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In the past few years, we see how the world is getting more and more keen on being healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes having a healthy diet and practicing various forms of exercise.

One of the physical exercises that a lot of people tend to practice is yoga. It’s a form of physical exercise that helps people control their breathing, relax their body and mind, and have a positive mindset.

One could even say that this is a combination of a meditation and workout session.

Yoga involves exercises that are low-impact and executed through postures called Asanas and breathing techniques called Pranayama. And with the world becoming even more modern, yoga has also evolved and utilized technology for its benefit.

But before it became quite the modern form of exercise, it started with a purpose to harmonize the body, the mind, and the environment. The first written records were found in the Yoga Sutra created by Patanjali, around 200 BC.

The Yoga Sutra was made up of eight fold paths that are now being used all over the world. Yoga studios around the world have different specializations, and in this article we’ll discuss the various yoga classes in Calgary.

Yoga Santosha

In 2007, Yoga Santosha was created by Alastair and Candace to form a welcoming community for yoga practitioners in Calgary. To them, yoga isn’t just a collection of postures and physical exercises - it’s so much more.

The studio aims to help people find a way to have mental clarity and expand the body’s capabilities. The founders also wanted to create a place where people could have some personal healing without feeling judged or pressured.

Yoga Santosha has two separate studio spaces. The first one being the more spacious one and the other being utilized for classes - it’s called the Great Yoga Wall.

People can enjoy over 20 styles of yoga at this studio, with classes specifically for beginners. As you further your practice, you can try out their Yin/Yang combination class. You can also enrol in the Gentle Yoga or Nidra classes to relax your mind.

All-in-all, they have 10 drop-in classes, 10 active classes, and 3 registered yoga series that you can check out.

People can also opt to avail their massage services where they have three in-house accomplished therapists ready to massage your stress away.

Not only does the studio help people heal and relax, they also help their chosen charities - ones that were supported out of personal experiences. They conduct various advertised events and the proceeds will be donated to the said charities.

Yoga Land in Ottawa was started by Tania Frechette, in the hopes of extending her healing to other people through yoga. Pay this studio a visit if you happen to be in the area.

The Yoga Studio of Calgary

This studio was opened in 1996 by Valery Petrich, making it the first running studio to offer yoga classes in Calgary and probably one of the longest-running ones in Canada.

Over the years, the studio has gained a following due to its leading-edge approach to yoga and how its practices have helped the members of its community reach their potential. Today, the studio still stands and is now offered a wide variety of classes.

The yoga instructors working at this studio studied and graduated from the Yoga Studio College of Canada. These instructors strongly adhere to the studio’s principles of helping students achieve their best potential while respecting their limitations.

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This studio offers over 14 registered classes including Yoga For Teens, Meditation Made Easy, Mindful Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy, and Prenatal Yoga. These classes are offered all year-round, so check out the schedules to see which ones meet your personal schedule.

They also offer drop-in classes for people who don’t necessarily want to commit to just one class. A few of their drop-in classes include Yoga Flow, Discover Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Meditation Made Easy.

You can also enrol yourself in their workshops. They have workshops all year-round, as well.

For those who want to become yoga instructors, you can visit the Yoga Studio College of Canada website to learn more about their programs. Valery Petrich is also the director of this college.

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Breathe Hot Yoga

Breathe Hot Yoga was voted as the best yoga studio in Calgary. It’s also a studio that is certified by Yoga Alliance and has a variety of classes, programs, and workshops.

This studio boasts their eco-friendly candelit studios that are heated using Far Infrared Radiant. The rooms could get as hot as 100 degrees and about 40% humid. With over 16 classes, students can enrol themselves in the following classes:

  • Foundations
  • Yin Yang
  • Yang Yin
  • Hips and Hamstrings
  • Flow and Roll
  • Flow
  • Core
  • Traditional Hot
  • Baptiste
  • Buti
  • Power Flow
  • Restorative
  • Yin
  • Roll and Restore
  • Restore and Meditate
  • Restore and Singing Bowls

If you’re not a fan of heated classes, you can also enrol yourself in their McKenzie Towne studio where they offer both non-heated yoga and fitness classes. They offer the following classes:

  • Yoga for Backs
  • Yin
  • Gentle Flow
  • Flow
  • Fit Flow
  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Buti
  • HIIT
  • Barre
  • Restorative
  • Restore and Meditate

You can also check out their registered programs where the classes are very specific towards the needs of the individual. These classes are created for pregnant women, parents, kids, cancer survivors, and people with alignment issues.

