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Not everybody is cut out to be an artist or a painter. It is oftentimes perceived that to become one is to be born with the talent, the hands that could put to work what the mind has conjured; to have an imagination that is out of this world. Yet, this isn’t everything that makes an artist a revered being. 

It is true that talent cannot be discounted as the true foundation of being an artist. Very few are gifted with such aptitude in the field of visual arts, with respect to drawing and painting. This is why trying to find success in the arts is a never-ending process. Still, drawing or painting is more than just being able to portray beautiful things and images on paper or canvas.  A certain finesse characterizes how an art can be considered a masterpiece, however, the true mark of being an accomplished artist is the unrelenting drive and discipline, and the burning passion to never stop learning, evolving, and seeing things differently. Without all of these, talent will be for naught and will wither away. 

If you possess the above attributes but are lacking the skills worthy of being called an artist, then go pick up a pencil and start. Vincent Van Gogh once quoted a powerful statement that still holds the same brevity it did all those years ago-- “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” 

At a young age, our imaginations are wild and we are naturally precocious. This is why it is best to start learning how to draw while. However, the dreaming should not stop just because real life sets in. If you have long harbored feelings and fantasies of Sunday afternoon sketches and charcoal pencils, then you can still push through. While the skill to draw brilliantly is a requisite, never forget that you can get there by practicing. 

First things first: forget the idea that you should learn to draw to impress other people. Drawing or any other form of art should be a form of self-expression, a hobby to spend your leisure time, a way to distract yourself from anxieties and relieve you from reality’s stress. Learning to draw should not take a toll on you, but become a safe space that you can turn to when it gets a bit tough. 

It is natural to get frustrated whenever you are learning something, and mastering the arduous dexterity of drawing is especially challenging if you are just starting. If you want to learn efficiently, taking private lessons is the way to go. 

A hands-on learning experience 

Taking private lessons with a teacher or a tutor is a rewarding venture especially if you are particularly clueless on where to begin and how to start properly. 


A flexible schedule. Private lessons via teacher or tutor offers a lot of leniency when it comes to time and availability of schedule. Unlike taking drawing classes, you don’t have to struggle with catching up with lessons or cram. You have the liberty to schedule classes based on your agenda, so you can learn whenever your free time permits you so.


Personalized lessons. Taking drawing lessons through a private tutor or teacher is also beneficial in ways that each lesson is to reflect the personality and capability of the student. The teacher will let the student engage in subject matter or themes that the student may find interesting, igniting the excitement and motivating them to do well in each exercise. Doing so also pushes the student to put out their best foot forward for every drawing exercise since each lesson speaks to them in a personal sense.


Proper techniques and tips. One of the key benefits of learning from an experienced drawing teacher or tutor is the appropriate approach to take on a certain drawing activity or exercise, as well as the handful of tips that you can get from them as you proceed with every lesson. Whereas learning in a drawing class also offers you the same benefits, not everyone in the class shares the same level of learning as well as the abilities to perform each exercise accordingly. With private lessons, the tips and techniques are exclusively provided for the improvement of the student in their own terms. 


In-depth learning related to overall performance. Since private lessons involve a one-on-one correspondence between the teacher and the student, learning goes beyond the surface level of each lesson. Students can pose questions and the teacher can provide a detailed course of direction. All the lessons shall also be relevant in the comprehensive learning arc of the student, considering the student’s style and artistry. 

From basics to Botticelli

Being an artist is always being a beginner. It is a continuous journey to self-improvement. If you are wary of starting now as a beginner, you don’t have to be. Even Botticelli and Monet had been there. Just keep the fire of learning aflame. 

  • Understanding basic art principles
  • Drawing basics using geometric lines and shapes
  • Drawing with accurate measurements and landmarks
  • Drawing assignments and exercises
  • Drawing with a paint brush
  • Enhancing line work 
  • Learning various art media and use of each
  • Drawing out of your imagination
  • Drawing faces and figures
  • Understanding lighting and shadows
  • Understanding drawing perspectives

Gaining mastery from the maestros

If you have been thinking of getting private lessons but do not know where, online is a good place to start. Superprof is an online platform that can take you to the best drawing teachers and tutors in Canada that offer private classes for beginners to teach you the fundamentals of drawing. 

Our platform seeks to create an avenue for in-depth learning and foster the drive to self-awareness and improvement. We have over 6000 thousand teachers and tutors available to cater to your learning needs and to guide you towards the artistic path.


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