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Without a doubt, Montréal is the second-largest and one of the busiest cities in Canada.

Although it’s not the capital city of Quebec, it’s still an industrial centre that attracts all forms of businesses and investors from all over the world. The streets are busy and people are always on to something in this city.

What makes the city even more unique is that it’s one of the cities where multiple cultures meet. Given that it’s a French-speaking city, the French culture is easily expressed and infused with the Canadian culture. This city also has a bit of American culture mixed into it.

With the hustle of various industries to the mixing of various cultures, you can expect that this city is filled with people who have a bit of a hectic schedule.

This is one of the reasons why people here are looking for ways to relax and reconnect with themselves. And what better way to do than to enrol themselves in yoga classes.

There are tons of yoga classes in Montréal and we’ll be listing a couple of them in this article.

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Luna Yoga

Luna Yoga was opened in 2003 by Jennifer Maagendans and Jason Kent. The studio is focused on being an environmentally-conscious, community-based one at the center of Montréal.

The studio is quite famous for having unique classes that incorporate peace and joy into various yoga practices. They offer multiple classes each week and are open on all days of the week.

One of their famous yoga classes is Yoga Flo (1 and 2) which is a yoga practice that blends various elements into ono. Years of study and research has been put into this yoga class to create an invigorating experience for students. These styles include Jivamukti, Ashtanga, and Hatha.

Another class they offer is the Jivamukti Yoga method that was created in 1984 by Sharon Gannon and David Life. This practice generally stimulates the mind for spiritual awareness.

They also have other classes such as Intro to Yoga and Private one-on-one classes. If you’re looking for specialty classes, they have Yin + Flo and Mantra Flo.

If you want to become a yoga instructor, they also have training for aspirants. The training will run for 10 months with a maximum of 250 hours. Luna Yoga Flo will be the style that will be taught, as well as its philosophies, history, and mythology.

Similar classes are being offered at Yoga Shala in Calgary. The studio is also a great place to find a community that welcomes you into their arms.

United Yoga Montréal

Hart Lazer and Donna Read opened their own yoga studio back in 2007. These two people both have backgrounds in Ashtanga and Iyengar styles and they decided to teach it to other people.

The studio mostly teaches about alignment-based Hatha Yoga and movement-based Vinyasa Yoga. These styles are often incorporated with Restorative Yoga and Wall Yoga, which most people find quite therapeutic.

All skill levels are welcome here and the studio is keen on making sure people practice yoga safely and happily.

As mentioned, the studio has classes on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, alignment-based Hatha Yoga, and Pilates mat.

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Other than these classes, they also have workshops and events from time to time. One of the workshops they offer is a 5-day intensive workshop, Working Through the Bones.

They also have teacher training for those who want to become a yoga instructor. The training will be taught by Hart Lazer and Donna Read themselves. Here are the training they offer:

  • 200-Hour Essential Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Toronto also has a similar studio that’s grounded on Ashtanga Vinyasa Lineage. Check out Downward Dog Yoga Centre for more details.

Enso Yoga

Devoted to creating a sanctuary for people who want to strengthen their spirit, soul, and body, Enso Yoga is a great yoga studio for those who want to try yoga in a new environment.

The studio is keen on making sure they never compromise the quality of their services. Moreover, they’re quite committed to teaching yoga styles and methods that are modern and accessible to people.

They conduct over 60 classes each week and have teachers who are quite famous in the yoga industry, especially in Montréal. They also have several rooms that are able to accommodate quite a number of people who seek their services.

Hot Yoga is one of the reasons why this studio is so famous. Classes are taught in heated rooms with temperatures between 38 degrees-Celsius to 39 degrees-Celsius. They offer the following classes:

  • Hot Flow - designed to heal, detoxify, and exhilarate the body and the mind through breathing and movement.
  • Hot Yin - designed to target meridians of the body to stimulate, release, and calm the body and the mind,
  • Hot Barre - designed to chisel and sculpt muscles while working on the core, stability, and posture.
  • Hot Pilates - designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body through pilates and aligning.

