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Former Elite-level Swimmer providing amazing insight and tips on the sport of swimming

    • Pretoria
    • By webcam

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My teaching method is very relaxed. My classes are widely based on my personal experiences and the real-life skills I have picked up along the way. I do not want to waste my students' time by preaching from a book.


  • Swimming


  • English


  • All Levels

About Rudo

I swam and studied at Florida State University In the United States. I have a degree in Sociology and Psychology. Approximately 17 years of my life have been dedicated to becoming a student of the sport of swimming and I am now able to share what I have learned with those who are willing to learn.



  • 5 h: $125
  • 10 h: $208


  • $ 29/h

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  • Willing to teach you about the sport. Believe me it's the coolest activity and exercise.



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    Every person is different in its own way and I would read him / her and act according to them and make them feel...

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  • Hi I’m Alex I love swimming and love teaching it even more



    Choose me because I will devote my full attention and focus to you when teaching and thoroughly demonstrate and explain when...

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  • Former national swimmer who has the experience to help you start learning the best sport ever!


    North Bay

    I will teach everyone the basic techniques on every single stroke. Once they’re competent with all the strokes, I will...

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  • World record holder in swimming and 3 time national medalist with prior coaching experience who gives swimming lessons



    I focus on all the aspects of swimming. From diet to fitness and posture while swimming. firstly we'll establish the level...

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  • Swimming is not just a exercise its a life long process ask fishes and other marine life then u come to know



    just follow the nature and respect yhe curcumstances and do the things in accordance to ability to shift the pattern of what...

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  • Division one Water Polo player, with a love and passion for teaching the younger generation.



    I like to structure my lesson plans based off of the students needs and their goals.

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  • Improve your relationship with water, promote freedom of movement -  Motivational FINA Judge & ASA Swim & Artistic Coach with over 30 years of experience & well over 7,000 students Worldwide


    London, United Kingdom

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    My greatest satisfaction always comes from seeing my clients enjoy their progress. Experience the difference between...

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  • Lifeguard Lifeguard 9 years of experience gives private lessons of swimming and Waterpolo gives lessons for all levels.


    Courbevoie, France

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    My method in sport consists mainly in transmitting a know-how. I want my students to learn how the body works, I can also...

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  • Olivier Aulas, lifeguard, coach and elite sportsman in Bordeaux. Learn to swim, improve your skills in swimming, triathlon or water polo.


    Bordeaux, France

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    You have to take lessons to acquire solid technical bases otherwise you catch ugly flaws. In my lessons, I will give a lot...

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  • Elite Swimmer of Competition gives private or group lessons to children, teenagers and adults


    Genève, Switzerland

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    Having practiced high level swimming for more than 10 years, I can teach children and adults different swimming techniques,...

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  • On demand expert swimming coach for every aspirant at their residence .


    Bengaluru, India

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    Can teach all swimming strokes from butterfly, breast stroke, back stroke and free style from beginner to professional. Age...

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  • Former high level swimmer for 6 years, I have now been giving swimming lessons to children and adults for a little over a year.


    Bruxelles, Belgium

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    The first course will allow us to establish mutual trust for the smooth running of the following lessons. I will also...

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  • Daryl - Beckenham - Swimming


    London, United Kingdom

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    I am a graduate in BSc Accounting and Finance and having benefited from a very good private education tutor an opportunity...

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  • I am internationally certified swimming personal trainer,I give personally training to all male and female's and age group above 5 years.

    Sandeep singh Janday

    Chandigarh, India

    5 (9 reviews)

    I create proper schedule as after catching up my students goals and teach them in English with proper techniques in polite...

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  • I carry swim teaching/coaching experience of 13 years. I'm an Austswim(TCS) certified coach. I am also certified with a CPR certificate.


    Bengaluru, India

    5 (8 reviews)

    I use the best in class and trusted techniques to easily help lose the fear of water. Analysing how comfortable each...

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  • Swimming coach in Paris. Lessons for beginners, improvement and training. Water polo training too. English and French.


    Paris, France

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    Professional swimmer with 15 years of practice and 7 years of water polo, I will pass on my experiences to you My classes...

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  • I am an experienced fully qualified swimming teacher and coach Level 3 and Aquatic Tutor


    London, United Kingdom

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    I approach each session with an open mind and I base each session on personal skill development. My teaching method has...

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  • Friendly swim teacher and former competitive swimmer with 5 years of teaching experience


    , United Kingdom

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    I help both beginners and experienced swimmers of all ages improve their technique, become more comfortable swimmers and...

    • $87/h
    • 45min free
  • Level 2 swimming teacher with 10+ years of experience. I've taught thoasands in the pool and helped many out of it. I excel at eliminating fear as well as swimming with ease. I offer important tips an


    Croxley Green, United Kingdom

    5 (2 reviews)

    My teaching method is NOT "by the book". Some of it is based on what we're taught on the course but not much. My teaching...

    • $61/h
    • 1hrs free
  • UNSW MedSci student teaching competitive swimming in North Shore to all age groups


    Chatswood, Australia

    5 (4 reviews)

    Lessons can be held either at my place or at the student's place if it is around the North Shore area. My teaching method...

    • $77/h
    • 30min free
  • Swimming is fun to learn and it is the most important skill one can have 9 u 9 can 00 contact me 23 here 28 remove texts 28. (Covid-19 safety measures taken)


    Bengaluru, India

    5 (4 reviews)

    I teach swimming by getting into the pool with you in whichever pool u r comfortable with. Depending on the previous...

    • $10/h
    • 1hrs free