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Development practitioner and researcher, teaching experience with all ages, research experience in Canada and Latin America


Paulo Freire is my educational inspiration. I believe that knowledge and understanding occurs best in situations of deep respect and comfort, through open dialogue. My lessons are catered to student needs, as well as student interests. By connecting student learning with personal passion, it becomes an engaging and enlightening process. I incorporate activities that build critical thinking skills to ensure that the learning process is not just about memorization, but also about growth.


I am a Youth Justice Services Coordinator at a well known non-profit agency. My work here is concerned with elevating the social and emotional skills of young people, in order to decrease the rates of teen dating violence. In the past, I have worked with youth with many backgrounds in educational and developmental capacities. I love learning, and as a result, I love teaching and tutoring. I am excited to learn more with any new students on SuperProf.


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Lessons offered by Kate
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Taught subjects
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • Social Skills
  • Gender Studies
  • International relations
  • Youth Work
  • All Levels

Kate's Resume

Detail oriented Master of Arts graduate in International Development Studies, with a passion for social justice and community development. Over five years experience working with vulnerable populations. Experience developing, implementing and evaluating programming for at-risk youth and gang members. Recognized skills in developing and managing relationships, and liaising between multiple stakeholders.

Master of Arts, International Development Studies, Saint Mary’s University, NS - 2014
Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Political Science and International Development Studies, University of New Brunswick Saint John, NB - 2010

Field related overview
Five years experience working with vulnerable youth populations in various atmospheres including imprisoned gang members, and vulnerable communities both in Canada and abroad
Independent researcher, gang prevention, intervention, and reintegration initiatives and their effects in El Salvador
Seminar Leader, Development in Nicaragua, with focus on research methodology for fieldwork component
Coordinate nine staff members in the delivery of Healthy Relationships Plus Program
Collect data pertaining to Social Emotional Learning as a result of youth participation in Healthy Relationships Program
National and international experience in program analysis
Well-developed competencies in relationship building: approachable style, exhibit professionalism, respect confidentiality, and value various opinions
Ability to embrace, promote, and reinforce workplace diversity by staff members and public
Knowledge of restorative justice practices
Proficiency in Spanish
Notable Achievements
Coordinated and facilitated educational and personal development programs using popular education techniques in Canada, El Salvador and Nicaragua
Possess strong comprehension of causes of criminogenic thinking and risk factors for youth
Designed, implemented and evaluated Healthy Sexuality program for at risk youth in León, Nicaragua, in collaboration with a local NGO
Resolved crisis situations with objective of diffusing anger or frustration, leading to increased opportunities for mutually agreed upon outcomes
Liaised between multiple stakeholders to ensure program efficiency (donors, board members, community members, and participants) and reach common goals in New Brunswick
Published a program analysis of tertiary efforts for stopping gang violence in El Salvador as a requirement for MA at Saint Mary’s University
Designed, implemented and evaluated Healthy Sexuality program for at risk youth in León, Nicaragua, in collaboration with a local NGO
Resolved crisis situations with objective of diffusing anger or frustration, leading to increased opportunities for mutually agreed upon outcomes
Utilized range of communication styles and methods, as well as creative strategies for youth engagement in local and personal development
Led seminars on research methodology for conducting primary research for Development in Nicaragua


Youth Justice Services Coordinator, John Howard Society Waterloo-Wellington, ON
January 2019 - Present
Coordinate the implementation of new program as well as the data collection for analysis of the program over a 5 year term. Work with a team of nine facilitators to ensure efficient and adequate program delivery.
Coordinate training initiatives
Work alongside the research team at Western University
Facilitate Healthy Relationships Plus Program to youth aged 13-21 in different capacities including closed custody, probation, community, and one to one