They also offer other classes such as Enso Athletica where students can experience the best workout, complete with equipment.

Don’t worry about looking for the best-heated yoga classes in Ottawa because Pure Yoga conducts similar classes. If you know anybody in Ottawa looking for such classes, recommend this one.

Modo Yoga Montréal

Modo Yoga Montréal is part of the community of independent yoga studios all over the world - Modo Yoga. With over 70 locations in North America, Europe, and Australia, this community offers classes that help with posture and breathing.

The community has a foundation on six pillars which are: be accessible, be community, be green, be healthy, be peace, and live to learn. The studio believes that these pillars will help people change the world by taking care of themselves and the earth.

The classes are designed to be accessible to all skill levels and to be practiced in heated rooms - about 40 degrees-Celsius. So regardless if you’re a beginner or an advanced student, you can get to experience the uniqueness of what they have to offer.

About 40 postures will be taught during each class and students can expect their body to be strengthened, relaxed, and more open.

These are the class types being taught at their studios:

  • Modo
  • Modo Flow
  • Power Flow
  • Restorative
  • Yin
  • Yin & Tonic
  • Breakdown 101
  • Power II
  • Recharge
  • Core Flow
  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Ballet Sculpt
  • Yoga Mamas
  • Karma

Other than yoga classes, they also have other events such as Grow Your Yoga which is the annual community-wide campaign that raises funds and awareness for the protection of the earth. The raised funds will be given to partner organizations that work for this advocacy.

And since they have over 70 locations, you can also visit their studio in Vancouver.

Naada Yoga

Founded by couple Jason Sharp and Elizabeth Emberly, Naada Yoga was created out of a passion for creativity and community collaboration. Today, the community thrives on the diversity of individuals practicing various styles of yoga - both modern and traditional.

There are tons of classes being offered and most of them are complementary to whatever is best for the student’s health and lifestyle. The studio lets you answer a questionnaire that will determine what classes are suitable for you.

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The questionnaire includes asking your level of experience and your reasons for choosing to partner with Naada Yoga. As you progress, you will also be asked about the quality of sleep you have.

Classes being offered at this studio are quite varied and are all accompanied by music to help students establish their focus during the exercise. The classes are divided into five different categories: therapeutic, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and family.

Each category contains several classes that are designed to best fit that skill level. Interestingly, they have family yoga classes that can invite kids and their parents. Kids as young as 12 months old, for as long as they can already walk, can participate in the class.

They also offer teacher training for people who want to become yoga instructors. They offer the following programs: 200-hour foundation, 300-hour foundation, 500-hour NYTT certification, and graduate mentorship. They also have the option for Online Yoga Education.

In Edmonton, you can also find a studio where all sorts of classes are being offered. If you’re ever in the area, you might want to stop by Yoga Within for a class or two.

Private Yoga Instructor in Montréal

While there are definitely tons of yoga studios all over the busy city of Montréal, you might actually prefer taking private yoga lessons instead of group classes. Maybe you just don’t like the crowd or you just want to have a peaceful session on your own.

But of course, unless you’re used to doing it alone, having an instructor around might be the best option. That’s why, Superprof has a list of private yoga instructors who are open to giving private classes.

At Superprof, you can see their brief descriptions, rates, and reviews from former students which are designed to help you find the best fit for you.

Not only that, if you’re one of the people whose schedule doesn’t align with that of classes being offered, this proves to be a much more convenient option for you.


Montréal is indeed quite a busy city filled with people who need to have a way to relax while strengthening their bodies and minds. This is what makes yoga a popular option because it allows people to do it both at once.

Studios in Montréal offer different kinds of classes and more often than not, each studio is quite unique with their approach and style. It’s up to you to choose which studio you want to enrol yourself in.

For those who want to have private yoga classes, Superprof has a list of yoga instructors who are willing to offer such classes. Check out the website for more details on these instructors.

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