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The world has been getting riled up about losing weight and becoming healthy that new weight loss trends have come up. Most of these trends aren’t necessarily healthy and we’ve seen a lot of them go - faster than you can blink.

But if there’s one thing that stuck around for years, it’s yoga.

It’s been around for a long while now because it’s an exercise that doesn’t require you to catch your breath like crazy just so you can sweat. The postures are pretty challenging to execute and that alone is enough to make you sweat.

Moreover, the breathing exercises help you focus on what you’re doing and also improve how you think every day.

These are just some of the benefits that yoga has. These benefits are what makes yoga one of the most sustainable and permanent fitness exercises all over the world.

In this article, you’ll find a list of yoga classes in Edmonton along with the classes they offer in Canada and other relevant information about the respective studios.

Yoga Life Studios

Caren Hui opened Yoga Life Studios in 2010. These two founders greatly resounded with practice’s principles which is why they wanted to share it to a bigger community. Although she wasn’t very committed to practicing it in the beginning, she eventually took her teacher training in 2009.

In 2012, Caren opened her second location. Today, she still continues to find purpose and meaning in what she does, with the help of yoga.

At this studio, beginners don’t have to feel intimidated by all the postures and breathing exercises. They have classes designed to specifically guide beginners into yoga without skipping on the fundamentals.

They have over 10 classes, most of which are beneficial for moms and pregnant women. Classes usually run for 6 weeks at a time. The Meditation Challenge, however, takes up 8 weeks where people are taught the daily meditation practice.

The practice is sustainable, time-tested, and supported by modern practice and research. Those who take part in this challenge are most likely to have peace of mind, less stress, more compassion, and authenticity.

Workshops are also being offered from time-to-time. A couple of these workshops are Partner Thai Yoga Massage, Yin and Massage, Prenatal Partner Yoga, etc.

If you’re looking to become a yoga instructor, they also offer a 200-hour training program that will tackle the foundation of yoga and the practices.

Tania Frechette, owner of Yoga Land in Ottawa, also opened her own studio to help people heal and relax through yoga. Quite similar to how this studio aims to help the yogi community in Edmonton.

Yoga Studio

Founded on the belief that yoga is a life-changing activity, Yoga Studio offers yoga classes to people of all skill-levels. Classes here are designed to help you find balance, harmony, and peace in your life.

The studio does this by creating a fun and inclusive yoga practice that’s taught by instructors who want to help other people become healthy in mind, body, and soul.

Since the studio values diversity, there are several programs being offered to tailor to all sorts of needs. All skill-levels are welcome here and there are respective classes to accommodate their capabilities.

Various yoga styles are also being taught and people have the option to choose between hot or cold classes.

Moreover, pregnant women, athletes, and children can also find classes that suit what they need. So if you’re someone who just wants to dig deep into your soul or find it, they have the right class for you here.

Here are the classes being offered at this studio:

  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Beginner Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Traditional Yoga
  • Seniors and Prenatal Yoga
  • Yoga for Athletes
  • Yoga for Cyclists
  • Yoga for Hockey
  • Yoga for Students

If you have quite a hectic schedule, you might just want to check out their workshops. Some of the workshops they offer are Yin Massage and Sound Healing, Full Body Rad Rolling, and Wake up and Flow.

They also have meditation classes that can help people incorporate meditation in their daily lives. Their meditation classes are as follows:

  • Meditation Pop Up
  • Learn to Meditate with Carleen

If ever you’re in Toronto or maybe you know someone who’s looking for a great yoga studio in the area, you might want to check out Yoga Tree Studios.

Prana Yoga Studio

The Prana Yoga Studio opened thirteen years ago and has since been giving cutting edge, holistic yoga to anybody who wants to learn and practice it. While the studio teaches traditional yoga, they’re learning how to apply it to the modern world.

Fit for all skill levels, classes aim to synergize breathing, movement, and awareness to help students condition their mind and return to their natural state of clarity. The studio believes that through this focused and authentic inner space, people can gain true perspective.

They have pre-registered classes that are specialties in different aspects. Here are the classes they offer:

  • Tween Yoga
  • Intro to Meditation
  • Yoga for Pregnancy
  • Mom and Baby Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Classical Kundalini Yoga
  • Yoga for Hips and Knees
  • Yoga for Back Care

Drop-in classes are also being offered at this studio. Schedules change from time-to-time, usually as seasons change. So make sure to check their schedules every now and then.

