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Yoga is one of the most popular physical exercises in the world. It’s popularity is mostly because it allows those who practice it to improve how they control their mind and, overall, enhance their well-being.

This form of exercise has been around for 2,000 years - with a history in Indian philosophy. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj - which means to bind or yoke. Oftentimes, this word is interpreted as a method of discipline.

Most of the yoga exercises people practice today are from the Asana limb of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra - the collection of all Yoga Practices collated by the Indian Sage. Asana translates to postures. The exercises combine various physical postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation to strengthen both the mind and the physical body.

These benefits are the main reasons why so many people try to enrol themselves in yoga classes. The challenge now is to find the best ones wherever they are.

In this article, we’ll be writing down some of the best yoga classes you can find in Canada. If you’re not a fan of classes, then you’ll also have the option of looking for your own private instructor in the country.

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Take Yoga Classes in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city. With that being said, millions of Canadians and immigrants live in this city - making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

With such a big population, it’s quite important for the city to have several health programs in motion in order to make health care quite accessible for its residents. The city has several featured programs and initiatives:

  • Flu Prevention
  • Immunization and Vaccines
  • Cannabis and Health
  • Parenting

But aside from the city government’s initiative, there are also tons of health services being offered by private sectors.  Aside from massage therapies and healthcare programs, there are also tons of fitness events being conducted all year-round.

In terms of physical exercises, Toronto is a city filled with all sorts of fitness classes. You have swimming classes, flying yoga, trampoline classes, surfing classes - all in the name of working out uniquely.

As for yoga classes, the most popular one in Toronto is Yoga Tree. This yoga studio has been around since 2007 and offers over 400+ classes per week. They have 5 studios all over Toronto and they offer classes for both kids and adults.

They also have workshops all throughout the year that you can checkout.

Best Yoga Classes in Montréal

If there’s one thing about Montréal, it’s that it’s popular for being the largest French-speaking country other than Paris - this is why it’s called a francophone city which means French-speaking.

The city’s quite popular with tourists, given that it has several parks and spots that are heavily influenced by the French culture. Tons of tourists visit the city each year and business is always booming.

For residents, they’ve gotten used to the places that fascinate tourists. Instead, these popular parks and spots have been turned into best jogging spots. But not all Montréal residents like jogging - or walking. Some of them prefer going to the gym or taking up fitness classes to keep themselves healthy.

Yoga is definitely a popular exercise in this city. There are several studios and centres that offer classes in the city but one of the more popular ones is Luna Yoga.

Luna Yoga was established in 2003 and has since grown into a community-based yoga studio in Montréal. Open all week, they offer classes such as Yoga Flo and Jivamukti in their studio.

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Find Yoga Lessons in Vancouver

Known as the city of neighborhoods, Vancouver has a very diverse population where ethnicities are divided into neighborhoods. Immigrants make up 40% of the population, where the majority of that percentage are from Asia.

Because of these, the culture is Vancouver is quite unique and is attractive for people all over the world. Not only that, the city is also one of the most livable ones in Canada.

One of the things that makes Vancouver a healthy city is its Healthy City Strategy. This strategy is designed to create a city where living conditions are constantly improved to allow all residents to enjoy the highest level of health and well-being.

Three things affect their strategy - healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy environments. These three include having sustainable ways of living, better access to basic needs, and creating great environments.

Speaking of healthy people, one of the most popular options for physical wellness is yoga. In this city, a lot of studios offer yoga classes to whoever is interested. One of the most famous ones is YYoga.

This studio believes that yoga is for everybody, that’s why they have experienced yoga teachers who will help people practice yoga with a focus on alignment and safety.

Start Learning Yoga in Calgary

In Alberta, where Calgary is located, health care is completely free - no need to pay premiums. For this reason, the city is deemed to be one of the safest and healthiest ones in the country.

Moreover, this city ranks 35th in the world for overall quality of living - not just for cleanliness and healthcare programs but also for personal safety. No need to worry about taking early morning jogs or late-night walks because the city is definitely safe.

And despite having free healthcare, people are still pretty conscious about their health here in Calgary. Lots of people do daily exercises - may it be going to the gym or finding other ways to become healthy.

And in line with exercises, yoga classes are a top option in this clean and healthy city. It’s one of the best ways to be healthy which makes it a top choice.

If you look up “Yoga Classes Near Me” in Calgary, Yoga Santosha will one of the first few options. Yoga Santosha is one of the best yoga studios in Calgary. At this studio, they believe that yoga is a community, that’s why they’ve designed their classes for all levels and ages.

You have the chance to explore your authentic self through various classes that they offer: Vinsaya Flow, Yin/Yag, Hot yoga, etc.

Practice Yoga in Ottawa

There are lots of opportunities to have an active lifestyle here at the capital city of Ottawa. It’s a given that you can find all sorts of hubs here - entertainment, business, even fitness.

Although it’s expected that the city will be a bit busy and everybody here follows quite a strict schedule to get to-and-from work, the fitness opportunities still give a bit of leeway just so you can squeeze in workouts.

The city puts in a lot of effort into making green spaces and creating outdoor activities. These publicly available resources allow residents to take simple walks or jogs, or even go biking around the city.

Gatineau Park is also one of the best places to take your bike for a ride or go on a hiking trip.

Some people even opt to go to fitness gyms or take various yoga classes Ottawa. If you’re looking for a yoga class, you can enrol yourself in Pure Yoga. in this studio, you can relieve your stress or just simply workout to improve your overall well-being.

Learn Basic to Advanced Yoga in Edmonton

If there’s one thing about Edmonton, it’s that summer days are usually longer and winter days are definitely shorter.

For those who like talking morning jogs or slow walks around the city, you just have to manage your schedule and make sure you read your clock right. There are tons of places in Edmonton where you can just walk around or jog.

Just like every other city in Canada, Edmonton is also brimming with fitness options residents can choose from. Fitness gyms are common and tons of classes are offered each week - just find ones that fit your schedule.

As for yoga classes, beginners may find Yoga Life Studios a great option. The studio welcomes beginners without letting them feel quite intimidated. Although their classes are open to all levels, everybody is encouraged to pace themselves.

Bonus part - teachers are both knowledgeable and helpful.

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Finding a Private Yoga Instructor in Canada

Although classes seem fun, not all people want to do their yoga routine in front of other people. With all that stretching and movement, some people definitely want to do it at home or someplace else.

The challenge is, how and where can you find your own private yoga instructor?

Lucky for you, Superprof has a list of yoga instructors in Canada. On this website, you can see their pictures and profiles where reviews from former students are shown, as well as their rates. This allows you to choose between the instructors on which one meets your preferences, budget, and schedule.

So if you want your private yoga sesh, start looking for an instructor at Superprof.


As you can see, Canada is filled with tons of opportunities to improve your health and overall well-being. You have clean and healthy cities, as well as fitness centres and classes. One of the most popular fitness classes in Canada is yoga.

Each city has a long list of options for yoga classes. All you have to do is enrol yourself and start making progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Of course, don’t forget to bring your mats!

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