients. Their website is filled with transformations that are full of inspirational stories. They won’t be as big as most gyms but this just means they can get to know their members on a personal level. Check out Custom Fit Personal Training if you want results.

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Training. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Personal Training in Vancouver

Vancouver offers lot of different personal training options. All there fitness areas look incredible. This is the time year you maybe only thinking about winter sports. Especially living in Vancouver it's hard to get away from skiing or snowboarding, but what if you didn't like winter sports? Now would be the perfect time to hire a personal trainer and join the gym.

GroundWork Athletics - They are a studio gym located right downtown Vancouver. They offer personal training, group training, active rehab and nutritional coaching. They truly provide a fun experience and with there team of certified trainers, they will get you results.

Spartacus Gym - Spartacus is also located downtown Vancouver. They are one of Vancouver's most affordable gyms. They offer services for all ages; men and women. They have been servicing Vancouver for over 20 years. They have a great team of trainers all with great backgrounds and years of experience.

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Personal Training in Calgary

Calgary has wonderful personal trainers to check out. All the fitness places seem like they truly want to make the people of Calgary healthier. Calgary even has some cool fitness places like rock climbing or obstacle course gyms that would worth checking out. A few places you should check out for personal trainers.

Fifth Avenue Club - This gym is located right downtown and is a studio style gym. Fifth Avenue wants to have a personalized feeling. They want to get know your name. Their team of trainers is highly diverse with each trainer having their own backgrounds and expertise. It'd be a great place to get started.

Urban Athlete Studio - Right in the heart of Kensington Urban Athlete looks incredible. They want you to have a great workout and have fun all at the same time. Again, they're a studio-style gym so they're committed to giving you a personal experience. They have some amazing testimonials on their website if you're wondering what they can do for you.

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Online Training around Canada

Wherever you are in Canada like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary or anywhere else you always have the option of online training. I’ve hinted at online training above. Not everyone wants an online trainer. You do have to do more on your own. For everyone that’s looking for an Online Trainer Superprof offers a wide variety of trainers. All of our trainers have their own backgrounds and qualifications. If you wanted to lose weight, build strength, gain muscle or just want to start being healthy our trainers will be able to help.

You Can Reach Your Fitness Goal!

Canada I fully believe everyone can reach their fitness goal. As we’ve mentioned hiring a trainer is your best way to achieve your goal. Even just starting small like trying to walk more or eat a little better each day is going to benefit you. It’s about being consistent. If you fall off track one day, don’t wait till the next day to jump back on track, start again right then and there. What I mean by this is let’s say you have a bad meal. You could say “oh I ruined things I’ll start back again tomorrow” and you just have another bad meal that same day. You should try to eat a healthy meal for your next meal instead.

It’s the first step on your fitness journey that’s the hardest one. Your first step is also your most exciting step. It's exciting to know you're starting on a journey that will change the rest of your life. This is the year you cross your fitness goal off your list. It’s up to you how you get there!

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