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Taught subjects
  • Hindi
  • All Levels

A freelancer who gives Hindi language lessons to children, students, and adults.


My methodology is based on the learning style of my students. There are four different learning styles—kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and reading/writing. I am flexible with my timings. My teaching techniques involve interactive sessions such as online learning tools, games, social media apps, and self-learning.


I am a freelancer who has been tutoring since college days. I am proficient in the subject matter and will have no qualms in addressing any doubts or queries that you may have. I have a postgrad certificate in Book & Magazine Publishing.


Transportation Fee : $7
Rate for online lessons : $ 20/h


If I travel to the student's place, then I will charge $30/hour ($10 extra).

Lessons offered by Ravish
The lessons will be held
at their home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Hindi
  • All Levels

Ravish's Resume

To work in a competitive and energetic setting that requires a high level of self-motivation and commitment, allowing me to offer my skills and services to the best of my abilities.

(concealed information)

• A computer-literate performer with software proficiency covering a series of applications.
• An exceptional communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing.
• Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes.
• Results-driven achiever with exemplary organizational skills along with detail orientation.
• Innovative problem-solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complaints.
• A conscientious go-getter who is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism.

• Adobe Creative Suite—Photoshop CC 2018, InDesign CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2018, Media Encoder CC 2018, Lightroom 2018.
• Experimental typography, Colour Theory, Print Design, Basic HTML & CSS.
• Illustration skills including product-illustration, technical illustration, figurative marks, comic character, animation-setup, and digital art.
• Microsoft Office 2018—Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.
• Familiar with WordPress, Digital Photography, and social media tools and applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Graphic Designer February 2017–April 2019
Langma International ((concealed information)
• Created various ad posts and creatives every week.
• Set page-layouts of certificates for students of different foreign languages taught at Langma.
• Provided graphic materials for video animations for short and long videos.
• Designed infographics for foreign language profiles and finished 20+ foreign language profiles.
• Executed the entire Langma booklet from scratch to finish for some basic information about Langma along with the testimonials that went in the end.
• Illustrated Langma logos, trademarks, and banners for social media (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp etc.), web (Langma website), and print (Langma booklet and Langma-related brochures, business cards, standee, billboards etc.)
• Drew computerized floor plans of the old and new office building of Langma.
• Prepared a monthly presentation report for Langma. The monthly presentation report also mentions the working hours of each counsellor for that month along with his/her accomplishment.
• Composed vertical and horizontal web banners and flags of 27 countries on display on the front page of the Langma website (concealed information)
• Photoshopped graphic-related materials for Langma website, brochures, booklet plus photo-edited web banners for Gyan Mantra website too.

Enumerator May 2016–August 2016
Statistics Canada
• Cleared a non-supervisory exam and attended the training sessions given by the crew leader.
• Familiarized myself with my assignment lists and areas, and studied all maps before field visits.
• Conducted interviews to acquire completed questionnaires.
• Performed duties in a manner that minimized cost while respecting established timeframes without jeopardizing data quality.
• Followed oral and written instructions.
• Completed the assignments on schedule.
• Met quality and productivity standards as expected.
• Recorded and reported productivity, hours, and expenses on a daily basis.
• Discussed progress and problems with my Crew Leader daily, and corrected any problems.
• Submitted completed work and pay claims online via CMP (Collection Management Portal) and reported them to my Crew Leader and/or Crew Leader Assistant for data capture.
• Kept all information collected strictly confidential.
• Dressed appropriately and had professional conduct.

Graphic Design Intern September 2016–November 2016
Markatent ((concealed information)
• Edited photos and images including mobile applications.
• Produced logos and multimedia design.
• Developed design concepts for social media usage.
• Illustrated creatives for various festivals and events (Event Management)
• Proofread paragraphs and sentences in webpages, ads, banners etc.
• Offered my input and creative ideas in formal and informal meetings and discussions.

Graphic Design Consultant October 2015–December 2015
OutletTags Canopy ((concealed information)
• Photo-edited over 650 images containing canopies, flags, promotional floor mats, custom tents, banners, auto shelters, and branded table covers.
• Provided technical assistance pertaining to image rendering at times and to fix some general software-related issues.

Graphic Designer October 2014–September 2015
Heritage Skills Development Centre (HSDC) ((concealed information)
• Developed a whole new design series of products’ materials and accessories.
• Redesigned the logo for one of the products by undergoing several mockups and iterations thus revamping its brand identity.

Graphic Illustrator & Photo Editor (volunteer) September 2014–February 2015
Guardian’s Best Animal Rescue Foundation ((concealed information)
• Image- and photo-edited several pictures of pets for Guardian’s Best 2015 calendar.
• Illustrated posters with regards to season’s greetings, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween.

Graphic Design Artist & Illustrator November 2013–January 2014
Bosch Software Innovation ((concealed information)
• Illustrated a graphic representation of A short introduction to the Internet of Things for Bosch Company. Video link: (concealed information)
• Conceptualized and designed high-quality vector art, vector graphics, and logo with attention to details. Designed a logo, wordmark, and a tagline for CodeWhatever.

Layout Editor January 2013–October 2013
 ACP Inc. ((concealed information)
• Proofread and translated documents in four languages—French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
• Implemented type-set and text-only formatting while adhering to specific formatting guidelines.
 Henny Penny Corporation ((concealed information)
• Assembled content as per pre-established criteria with respect to space parameters.
• Proofread edited procedures and formatted instructions, and graphics.
 Enbridge Inc. ((concealed information)
Delivered layout/final design of project material while ensuring quality and timeliness.

CompTIA A++ , PCPI (Progress Career Planning Institute) 2014
Book & Magazine Publishing, Centennial College 2012
Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, George Brown College 2011
Foundation Studies in Art & Design, George Brown College 2008
Architectural Studies, Ryerson University 2006–2007

Star Performer of the Year Award 2018
Achiever of the Year Award 2017

References Available Upon Request

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