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Kenyan With Bsc. Public Health. With over 5 years teaching experience in Environment Health and Safety.


My methods of instruction include;
This is my method primary one when there can be several hundred students in the classroom at once.
I teach by demonstrating through examples or experiments. For example, in a science lesson I may teach an idea by performing an experiment for students. A demonstration help to prove a fact through a combination of visual evidence and associated reasoning.
This allows students to actively participate in the learning process by talking with each other and listening to others opinions. Collaboration establishes a personal connection between students and the topic of study and it helps students think in a less personally biased way.
Classroom discussion
This my democratic way of handling a class, where each student is given equal opportunity to interact and put forth their views
This is a conversational session that revolve around the sharing and examining of information after a specific event has taken place.
Classroom Action Research
This my method of finding out what works best in the classroom so that I can improve student learning.


I am a Kenyan Male with BSc. Public health. I have been teaching environmental/occupational health and safety for the past 5 years. I have excellent teaching skills and sens of humor with great knowledge on mental health.I have demonstrated effective team leadership and I am known for my clear communication, my commitment to training and my resourceful approach to problem solving, as well as my strong relationship management and consulting skills.
I can comfortably handle community/ environmental/occupational health related units.


Transportation Fee : $20
Rate for online lessons : $ 30/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $100
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $200
Lessons offered by Nicholas
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Stress management
  • All Levels

Nicholas's Resume



Personal Details
Gender : MALE
Date of Birth : 1982
Languages : ENGLISH
Marital Status : MARRIED

To join a large entity, where I will undertake and participate in formulation and implementation of its EHS policies and strategies, hence enable the organization realize its objectives, aims and maximize its efficiency for the delight of its clients and stakeholders.

A dynamic, self-motivated and independent minded person with ability to work under minimum supervision and within specified deadlines.To demonstrate excellent performance in teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Jan 2013-August 2016: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and
-Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health
Units covers;
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
1 Maths for science 16 Principles of human nutrition 31 Food biotechnology and biosafety 45 Maternal& child health
2 Inorganic chemistry 17 Microbiology 2 32 Principles of immunology 46 Professional ethics& legal framework.
3 HIV/AIDS 18 Public & community health 33 Food inspection &
hygiene 1 47 Mental health
4 Communication skills 19 Principals of food preservation 34 Water safety& quality control 48 Entrepreneurship skills
5 Development studies &social ethics 20 Food quality assurance 35 Solid waste management 49 Nutrition intervention
6 Intro to computer systems 21 Post harvest pathology 36 Epidemiology 1 50 Disease surveillance
7 Comparative anatomy
physiology of food animals1 22 Medical parasitology 37 Biostatistics 51 Environmental pollution
8 Intro to public& Env. health 23 Medical mycology 38 Epidemiology 2 52 Port health
9 Microbiology 1 24 Medical virology 39 Drainage and conservancy 53 Rural ,urban planning and development
10 Biochemistry 1 25 Food toxicology food borne diseases 40 Food inspection & hygiene 2 54 Research project 1
11 Human physiology 26 zoonoses 41 Liquid waste management 55 Health systems management
12 Behavioral science 27 Health education &promotion 42 Research methodology 56 Health & nutrition in emergencies
13 Human anatomy 28 Medical entomology &pest management 43 Building material sciences 57 Communicable diseases
14 Comparative anatomy
physiology of food animals 2 29 Physics for medical sciences 44 Building construction &technology 58 Environmental impact assessment
15 Technical drawing 30 First aid 59 Occupational health and safety
60 Public health laws& legislation
61 Research project 2
62 Disaster management
63 Control &prevention of
Non-communicable &lifestyle diseases.
Other trainings
Short Course Trainings in;
• First Aid
• Fire Safety
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Computer systems i.e. spreadsheets including statistical package for social scientist (SPSS).
1998-2001 Mumias Muslim Secondary School:
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) B-
1989-1997 Shikomari Primary School
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) 409/700
September 2016- To date: Jilk Construction Company. Health and Safety Officer. In charge of over 70 workers. EABL infrastructure projects and roads.
The main role being the observation of the Occupational Safety & Health regulations compliance and good practice.

