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Lessons offered by Raymond
  • Individual
Taught subjects
  • Vocabulary - English
  • ESL
  • Oral expression - English
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • Business English
  • All Levels

I am a Certified TESOL teacher , and can also teach business English


I am a very dedicated instructor and feel it is best to guide my students with warmth and understanding and always use fair practices while teaching. Ensuring students are actively engaged, it is important to balance content delivery with interactivity and time for reflection. I try and present new information on 20- 25 minute time blocks followed by more interactive components all tailored to individual needs of the students:
• regular low-stakes assessments or quizzes including icebreakers, polling questions and other fun activities are great ways to foster connections.
1. Have students complete a short quiz on concepts discussed during the previous lecture.
2. Discussion Threads. Appling something, they learned to a real-life situation.
3. Using quizzes and questions embedded directly into readings and assignments.
• breaking up large blocks of text with multimedia elements to keep students engaged.
1. engaging students with interactive activities.
2. using interactive digital content, using interactive digital content
I like to incorporate The Big Five Learning Science Tactics in my lessons, whether the lessons are set up by the employer or I design them myself as it keeps a formalized structure the learning.
1. Generation - starting each learning module with a real-world problem for students to solve, even if they do not yet have the tools to do so helps prime students for learning. Pushing students to use prior knowledge to solve new or different types of problems can help strengthen knowledge pathways.
2. Elaboration - focuses on having students summarize concepts in their own words using how and why questions or connect new material to experience and knowledge.
3. Retrieval - using frequent low-stakes quizzes, intersperse retrieval-based questions throughout homework and reading assignments.
4. Spaced Practice - the most important ingredients in this process are time and repetition. Adding questions on homework assignments students may have missed from prior tests or returning periodically to topics that are essential.
5. Interleaving - working on the same problems using the same approaches over and over. The effort required on the part of students over the long run has been shown to result in significantly better knowledge retention. I enjoy helping people learn and am motivated by the success they achieve.
I believe that learning a new language properly takes an instructor who will give their student all the tools necessary to achieve their goals. It is important to be able to assess an individual’s ability and progress forward with achievable goals for the student. Learning is challenging but it should also be made enjoyable and fun.
To achieve success in anything you do one must work at it and practice new skills. It is important to learn that there is work involved in acquire new skills such as an additional language. My motivation comes from the smile on my students faces as I see them excel in their new language.
I believe that learning should be fun, therefore teach with a very relaxed and friendly approach. And I hope my students see my strong work ethic and realize that my efforts are to help them achieve success.


I have a 120-hour TESOL certificate, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (double major Marketing / Management). I also have many years of practical business experience where I taught business skills, prepared business plans and grant proposals. I have also written content for websites and print mediums.
I have an extensive business background and have taught many training programs over the years. People find me very animated and enjoyable to talk to. I am capable of teaching preschool, K-12, and adults as well as teaching common business etiquette and practices.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : $ 20/h


My first lesson will be free . It will be a general lesson where the student(s) and I will get to know one another and see how we work together.Should the student(s) wish me to teach them further subsequent lessons will be tailored around the needs of each individual student or group.

Lessons offered by Raymond
Taught subjects
  • Vocabulary - English
  • ESL
  • Oral expression - English
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • Business English
  • All Levels

Raymond's Resume

Raymond Lalonde

2020 TESOL 120-hour Certificate, International Open Academy
2007-2008 GIS / Business Administration, NSCC, Middleton, NS
Including courses in grant proposal writing, community development, and volunteer management
1988 Bachelor of Business Administration, Mount Saint Vincent University,
Halifax, NS
Double Major: Marketing/Management, Co-operative education option

Present -Sept 2010
EARLY RETIREMENT / DISABILITY (Pension and Government Disability)
Due to disability issues and health complications.

Aug 2010 - June 2008
Trade Sales Representative
-Responsible for sales of Pella products within an assigned territory (Central Nova Scotia, Southwest Nova Scotia, and the Valley).
-Developed new accounts with contractors and builders within the assigned territory.
-Prepared quotations for all prospective job bids.
-Maintained follow up with existing customers and potential new customers.
-Additional sundry duties involved with account management and sales development.