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There are also workshops available that allows people to learn and explore dimensions of yoga that aren’t really taught in regular classes. Some of their workshops include the following:

  • Intro to Meditation
  • Advanced Alignment, Asana and Sequencing
  • Partner Yoga
  • Yoga Origins: India Retreat

You can also enrol yourself in core and elective training modules that will be sort of an intro course to yoga instructor training programs. And, of course, they have training programs for aspiring yoga teachers.

Here are the programs being offered at this studio:

  • 200-Hour Teacher Training
  • 300-Hour Teacher Training
  • Specialty Training Program
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga West in Vancouver also offers yoga classes similar to the ones at this studio. If you’re looking for a studio strongly connected with the International Kundalini Yoga, you can visit this studio.

Metta Yoga Edmonton

If you’re looking for a studio that you can treat like a home, Metta Yoga promises that they’re studios will feel like one. They make sure that their teams create that kind of environment, as well as their classes.

Yoga instructors at this studio teach yoga in a way that it’s accessible for all skill levels. Since accessibility is their main core value, beginners shouldn’t feel too intimidated enrolling themselves to this studio.

They have over 50 people on their team - all of which contribute to making this studio a great place to practice yoga for wellness and inner peace.

Each of Metta Yoga’s classes aims to make people move and sweat in order to feel ground and zen. They utilize breathing exercises to connect the mind to the body. Moreover, all their classes are done in heated rooms, except for the pre-natal, kids and teen classes.

With over 9 class types to choose from, people can choose which classes are suited for their interest and skill level. Although, the staff will most likely recommend classes to you. Here are the class types being offered:

  • Metta
  • Flow
  • Yin
  • Power Flow
  • Yang/Yin
  • Community
  • Metta Minis
  • Karma
  • Prenatal

But, only teens aged 14 years old and above are allowed to attend hot classes.

If you also want to relax your mind and body through a different way, they also have massage services in different locations.

They also have a studio in Calgary.

Yoga Within

Yoga Within is a studio that focuses on building a community for yogis. Most of their classes are done in the mornings, with the earliest at 5:30AM and the latest at 8:30AM.

They have about 30 classes categorized into the three types - general, vinyasa, family, kid, prenatal classes, and specialty classes. Their classes are suitable for all skill levels and teachers will be more than happy to accommodate beginners.

They have all sorts of classes that target different areas in the body and use different equipment. A particular yoga that stands out is Chair yoga wherein you use a chair and wall to provide support for your postures.

You can also find vinyasa classes at this studio with notable classes such as the Ashtanga-Inspired Flow class and the Slow Flow Yoga.

If you want your family to be a part of your yoga journey, you can all enrol in Family Yoga classes.

Yoga Retreat. Source: Pixabay

Workshops are usually scheduled per month, so best to check out the schedule on their website. Their workshops are very different from their regular classes with some focusing on hip alignment and dancing.

They also have retreats for people who want to really have focused yoga sessions for short periods of time. Their Sunrise Yoga challenge is a 23-day challenge where the sessions are done at 6:00AM to have an early morning practice and a great start to your day.

Montréal also has a studio that offers several classes that will complement your health and lifestyle. Check out Naada Yoga for more information.

Private Yoga Instructor in Edmonton

Not many studios offer private yoga lessons. That’s why if you’re not really a fan of big group classes, enrolling yourself in those can seem quite intimidating. But luckily, it’s not the only option available.

With Superprof, you can just simply look up a list of yoga instructors in Edmonton. These yoga instructors offer private yoga lessons at the comfort of your own home or, if they have one, their own studio.

No need to worry about joining a big crowd, just simply check out their rates and reviews from other students - both of which you can find at the said website.

Discover best yoga classes near me on superprof.


There are tons of yoga classes in Edmonton. Studios are usually spread out all over the city which makes it such a convenient way to become healthy. Each of these studios offer different styles and class types that you can choose from.

Moreover, they have workshops, events, and retreats that you can join every now and then. What are you waiting for? Start your yoga journey today.

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