Duties & Responsibilities
• Implemented effective EHS arrangements, which included EHS risk management, and provided information on EHS performance to top management.
• Oversaw consistency of delivery of EHS matters, identified and pursued significant issues.
• Evaluated & monitored EHS communication to validate their effectiveness for the level of risk.
• Co-ordinated allocated resources for the management of EHS. This included the appointment of the EHS committee members, Fire Wardens, First Aiders and other EHS post-holders when necessary to assist in EHS matters.
• I Set direction and lead by example to embed a positive EHS culture.
• Promoted EHS culture from junior staff to Senior Management level.
• In liaison with senior management, ensured that sufficient resources/funds are available to meet the requirements of the company EHS policy.
• Ensured compliance with legislation and company policy by notifying senior management of any deficiencies and remedial action required.
• Ensured that lines of communication on EHS matters are robust and are available to all staff and managers.
• Established the specified EHS Committee to ensure that a system is in place for EHS. This included consultation with members of staff as appropriate.
• Assisted in the implementation of guidelines from the Occupation Safety & Health Act 2007.
• Assisted in the induction of staff.
• Handled Safety trainings and tool box talks on daily basis.
• Ensured Information dissemination regarding safety in the place of work
• Handled Waste Management within company premises and work sites.
• Took part in risk Assessment, pest control and workplace Inspections.
• Assisted in relevant license application and reporting
• Liaised with government and external trainers regarding OSHA 2007(EHS committee, Fire safety, First aid).
• Performed any other duties assigned

September 2013 –August 2016: Health and Safety Consultant – MICAS LTD
Summary EHS Consultancy Experience
Environmental Science Technologies and Material Testing Environmental Science Technologies and Material testing Expertise:
• Environmental pollution monitoring, (Ambient, indoor and outdoor air quality assessment)
• Soil, water and plant material testing using multivariate methods for enhanced chemical analysis and experimental conditions’ optimization.
• Whole project implementation and monitoring, data analysis and interpretation, test compilation and report presentation
Experience in Occupational Health and Safety and Environment • Development of organizations’ health and safety policies
• Risk assessments, inspections and audits. Monitoring that audit recommendations are being implemented within agreed time frames
• Information on developments and changes in the health and safety field
• Provision of appropriate and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision in order to avoid hazards, identify risks, understand how risks are controlled

Knowledge and information in EHS Information and experience as a trainer
• Safety Behavior and OHS Policies &Programs
• Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion
• Legislative Framework and Workers’ Compensation
• Hazard Recognition & Assessment Analysis & Risk Assessments
• Hazard Control and Accident Investigation and Emergency Response & Preparedness
• Employers/Employees responsibilities and obligations
Experience in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Participated in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audits for Field, Industrial and Technical Services.
Acts and regulations I am familiar with;
• The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007
• Environment Management and Coordination Act 1999,
• The Public Health Officers Act, 2013
• Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act (Cap. 254)
• ILO Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety 5th Edition (2005)
• Factories and other places of work (Hazardous substances) rules L.N 60 of 2007
• Factories and other places of work (Health and Safety committee rules ) L.N 24 of 2004
• Factories and other places of work (Medical Examination rules ) L.N 24 of 2005
• Factories and other places of work (Fire risk reduction rules ) L.N 59 of 2007
• Code of practice on occupational safety and health auditing
• Integrated management system ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 standard.

April 2002- August 2012: Self Employment WestBreeze Enterprises

1. Strong communication skills spoken and written both English and Kiswahili.
2. Strong Leadership & management skills.
3. Strong Skills in industrial first aid and emergency response/ management.
4. Strong skills in sound level measurement.
5. Strong skills in fire safety and prevention.
6. Strong skills in workplace safety and health audit and risk assessment/control, hazard identification, Incident investigation, safety management, measuring EHS performance (KPIs).
7. Strong skills in research and report writing.
8. Skills in public prosecution.
9. Strong skill in writing safety and health articles.
10. Strong skills in workplace air quality and dust measurement.
11. Strong skills on policy and legal framework.
12. Strong skills in indoor air quality assessment.
13. Strong skills in use of computer technology.
14. Good knowledge of industrial, construction and service industry safety procedures and policies.


Enthusiastic Ethical Goal Focused Listener Persistent Self-Aware
Self-Confident Self-Discipline 1. Analytical Mind Adaptive Courageous 2. Creative
3. Detail-Oriented 4. Friendly 5. Hard Working 6. Humorous 7. Intelligent 8. Organized
9. Responsible Sincere Trustworthy Visionary Wise Self-Sacrificing

2000-2001-Deputy School head prefect.
 Best Social Education& Ethics( S.E.E) student 2001
 Best commerce student 2001

2002- Teaching Sunday school

 Leadership and helping others bring out what is best in them.
 Computers and being creative with them.

1. David Musundi
EHS consultant –Safecom Ltd
Tel: (concealed information)

2. Joseph Sunya
Safety Manager General Jilk Construction Company
Tel: (concealed information)

3. Owate N Wambayi
Lead adviser NEEMA, DOHSS
Micas Limited, Oddyssy Plaza,
Nairobi South B,
P. O. Box 41664 – 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
(concealed information)

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