May 2007 - Nov 2006
APPLICA CANADA CORPORATION, Vaughan, ON (Contract Position)
Bilingual Account Specialist
-Reviewed daily EDI order activity for select accounts. (Responsible for Sears Wal-Mart, Rona, and all eastern Canada accounts). Processed manual orders
-Contacted customers to resolve pricing issues and delivery scheduling problems.
-Responded to all French customer service inquiries.
-Worked with marketing department to provide French translation for marketing documents.

Jul 2006 -Aug 2005
Project Coordinator
-Developed the business plan for the Centre, as well as a communications strategy.
-Prepared funding submissions to government agencies, foundations, and other funding sources, including corporate and private sector funding solicitation.
-Liaised with community groups and steak holders around funding issues.
-Enhanced a membership database of supporters, foundations, and corporate partners.
-Marketing of the Centre to the public, community groups, and the corporate sector.
-General administrative duties of the Association, and continuous interaction with the Board of Directors.

June 2004 - Jan 1999
Owner / General Manager
-Designed and manufactured two product lines of unique pottery for resale to gift stores across Atlantic Canada and eastern USA.
- Allocated credit limits and performed collection duties on delinquent accounts.
Operated a small retail gift gallery
-Attended wholesale trade shows to showcase the two product lines.
-Provided Pottery lessons to children, adults, as well as disabled youths.
-Operated a small retail gift gallery

Jan 1999- Sept 1997
Marketing Director – Retail marketing/Export development
-Responsible for the design, implementation, and general direction of regional, national, and international export development programs for the Village.
-President and general manager of Acadie Arts Export Inc., a secondary company set up to wholesale regional art/craft products on a national and international scope, including daily operations, setting account limits and collection of overdue accounts.
-Prepared tenders for special projects, as well as government tenders.
-Operated the Visitor Information Centre gift store for the 1998 season.
-Prepared cash flow and progress analysis reports for the board of directors.

Sept 1997-Sept 1996
ON-SITE, Halifax, NS (Contract Position)
Regional Co-ordinator
-Responsible for the marketing of the program to potential employers across N.S, including the development and implementation of work placements, and pre-screening available candidates for job placements.
-The co-ordination of all human resource activities including the recruitment and effective placement of all potential candidates in the newly created jobs.
-Assisted candidates in assessing their job readiness skills, resume development and
writing, job coaching, as well as the monitoring of candidates during their
-Worked in conjunction with Human Resources Development Canada.

Aug 1996 - June 1995
Manager – Office Products Division
-Responsible for the daily operations of the company’s Commercial Office Products Division.
-Maintaining sales targets and margining requirements.
-Preparation of government tenders and developing new relationships with members of the region’s business sector.
-Effective staffing and staff relations of a five to eight-member team.

June 1995 - Jan 1992
Credit Manager/Operations Manager
-Responsible for the daily operations of an international bicycle wholesale distribution company, including credit, collections, internal accounting and inside sales.
-Prepared daily and monthly financial reports to trial balance including bank
-Established new account terms and managed account receivables, including the preparation of detailed monthly account receivable reports, monthly/biannual cash flow projections, sales and marketing forecasts for internal and financing purposes. As well as preparation of documentation for small claims court.
-Provided sales support to customers and dealers as well as supervising and co- ordinating a team of eight sales representatives located across Canada.
-Additional responsibilities include liaising with regulatory bodies, government agencies and customs brokers
Dec1991 - Jan 1998
ROYAL TRUST, Card Services Division, Toronto, Ontario
Team Leader/Business Analyst
-Responsible for a production staff of six people, including maintaining production quotas, staff relations, credit adjudication and collection of overdue accounts.
-Supervision of three product portfolios.
-Departmental liaison for automated credit scoring system pilot project; involved assessment of department needs, evaluation of pilot system, product support, departmental training, as well as ongoing consulting.
-Reorganization/restructure of an unsecured loan portfolio (lines of credit from $50,000 to 150,000) to upgrade policies and procedures, ensuring future policy to meet national office audit requirements.

-Fully bilingual (English / French), both orally and written
-Computer literate
-Super Host training
-First Aid training, WHIMIS, and OH&S

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