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Lessons offered by Giancarlo
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  • Film & Cinema
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  • Scriptwriting- Film
  • audiovisual media
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Film Director/Screenwriter gives classes for anyone interested in learning the beauty of Film


My teaching methods are simple; practice as you learn. Theory is the base for everything but practicing is what makes my students to work and adapt to any circumstance ("Inside the film industry everything that can go wrong will happen").
My classes focused in those who are interested in pursue a career Film as Directors, Writers and Producers.
The students will learn how to shoot a film and pitch it.

Some of the Topics we will cover in this course will be:
How to create a script, how to develop characters, directing actors, basics of photography, team work on set, basics of the art department, colorimetry , storyboard, production folder, getting sponsors, scene breakdowns etc..


I'm a Film Director and Producer who's been working in the Film Industry for about 7 years, my most recent projects had been more related on Marketing and Advertising. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Audiovisual Media.


Rate for online lessons : $ 24/h
Lessons offered by Giancarlo
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Film & Cinema
  • Production
  • Scriptwriting- Film
  • audiovisual media
  • All Levels

Giancarlo's Resume

Project Manager for Marketing Director January -August 2018
Responsible to oversee the production and editing of video advertising campaigns, advertising designs, create social media content and web site development
• Production of video content to explain to users how to use the bike sharing service, reducing customer complaints through social media and customer service by 90%.
• Improvement of the company’s branding and overseeing foundational advertising development including brochures, parking signs, stickers, flyers, map locations, coupons, posters and event promotional material
• Co-lead creation of the company website, responsible for visual content (photos, videos designs, etc.)

Tri-City Manager August 2018- March 2019

Responsible for planning, developing and evaluating advertising and marketing campaigns in the Tri-City area of Vancouver, Canada as well as client public relations with local businesses and the cities of Port Moody and Port Coquitlam
• oversaw production of the digital contents for multiple social media platforms
• managed multiple local events promoting U-bicycle services in Port Moody, increasing our customers from 100 to 400 in 2 months
• Engaged with local area businesses (Safeway, Trek Bikes, ONNI) and property developers in each city, creating partnerships that enabled expansion of U-bicycle services in the area

First Assistance of the Director & Assistance of the Producer April 2016-October 2017

Responsible to manage the work of all the film areas during the shooting of different film productions
• Assist the producer Bryce McLaughlin during the shooting of 8 short films, creating schedules for the shootings as well for the catering operations; doing scouting for locations, work along with the casting selection, and assist the Art Director.
• Work as an assistance for the producer and the Director for the film “Genesis Code”; create social media content reaching 400 followers in 2 months; Drew the storyboard of the film, assist the director during the shooting of the scenes and the screenwriter with modifications in the script.

Director of Audiovisual & Social Media Content June 2013-October 2015
Responsible for management of the overall operations of the media department
• Monitored and produced social media content for the institute, increasing the number of subscribers from 800 to 8,000 within the first year
• Oversaw and participated in the design of interactive social media, increasing public engagement and satisfaction
• Managed and produced ~700 informational videos designed to raise public awareness of NGO services for broadcast on a local television channel, oversaw small support staff
• Produced videos and animations to promote the mission and services of the institution

Theater Operations Manager March 2012- April 2015
Managed operations for festival movies for two months for each of four consecutive years
• Managed screening of ~300 movies annually, maintaining customer satisfaction
• Communicating and liaising with international contestants
• Mediated Q & A session after film screenings

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