They also conduct workshops every now and then. Most of these workshops are special classes and aren’t the usual ones students can avail through registered programs, heated, and non-heated classes.

A few of the workshops include: Yoga 101, Journey to Handstand, and Yin and Acupuncture.

Another reason why people also frequent this place is that they have great wellness services. These services are given with a 10% discount to members. Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Acupuncture, and Functional Dry Needling are just some of the services they offer.

In Vancouver, Just Yoga Studio has similar classes. If you’re ever in the area, drop by their studio for more information.

Metta Yoga Calgary

Created to create inclusive spaces for students, Metta Yoga Calgary offers services that are accessible and beneficial for the students’ continuing education in yoga. The studio also created a community where students are driven and committed to yoga.

The studio has a wide range of yoga classes being offered. These classes are designed to help individuals start and further their yoga journeys.

Regardless if you’re a newbie to yoga or a veteran, you’re still presented with tons of options at this studio. They have over 10 class types that are as follows:

  • Metta
  • Flow
  • Yin
  • Vinyasa
  • Yang/Yin
  • Community
  • Metta Minis
  • Karma
  • Prenatal
  • Mom & Baby

More than just a community for yoga practitioners, the studio is also exerting effort in helping out other communities. Every week, the proceeds of Karma yoga classes go back to the community where the funds are used to support the development of mindful yoga practices in various organizations.

The studio also has events and workshops every now and then that both students and outsiders can avail. Some of their notable workshops include their teacher training programs and massage workshops.

Breathe Yoga Studio in Toronto also has similar classes that you can check out where you’re in the area. And if you’re in Edmonton, they have a studio there as well.

The Yoga Shala

If you truly want to seek refuge from stress and the everyday rush from work, you should definitely check out Yoga Shala. This studio is an open place where the physical well-being of people are fostered and a community is formed.

The team’s studio is composed of teachers who teach traditional and therapeutic yoga that calm the mind and the body. Through these classes, people can become less stressed and more at ease.

Don’t worry about being new to yoga because the studio creates a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all skill-levels. You can really expect to further your yoga practice at this studio.

There are over 11 classes offered every day of the week - with each class having specific schedules. They have Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for all levels, Flow and Restore, Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga etc.

Yoga Group Classes. Source: Stocksnap

They also have a bunch of registered classes for specific groups such as parents and their babies, seniors, and pregnant women. These classes are taught by instructors who specialize in those aspects.

In Montréal, Luna Yoga is also a yoga studio where classes quite similar to the Yoga Shala are being offered. You might want to check out their page for more information.

Private Yoga Instructor in Calgary

Unfortunately, not everybody has a flexible schedule. As much as you want to be part of a community of people with the same interests, your schedule isn’t just that friendly. But don’t worry, there is still another option that you can explore.

It’s hiring your own private yoga instructor - which is quite, surprisingly, a common option in Canada.

This option allows you to plan out your own private yoga lessons, without worrying about the schedule because the instructor will adjust to it. So even if it’s quite early in the morning, you might just find an instructor who can do just that for you.

At Superprof, you can browse through a bunch of profiles with their descriptions, rates, and reviews. You can review profiles of instructors you’re interested in. Looking for an instructor is made much easier through this so you won’t have the hassle of calling a bunch of studios.


Indeed, there are just a ton of yoga studios in Calgary offering different kinds of yoga classes. These studios have formed their own communities that are inclusive and welcoming, even to beginners.

Regardless if you’re a pregnant woman or just a stressed-out individual, you can find the right class for you in Calgary. Just simply browse through the list of yoga studios here to find the best one for you.

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