Member Experience Supervisor, Movati Athletic, Waterloo, ON
August 2017 - January 2019
Supervise a team of 16 people and lead the customer service department at fitness facility of almost 10,000 members. Act as point person for concerns and queries; triage any inquiry to appropriate department. Coordinate schedules, training, and field member issues, follow up with outstanding requests or account balances.
Superior interpersonal skills
Work collaboratively in a supervisory team of five
Strong negotiation and mediation skills; resolve conflict for mutually agree upon outcomes
Coach new employees; ensure personal and professional development of individual team members

Seminar Leader; Translator; Lecturer; Kulturstudier, León, Nicaragua
January to April, Winter Semester, 2016 & 2017
Designed and conducted seminar program for Development in Nicaragua, the second course in a two part series for learning about development issues in the field. Academic seminars focused on generating dialogue and critique of major development concerns including gender, environment, politics and democracy, and social life. Research methodology seminars concentrated on qualitative research methods, designing research, ethical considerations, and interpreting data.
Organized guest lecturers and guest speakers relevant to curriculum and fieldwork foci
Monitored and guided student fieldwork and research efforts
Advised on best practices for conducting primary research
Translated interviews and focus groups live from Spanish to English and in reverse
Identified unique needs of students and created catered learning objectives and lessons to maximize individual value of the program
Worked remotely and acted as point person for students studying overseas, as well as for the seminar leaders following my leave
Mediated disputes between administration and student body for mutually agreed upon outcome
Wrote “Introduction to Machismo Culture” for distribution to students to prepare for cultural differences
Clearly communicated expectations for complying with university regulations and ethical considerations to students conducting fieldwork in Nicaragua
Selected Lectures:
Youth, Violence and Development in Central America, 2017
Social Constructionism and Gender in Nicaragua, 2017
Deconstructing Harmful Gender Norms in Classrooms, 2017
Healthy Sexuality in At-Risk Youth: Designing a Relevant Program, 2016

Program Designer, Independent Collaboration with the Asociación Las Tías, León, Nicaragua
January to April, 2016
Designed and implemented a sexual health program for youth that concentrated on building self-awareness and self-esteem to help young people make decisions regarding sexual activity and health with confidence. Focused on human rights education, clear communication, and understanding balancing our desires and needs with clear boundaries.
Conducted needs assessment to identify areas of need in community programming for social development of youth
Designed an eight week program to engage participants in open dialogue about sexual health for social life development and values enhancement
Integrated Human Rights education into program to help connect ideas of sexuality with societal structures, and understand the gravity of safety in sexual behaviour
Maintained professionalism at all times in conflict situations; used interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and delicate situations and cases
Shared best practices with organization so they could carry on with the program

Self-Directed Field Researcher, Saint Mary’s University, San Salvador, El Salvador
January - September 2012
Completed primary qualitative research for the purpose of writing a thesis for Master’s program. Interviewed incarcerated youth, law enforcement, ex-gang members and program practitioners to analyze the effects of tertiary efforts on gang violence and recidivism in El Salvador.
Interpreted international and institutional policies and procedures as they related to my Master’s research in El Salvador
Analyzed best practices for developing and providing programming for youth involved in gangs
Managed relationships with stakeholders by performing ethical research with vulnerable populations
Developed and maintained positive working relationships with demonstrated ability to work in high stress situations
Maintained electronic research records with integrity to protect research participants

Youth Engagement Coordinator, Saint John, New Brunswick
January. 2008 - December 2010
Coordinated a grassroots community development program for youth by youth. Based on the findings of needs assessments for two vulnerable communities designed and facilitated youth engagement in community development by empowering young people and helping to generate opportunities for participation. The goal was to reduce risk factors for criminal engagement while improving community life as whole.
Collaborated with youth centres, schools and law enforcement officials to offer transferable skill building programs for participants
Coordinated multiple youth programs in two areas of the city
Liaised with local businesses to coordinate funding
Participated in roundtable discussions to identify community development foci and advocate for youth participation

Community Justice Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia
January 2014 - September 2014

Dove Orphanage, Freetown, Sierra Leone
August 2007

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