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Anyone can benefit from acting classes at whatever age, language, experience or ability! 聽 Tailor-made classes with experienced theatre teachers, can help you to overcome your shyness.聽 Theatre training is available for adults and children and can help boost聽 overall confidence and provide a sense of empowerment and enjoyment. .聽

A theatrical initiation, a lot of people dream of it. To rub shoulders with the ancestral art that is the theatre first of all. To Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet...聽

Imagine the feeling of being able to be someone else in a creative nurturing environment while also finally managing to overcome聽 shyness and master the art of speaking in public! It is true that theatre has certain magical powers with its most modest actors.聽

Through improvisation or certain plays, anonymous people can reveal themselves and finally express themselves fully.聽

聽For children or adults, the stage and group theatre workshops are accessible to all. Of course, you can also discover the art of acting with a private teacher from Superprof, who will come to your home.

Theatre is one of the oldest arts in existence. If we date the appearance of the first tragic performances in the 6th century BC in Greece, then in the 3rd century BC in Rome, the theatre has always existed.

From time immemorial, man has wanted to reproduce situations by playing the role of other people. Theatre is also the art of the person who wants to tell a story, wants to make his audience laugh, scare them or move them somehow. Acting like laughter, is man's own way of extricating himself from himself for a few seconds, by reproducing the gestures and words of someone else, can be freeing . Acting allows us some community, to make friends, laugh or cry after interpreting a story can be emotionally rewarding.聽

Of course, theatre is above all symbolized by the stage. Its sets, its staging and its audience. And that's where you want to go today: take acting classes or take a theatre course to discover the basics of comedy and drama. Learn improvisation in drama school or with a private acting teacher to practice the dramatic arts and tap your emotional reserves.聽

Because theatre is not only about telling a story, of course. It can be children's theatre (storytelling, puppetry, musical comedy, children's theatre) first of all, ideal to develop their confidence and their sense of comedy. Children's workshops take place all over Canada during the school holidays. But if you don't want to wait for these periods, don't hesitate to trust a home theatre teacher!

For adults, it's still different of course. In professional training or for leisure. There are those who do this for the pure love of theatre and the stage. We are talking about real actors. And then there are the shy ones who see the stage as the place of their rebirth. The one who will allow them to finally dare to speak in public! Stage fright can be great when one has always been afraid to speak in public because of stress or fear of the audience. But the art of theatre is often the best remedy for this. With the help of a particular director or theatre teacher, discover all these aspects of your personality!

Theatre: a passion for young and old

Theatre classes are therefore indeed reserved for everyone. Young and old. Of course, depending on age, the lessons and plays are adapted. In children's theatre, the teacher is responsible for introducing the youngest to the art of theatre. Giving them a taste for comedy through small, fun and stimulating workshops.

Adult theatre training is method focused and adult theatre also means working on diction and elocution in order to be able to speak in public eloquently and with ease and fluidity, allowing for greater expression and creativity. Through聽 the great classics of English literature, and for all world literature, acting is a great way to interpret and express the works of creative authors and playwrights from around the world, from ages past to the present, famously known and unknown. 聽 The pedagogy of the teacher is then totally adapted and the teaching is then turned towards the discovery of corporal expression for the school's end of year show (dance lessons, singing lessons, voice work, playful theatre workshop, modern literature lessons...).

Surpassing oneself by speaking in front of the audience聽

Teach them to speak in front of an audience first. But also to go around all that relates to body expression, to loosen up certain people (movement, rhythm and body gestures).

All this thanks to a talented director at home or at a theatre workshop. Through the staging of a play or theatre stage. But also improvisation, because theatrical improvisation often allows certain actors to reveal their talent. Just look at Second City, the home of the original great Canadian talents of improv and comedy who became international stars, like Dan Ackeroyd, John Belushi, Catherine O鈥檋ara, and Eugene Levy.

Through theatrical improvisation and improvisational theatre, some actors can come out of their shell. Suddenly!!聽 Maybe that's what you're looking for?聽 You, the shy one. Acting can be a way to express yourself and bring out what's inside you. Acting is often seen as the miracle cure to overcome shyness and regain self-confidence. This shyness prevents you from expressing yourself sometimes in front of a group for fear of being judged. Singing and singing lessons can also help with this.聽

Working all this within a troop will make you move quickly towards your goal: to reveal yourself to others and, above all, to yourself. This is also the immense power of classical theatre, comedy, drama and a theatre workshop led by a quality teacher. We can even talk about how acting can greatly impact your personal development and sense of empowerment.聽聽

Of course, taking drama courses can also be done with a view to moving towards the theatre professions themselves. There you can receive a solid actor's training,聽 learning how to聽 interpret聽 a range of characters of a great play perhaps and also how to access聽 the panel of emotions to help in that interpretation.聽 Why not also take advantage of this opportunity to try your hand at joining a theatre company, to become a director, a film director, a stage director, an artistic director? There are many opportunities to explore in the world of theatre.聽

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Why not sign up for an聽 improvisation class if you want to become an actor.聽 Whether you are at a humble level or with more ambitions, why not take a聽 theatre course with a good teacher to be a complete actor or actress ready to take on any role, big or small.聽

To achieve this, Superprof invites you to find the ideal professional actor who will be able to give you the theatre classes you dream of. One-to-one or group lessons at home. But all close to home. More than 2785 private acting teachers are waiting for you all over Canada聽 and on site, ready to take charge of your comedy and drama learning goals. You should also know that a drama course costs on average 29$ / hour.


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In Montreal, private classes with an acting teacher on Superprof will cost you about $35.


The price of your acting lessons will differ depending on:

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  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your classes

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12 teachers are available to give acting聽 lessons in Montreal and the suburban areas.


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