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Spanish tutor

Jennifer is not only passionate about teaching Spanish, but she is willing to put in the effort to make sure that you're comfortable speaking Spanish with her. Of the times that we've met, she always interacted with me as a person beforehand (as...

Lourdes elideth

Spanish tutor

She was clear and took her time. I really appreciate the patience and her attention to detail without making it overwhelming. Looking forward to our next lesson.

David, 4 months ago


Spanish tutor

J'ai pris une dizaine de cours avec Thania dans l'optique de préparer un voyage en Amérique du Sud. Elle est excellente, très pédagogue, calme, patiente et professionnelle. Thania sait adapter ses cours en fonction des besoins et du rythme...

Antoine, 7 months ago


Spanish tutor

Jennifer has been very accommodating with me, switching from classes in person to online. She personalized the content of her class with my specific way of learning, made it fun through several varied activities. She is very kind, enthusiastic and...

Justine, 8 months ago


Spanish tutor

I have always had issues learning languages but Ms. Lorena makes all her classes so entertaining and extremely insightful. I feel that I have learned so much with her in such a short time frame. I highly recommend Ms. Lorena to anyone trying to...

Jade, 11 months ago


Spanish tutor

Paulina is passionate, enthusiastic, and very thorough. She has a very clear and straightforward approach to moving forward together and personalizing your lessons according to your level and interests. She makes learning Spanish fun and easy.

Victoria, 1 year ago


đź’¸ How much does a Spanish tutor charge per hour in Montreal for private Spanish lessons?

In Montreal, the average cost of private Spanish courses is around $24.


The price of Spanish lessons will differ depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of your Spanish tutor
  • The location and format of your lessons (via webcam or the student's place)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes, (are you learning Spanish for fun, or perhaps you are working to get a Spanish language certification)

97% of Superprof teachers give the first hour of Spanish tutoring for free. Check out the prices of our Spanish private tutors in your area.

🧑‍🎓 How can I find a Spanish teacher near me?

On Superprof, you can browse a wide range of teaching ads to find the best solution for starting Spanish tutoring.


You simply enter your criteria in the search bar to view the list of available teachers and browse Spanish teachers near me.


To find your private Spanish tutor, take a look at their individual tutoring ad to find out more information about their tutoring.


Once you have found a Spanish teacher you can get in touch with them via our messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your private tutoring.


There are currently 313 private Spanish teachers are available to give Spanish classes in Montreal and the suburban areas.


Choose your Spanish tutor from our range of more than 313 Spanish teachers.

đź’» Is it possible to take Spanish classes online?

Did you know you can learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home?

On Superprof, many of our Spanish teachers also offer private online tutoring. In fact, about 80% of the private tutors across our platform give spanish lessons online.

To find available Spanish tutors online, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available instructors offering online classes in your desired subject.

Online Spanish tutoring offers you more advantages in terms of flexibility and are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.

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🇪🇸What are the benefits of having a Spanish tutor?

Learning Spanish has a number of benefits. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is spoken in over 20 countries around the world.


The ability to converse in another language can open up many doors to you in terms of employment, travel, and culture. Other benefits of learning Spanish include increased employability and improved writing skills.


On Superprof, we have a number of highly skilled Spanish teachers available in order to give private tutoring.


A Spanish tutor can help you with a number of different objectives:

  • High School and University exam prep
  • Mastering the rules of Spanish grammar
  • Speaking and perfect your pronunciation
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Homework help
  • Increasing fluency

You can discuss with your tutor what you hope to achieve from your private Spanish lessons.

Take Spanish lessons with a qualified Spanish private tutor. With the help of your tutor, now is the perfect time master Spanish more efficiently.


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🏅 How many private teachers are available in Montreal to give private Spanish courses?

In Montreal and surroundings, there are 313 private Spanish teachers are available to give lessons


You can check out their personal tutoring ad and choose the Spanish teacher that best suits your needs.


Choose from our range of more than 313 Spanish tutors.

 📝 How long will it take me to learn Spanish?

The time it takes to become fluent in Spanish varies depending on several factors. Booking individual Spanish lessons with a Spanish tutor will definitely help. Other relevant variables to take into consideration include:

  • The frequency and length of your Spanish classes
  • Your previous language learning experience
  • The opportunity to practice and learn Spanish organically
  • Your motivation to learn the language

Hiring a Spanish teacher will be a game-changer in mastering the language fast. By taking Spanish classes on a regular basis, it will most likely take you less than a year to speak the language fluently. Being bilingual or speaking multiple languages at home or at work may accelerate the process as well.

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Spanish classes Montreal: learn to speak fluent Spanish with private lessons

Effective Learning: Finding a Spanish Tutor in Montréal

Montréal City has Canada’s second-biggest research university. Including the School of Business and Engineering. Montréal has five universities consisting of graduates, post-graduates, and undergraduates that were ranked 1st, 2nd, and 5th in the country. School fees are also more practical than other universities.

