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  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Eating well
  • Dietetics
  • Sports nutrition
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Learn to eat well with a Registered Dietitian for weight loss, nutrition, dietetics and sports nutrition in the Mississauga area.


My teaching methods are to equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need to change diet-related habits that will ultimately improve their nutrition status and enable you to reach your nutrition-related goals.

My instructional methods and techniques are to combine didactic learning with more hands-on practical experiences for skill development. This includes lectures, discussion, and participatory methods such as case studies.

A typical class would include goals, objectives, content, and practical application. For example, a goal to eat well would include the principles of healthy eating, becoming more aware of your food choices, comparing your food intake to healthy eating principles, and activities to enable you to achieve your nutritional goals.

My approach includes combining educational and behavioural approaches to support more sustainable changes to healthy eating, skill development, and knowledge retention. I have a personalized approach which involves some coaching. For me, it's not just about the information, it is also about individualized goal setting, action planning, and behaviour change.

My classes are meant for children, adults, and families.


I am a Registered Dietitian.

I have been giving private lessons since 2017.

I have Bachelor degrees in Food and Nutrition and Kinesiology and a Master of Adult Education.

I hold certifications in diabetes education as well as emotional eating (Craving Change).


Transportation Fee : $25
Rate for online lessons : $ 35/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $160
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $300
Lessons offered by Mosadi
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Eating well
  • Dietetics
  • Sports nutrition
  • All Levels

Mosadi's Resume


Yorkville University, Online (Distance)
Master of Education in Adult Education

London Health Sciences Centre, London Ontario
London Health Sciences Centre Comprehensive Graduate Dietetic Internship Program

The University of Western Ontario, London Ontario
Bachelor of Science, (Human Ecology) BSc
-Foods and Nutrition

Bachelor of Arts BA


Nutrition Writer and Editor – Edible IQ
Roles and Responsibilities:
• Create relevant, insightful articles related to plant-based nutrition
• Edit articles to ensure they are well-written, credible, and evidence-based
• Utilize SEO to choose keywords for articles ensuring they rate high on Google
• Research current topics and professional studies to support article content
• Develop and maintain curricula for topics selected

• Skill development in writing, editing, analyzing research, and SEO

Dietitian Consultant - Private Practice Dietitian
Roles and Responsibilities:
• Manage private practice business
• Market services to physicians, health care professionals, businesses and the general public
• Offer individual and group consults utilizing health determinants and adult education as a framework for interventions
• Clinical and Health Promotion initiatives
• Develop educational resources for all projects and programs
• Networking with other professionals regularly which included sharing knowledge and experience, giving and receiving referrals, quality improvement, getting professional updates, needs assessments, and building useful business relationships
• Mentorship to health professionals and students as requested

• Flexibility and adaptability in health promotion and prevention initiatives
• Clinical competence and application to a variety of health conditions and issues
• Business Savvy
• Communications, networking, and creativity in relation to all endeavours
• Strong organization, and record keeping skills

West Toronto Diabetes Education Program
May 2006-October 2016
Registered Dietitian

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Provide counselling for individuals while communicating regularly with inter-disciplinary team members and specialists to ensure implementation of individual care plans
• Provide clinical guidance on nutrition and healthy eating
• Regularly utilize the principles of adult education
• Utilize motivational interviewing and health behaviour change theory to promote self- management and self-management practices
• Regularly monitor outcomes through review of clinical data and progress with goals and care plans

Health Promotion
• Design, implement, and evaluate group education sessions and workshops
• Work collaboratively with team members and patients to increase awareness of programs, services, and resources in the community and provide referrals as required
• Involved in communication strategies to promote programs, services, health, and nutrition information in the community utilizing health literacy principles for online, social media, and materials to support knowledge translation and awareness

Program Development and Planning
• Participate in continuous quality improvement with team members, leaders and stakeholders
• Provide guidance and recommendations for the program and its multiple sites on how to better manage issues regarding implementation and delivery of services
• Negotiate with team members about strategic program initiatives
• Help design, promote, lead, implement and evaluate clinics, groups, and health promotion activities accounting for the social determinants of health with members of the health care team
• Participate collaboratively in policy and procedures work to standardize tasks
• Synthesize and distil statistics regarding patient information for the Local Health Integration Networks

Capacity Building, Health Equity and Access
• Chair an organization-wide anti-oppression committee involving a systematic approach to reducing barriers for employees, students, volunteers, and the surrounding community
• Network and share best practices through partnerships and knowledge transfer such as communicating updates, case conference, in-services, presentations and working groups
• Commitment to life-long learning, growth, and development, through ongoing involvement in professional development activities, self-directed learning plans, and peer reviews
• Preceptorship of interns, designing, implementing and leading learning plans and correspondence
• Mentorship

• Proficiency in skills related to clinical, healthcare delivery, leadership and nutrition education
• Involvement in productive interactions, activities, and relationships with professionals and the public

Professional Associations:
• Dietitians of Canada
• College of Dietitians of Ontario
• Canadian Diabetes Association

Certifications and Qualifications:
• Certified Diabetes Educator
• The Michener Institute Diabetes Educator Graduate Certificate Program
• Certified Craving ChangeTM Facilitator
• CPR level C Certification

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