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Economics major maximize your well being by providing insight on neoclassic economic theory.

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I am great at explaining concepts, having been a confused student at one point in my life I can relate to the difficulties you are experiencing. If you need help for a specific class I will cover and synthesize your material as well as add some more coming from my own University background.


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    International Business


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About Joel

I am a previous economics major, now studying Computer science. I have a relatively expensive knowledge of Micro/Macro/Industrial/Environmental Economics as well as international trade and Financial Institution. I also had the opportunity to do a lot of statistics in both my bachelors, if this is your jam.



  • 5 h: $75
  • 10 h: $150


  • $ 15/h


If you live in a remote area that is not accessible with public transportation I will not be able to get to your place. Cancelling must be done 24 hours prior to the start of the lessons or 1 hour will be charged.

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  • McGill grad and former UN professional, tutoring high-school and university-level micro and macro economics



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  • Hello, currently I am a PhD Student and a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Economics at Concordia University, Montreal. I had been in teaching as a Full-Time Lecturer in Department of Economics



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    My teaching method is simple. I follow the syllabus closely and tailor my teaching so that you are fully prepared for any...

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  • I'd love to teach Microeconomics to students in highschool in Montreal :)



    I like to brief about the chapter in the beginning. And I like 2-way communication. I believe in teaching and asking...

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  • Graduated from the SES series of the French Baccalaureate with a global average of 18/20 and a score of 17/20 in SES.



    The methodology I follow is based off the French education system. It aims to equip the student with the general thinking...

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  • BSc Economics (University of Warwick), with over 3 years of tutoring experience



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    My teaching method is simple. I follow the syllabus closely and tailor my teaching so that you are fully prepared for any...

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  • The best way to understand micro and macro economics for secondary school in Toronto



    I start my lessons by giving the interest of it to the students, I then give evaluation to mesure their progress and i...

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  • Econometrics and Statistics for master thesis and exams (R, SPSS, Eviews, Gretl, Stata)



    MsC in Engineering with top marks and research assistant of Econometrics for Italian top University. Business Expert in...

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  • Financial management student living in Montreal giving accountancy tuitions to high school students



    My teaching method is very flexible. It will vary according to the student I'm teaching. We will start from basic to complex...

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  • I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant who can help in teaching  AAT, ACCA, CIMA , B.com, M.com, MBA,CPA , Internal auditing, Auditing or any Accounting, Taxation, C



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    My teaching methods are very different and Unique. Firstly I encourage students to ask questions as many times as they need...

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  • Passionate teacher of Commerce and Business with a zeal to share her knowledge with students.



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  • Core of Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Environmental Economics and Mathematical Economics.



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  • Microeconomics /Econ101 for 1st years University Students by an A* UWaterloo student



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    I have loads of exercises/questions to work on. I am also very adept in mathematical thinking - that's why Econ101 was so...

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  • Graduated from Paris Dauphine University for quality courses in Microeconomics - Macroeconomics - Econometrics


    Paris 20e, France

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    Young man holds a Master degree in Finance from Paris Dauphine I am currently in preparation of the DMAS (Die Expertise...

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  • Graduated from Paris Dauphine University for quality courses in finance-accounting - management - math - economics


    Paris 20e, France

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    Young man with a master's degree in finance from Paris Dauphine I am currently in the process of preparing for the DSCG...

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  • An experienced Professor of Economics with 10 years of experience in teaching



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    I teach with lot of examples, animations and videos to make the subject fun and interactive. I also include lot of problems...

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  • Experienced Corporate Finance, Accounting in London. Investment Appraisal,  WACC, financial and management accounting all covered. Online tuition (any time).


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    **Certificate Level Accounting tester site: epr01.wordpress.com/menu-2/services/10-pl-and-sofp/** My methods vary to suit...

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  • Understand Game Theory in an intuitive and easy way and ace your test!

    Gian Lorenzo

    Bath, United Kingdom

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    Game Theory is a challenging and formal subject, I know because I sweated it myself! I try to make it as easy and painless...

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  • 3 years Accounting University Tutor with a current GPA of 6.7/7 (equal to 3.83/4).


    Glebe, Australia

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    During my bachelor's, I have coached over 100 students of different ages and regions. My class style is designed for...

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  • Professional economist gives economics classes to graduate and undergraduate students in Ottawa Gatineau.



    4.5 (2 reviews)

    My approach is to identify where the student is having problems: either with the applied side of a problem or with the...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • International Business; Incoterms and Linear terms, Martime transportations, Logistics management, Air transport



    5 (13 reviews)

    My teaching methods are mostly based on case studies, and my approaches are highly effective due to the fact that i push...

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