Montréal universities also offer a lot of programs for students who are interested in learning and improving their skills in the French-Spanish language. The majority of the population of Montréal are French Canadians, which is considered to be the second-largest French-Speaking city in the world next to Paris.

Also, Montréal is known to be a French colonial history dating in the latter-day. It continues to be a city of unquestioned modernity, vivacity, and of great charm. You can’t only learn French, because you can also study Spanish in Montréal.

Studying Spanish in Montréal

Spanish language courses in Montréal are accessible for students who are interested in learning foreign languages. It is accessible as a non-credited course, while some are taking an undergraduate program for general education credit. Spanish programs for graduates and undergraduates exist in Montréal. As well as master’s and bachelor’s program with certification as a K12 Spanish Educator.

Spanish degree students can take additional courses such as Spanish history, culture, and literature. They can also take language teaching practices, classroom management, and curriculum development together with student practice teaching.

Spanish language course normally completed in elementary through advanced courses that focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. elementary students will understand basic pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. While advanced students will be learning about Spanish literature and culture. The levels and topics vary on what the students want.

Skills and Concept in Spanish language courses covered the following :

  • US Hispanic Cultures
  • Mexican Art and Culture
  • Latin American Literature
  • Journalism and Media
  • History of the Spanish Empire
  • Conversation and Written Composition
  • Business Spanish

Benefits of Learning Spanish

There are several benefits of learning Spanish and here are some of the most important to consider.

Spanish is considered as the first language of almost 400 million individuals around the globe. It is in the 4th rank worldwide for the most commonly used language. Learning Spanish can make you able to communicate with billions of people internationally, as well as those whose second language is Spanish.

Spanish is the only language that can challenge English since a lot of people are speaking and studying Spanish nowadays, so it’s language is rising. Aside from the fact that you're gonna like the language. Learning Spanish can improve the possibility of getting hired for various jobs all over the world. It’s an advantage of learning Spanish when it comes to finding a job.

Spanish will make your travel experience better, especially when staying in Spanish-speaking countries. Since fewer people speak English, learning Spanish is a great help when traveling. The language will give you access to people’s culture.

Spanish skills let you meet and make friends with local people and other tourists. Learning many languages can give you the experience of meeting exciting and new people. Getting to know someone while speaking with them using their language is the best way to be acquainted. You don’t need to do some gestures or body language to understand each other.

Spanish skills reveal a world of music, film, literature, and art. Spanish would enhance the enjoyment of films without the distraction of reading the film’s subtitles. Spanish skills let you cherish some of the world’s greatest art, music, and literature.

Advantages of Having a Spanish Tutor

Learning Spanish can open up many doors for you in terms of culture, travel, and employment.

Learning Spanish all by yourself takes you 300-600 hours of studying. Studying on your own will only let you understand common expressions and simple conversations. While having a Spanish tutor connects you with other learners, and you can gain basic Spanish fluency as quickly as possible. We have a lot of skilled Spanish teachers that offer private tutoring in Montréal.

A Spanish tutor’s priority is to help students progress in conversational and written Spanish skills. It includes phonetics, common sayings, syntax, grammar, and practicing vocabulary.

Spanish tutors are willing to teach different ages, adults, teens, and kids. They will interactively engage students and let them meet a group of learners.

Spanish tutors provide learning materials, preparing lesson plans, answering student inquiries, educating students on Spanish culture, assigning homework, identifying learning difficulties, and encouraging students to speak Spanish so that students will have their progress. Tutors will create, use, and strategise tools to help them with their foreign students' tutorials.

Spanish Tutor will help you :

  • Prepare for High school and University exam and papers
  • Grow your confidence in your Spanish skills
  • Read and Comprehend the Spanish language
  • Practice in speaking and correct pronunciation in Spanish
  • Master the rules of Spanish grammar
  • Learn basic Spanish phrases

Thus, Learning Spanish with a tutor is the most efficient way to build up confidence in the Spanish language. You can also practice listening and speaking with a tutor’s help. You can have good judgment about the language, and your conversational skills will improve.

How to Find a Spanish Tutor in Montreal

Montréal was surrounded by more than 150 Spanish tutors available for private courses. You can browse some teaching advertisements and find out more information about their Spanish course offering.

Once you already found a Spanish tutor, you can connect and be in touch with them and go with the discussion for the details of your course.


Spanish is a very convenient language to learn. Acquiring new skills can help boost your creativity. Spanish language could give a positive change in your life and discover a new side of yourself.

Spanish has a contagious passion for life, and when you start to learn about their culture and language, it’s impossible to stop.

Learning a new language can keep your brain nimble and flexible. It can be the best way to exercise your mental muscle. It can also take part in your personal development and can make you become another person and be the best version of yourself.

What do you want to learn?