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💰What is the average price of Life coaching lessons in Toronto?

The average price of Life coaching  lessons is $39.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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From a sample of 14  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Is Life Coaching right for you? 

Do you feel stressed and find it hard to control different areas of your life? Do you have a hard time setting achievable goals and sticking to them? Do you have many hopes, dreams and ideas but are lacking the motivation and know-how to bring these to fruition? 

Then a life coach may just be the person to help you get your life in order! The goal of a life coach is to empower you to lead the life you want! 

A life coach can help you to face situations which may seem insurmountable, for example, moving countries or changing jobs. As your life coach gets to know you, your goals and your strengths and weaknesses, they will be able to offer your personalised help to better meet your goals. 

There has been a notable surge in the number of people seeking help from life coaches in both their professional and personal lives. Due to increasing stress from work and greater demands and strains in all aspects of our lives, many people get stuck and require a little guidance to help them gain direction and focus. 

What is a Life Coach? 

So you may be wondering… what is a life coach and how can they help you?

The definition of a life coach can vary depending on the person their areas of expertise. Most life coaches provide counselling for individuals on both personal and professional issues affecting their daily life. 

Different from therapy, consulting or mentoring, a life coach is there to help you address specific goals related to your professional or personal development, learn how to overcome any obstacles and choose a course of action to realistically achieve these goals. 

Some specific areas of your life that your life coach may be able to help you with include building your confidence and self-worth, developing healthy relationships, career change or transitioning, maintaining a work-life balance, practicing self-care, managing anxiety and depression, finding your purpose, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, and parenting. 

Whether you seek help in guidance in your personal or professional life, a life coach works with you for a defined period of time and helps you to set concrete and measurable goals. After working with a life coach, many people find a boost in their energy  and motivation, greater focus in all aspects of their daily life, and better capacity to manage your own time. 

What does a session look like? 

Life coaches can help individuals navigate a whole variety of areas in their life- from career change and workplace politics, to relationships with loved ones and leadership skills.

Sessions and work with a life coach can vary between each person so it’s important to discuss with your life coach and decide on a format which is most suitable for both of you. Usually the first session is a 60-90 minute session to discuss your goals, how your life coach can help you and your plan of action going forward. The life coach may ask you a number of questions about your current professional and personal situation, your history, and your future goals and plans. This first session will help your life coach to gain an overall perspective of your life and help you to identify what changes you would like to make. This initial consultation session is essential to make sure that you and your coach are the right fit. 

You may decide to continue your sessions and see your life coach on a weekly basis or set aside time each week to discuss your progress. Some life coaches may even offer continuous email support and check-in calls to make sure you feel supported along the way. 

Your life coach may also give you aptitude or personality tests to better assess your personality and help to tailor your sessions according to your specific needs. Life coaching is for everyone, no matter what their age, experience, education etc. Everyone has areas in their life that they would like to improve. As you go through each session, your life coach will be able to help you to overcome your fears and uncertainties and gain confidence in yourself. 

You may even opt for group coaching, particular when it comes to professional coaching. Group coaching can be a great way to share and learn from other’s experience, as well as to build your professional network. Group coaching is also often much more affordable than personalised coaching classes. 

Life coaching in Toronto 

It’s important to find the right person with whom you can feel comfortable discussing your personal and professional life and who has the necessary expertise to help guide you on the particular area of your life you are looking for. 

Toronto has a range of services and private life coaches to work with. You can check out the International Coach Federation of Toronto to help you find a life coach including Career, Corporate and Executive coaches, and Youth Coaches. The international Coach Federation is a great resource, helping you to identify guiding questions and the specific areas in your life you would like to work on. They also have a coach referral service which can be useful to find a coach based on your specific needs. 

You can also try to find someone through your own personal networks. If a friend or colleague has worked with someone, then you can be sure that they are trustworthy and could fit with your needs.

Superprof Canada is great resource to search for a personal career coach in Toronto or even your neighbourhood! You can go through a set of profiles which include information about the coach’s experience, teaching methodology, as well as the format and rates of their lessons. This will help you to select a coach whose experience and expertise may be most relevant for you! 

Most importantly, a life coach can give you the guidance, empowerment and confidence to live your best life! So what are you waiting for? 

What do you want to learn?