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Yoga classes near me

Taking Yoga Lessons in Canada

You’ve probably only heard about yoga being offered in classes or group sessions. While you’re fairly interested in joining one, the thought of being a newbie in those classes make you wanna back out and just try it at home.

But let’s face it, you learn better when someone’s there to tell what you’re doing right and wrong. And no matter how shy it makes you, a veteran yoga practitioner should correct your mistakes so that you won’t keep repeating them in the future.

Lucky for you, there are now private yoga classes being offered to individuals who prefer learning and doing it alone with a yoga instructor. Moreover, these yoga classes are not that challenging to find - especially with the help of the internet.

In fact, you can find out how to find one in Canada in this article, along with how private yoga classes work, what their benefits are, and why setting aside time for yoga is very important.

How Private Yoga Classes Work

If you have a big group of friends and you all do yoga, group sessions might sound terrific. Not only is it a great way to bond, but it’s also a great way to help each other out.

But there’s nothing wrong with just wanting to do a yoga session all on your own. There are so many instructors out there who are willing to do private classes to accommodate their clients’ needs.

A good thing about these private yoga classes is that you can build a relationship with your instructor which helps them customise classes for you. These customised classes will eventually help you achieve your specific goals in no time - no worrying about other people.

Working your way towards your goals will also be easier with your instructor focusing on you. Sessions will be more direct and communication will be easier. The sessions will revolve around you and your progress.

Compared to group classes, you can create a schedule around your life and your instructor will work their way around it. Not only is this suitable for your personal life, but it will also make it more convenient for you. No more stressing over missing out on a good relaxing session!

Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons

There will always be two sides to a coin but when it comes to private yoga classes, there are just too many benefits to mention. All these benefits will make spending quite a sum of money worth it. So just run through them and give it a try.

Here’s a list of these benefits:

Classes at Your Pace

In group classes, you don’t really get to decide the level of difficulty - even if they say it’s for beginners. Some positions might just be too hard for you while being easy for everyone else. At least for private classes, you get to do yoga at your own pace.

Control Over Sessions

You have full control over the length of your sessions and the level of difficulty. For as long as you inform your instructor what you want to happen for each session, you can take charge of how you progress in yoga.

Corrections are Made Privately

Not all people get embarrassed by this, but for those who do, this is such an advantage. Beginners get that leeway but for those who have been doing it for a long time and are a bit slow in that department, this is such a breather.

Personal Goals are Prioritised

Of course, when you’re in a private class, your goals are prioritized. Being the only student in the class, it’s easier for the instructor to focus on meeting your goals with you. You can frequently ask for progress reports without compromising the progress of other people.

Classes Can Be Done At Home

Technology has made it convenient for both parties - classes can also be conducted through Skype. If you prefer a physical class, then your instructor can just go to your house and conduct the class there.

Private Yoga Lessons in Canada

Now that we’ve tackled how private yoga classes work and what the benefits are, it’s now time to dive into where you can find yoga instructors who are more than happy to help you.

With technology on our side, it’s easier to find a yoga instructor in Canada - you can just simply type it on Google and you’ll get a list of results. But of course, you don’t have all the time in the world.

You can go to Superprof and look up a list of yoga instructors who offer private classes. On this site, you can find reviews from their previous clients and their hourly rates and freebies.

On their profiles, they also briefly say a bit about themselves and what they have to offer. This is basically just a great list of yoga instructors and you have all the freedom to choose the one you feel you’re going to work well with.

When it comes to finding the right yoga instructor, just make sure that you know your budget and you’re also willing to compromise with your instructor. They have their personal schedules and personalities, so be sure you land yourself a win-win situation.

Remember, private yoga classes should help you improve and progress at your own pace. Find someone you feel you’re going to be compatible with and everything will fall into place.

Why Time for Yoga is Important

There are several reasons why it’s very important that you set aside time for yoga. Sometimes when life gets too hectic, a session can easily bring you back on track and ease your stress. This is what makes private classes so helpful - you get to have it on your own time and terms.

Private classes let you think about yourself without having to worry about anybody else. The only catch is you have to be the one to set aside time for yoga. So check your schedule, prioritise your private yoga class, and let things fall into place.