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Syed - Prof essay writing - Toronto
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Learn to structure and write an essay, from faculty in research methods, a research supervisor, and the author of journal articles.

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One of our best tutors. They have a quality profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Syed will be happy to arrange your first lesson

About Syed

Worked as faculty of research methods, for over 19 years. Has diversified and multidisciplinary research interests, in domains of social sciences and in humanities.

In addition, I have vast experience in research supervision, including roles as thesis supervisor, senior research fellow, coordinator of research, a consultant on contractual projects, and author.

I am pleased that students from the University of Oxford, The University of Chicago (Booth), Kings College, LSE, The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, Lund University, and Stockholm University, sought my help and wrote lovely reviews for me. 

Also, I am humbled by the confidence of the professionals, including an international development professional researcher at the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), the Managing Director at National Standard Finance (NSF), senior advisors in Government affiliated institutions, a research fellow at the Imperial College London, a visiting scholar at the Harvard University, and many more, who sought my guidance for their professional needs.

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Are you skeptical and in the anxiety about dealing with the technical matters of writing an essay or a research paper such as the methodological debates, the phrasing of research hypotheses, finding the gaps in the literature, dealing with quantitative or qualitative data, writing the literature review, and dealing with estimation methods to analyze the data? My narrative and preferences during the course of teaching and research supervision are briefly stated as follows:

Finding gaps in the literature and searching for a novel stance: 
As faculty of research methods and as a research supervisor I have to make sure that the research notion is indigenous. Researchers need to carefully differentiate between obsolete, contemporary, and forthcoming designs. Such a critical assessment is needed so that the intellectual worth of the proposed research may early be assessed. I pay attention and make sure that the research notion or the stance is not affected by too little knowledge of the researcher.

Synchronizing hypothesis with research design:
While furnishing the design of the research, I carefully inspect the choice of methodological tools and justify the needs of the data and the stated hypothesis.

Structuring the thesis:
Special emphasis is laid on how to structure the document into a detailed table of contents, and how to conduct, and write a review of the literature.  

Making data collection choices:
Deciding how to make choices of the data collection between alternative formats of the data ranging from primary data collection to the use of the secondary data, deciding about the selection of variables to synchronize with the theoretical framework of the analysis, and determining which of the data analysis tools may better approximate the stated research hypotheses, are some of the crucial aspects that require a delicate and careful attitude of the researcher and the supervisor.

Supplementing data analysis packages: 
Regardless of your preferences for qualitative research, doing quantitative research and the ability to evaluate quantitative works should not be a limitation/ inability, for persons who have their full career ahead. The applied aspect of data analysis for quantitative methods is facilitated by Stata, Minitab, or packages like SPSS, while the qualitative data may better be analyzed using the Nvivo package. 

Interpreting findings and results:
Once the data has been analyzed, it is important for us to explore the underpinning of results, to rationalize them as part of the write-up of the paper. Validating model estimates, explaining the model utility, testing goodness of fit, and evaluating the findings of specification tests are important parts of a research project. For the balanced write-up of the technical part of the paper, it is important to suggest some loss of information, and measurement errors, if any. Claiming high or moderate confidence about the validity of your analysis, keeping in view the limitations of the study is strongly been suggested for students and professionals. 

Referencing and avoiding plagiarism:
Referring to the sources of derived knowledge as part of in-text citation, and avoiding the incidence of plagiarism remains a key consideration, during the course of guidance. Sometimes the referees and examiners can give high priority to your compliance with the writing styles, such as the APA, or the Chicago manuals.

Research reporting:
How to report findings and results, how to interpret results, and how to specify limitations of research.

Supplementary note:
In addition to regular discussion, explanation, and interpretation during the online meeting, I utilize the graphical tablet for taking notes, making graphs, writing equations, etc, and screen sharing options, so that you get the similar feel of a live classroom.
At the end of the lesson, I am used to sending the file of my notes to you, so that during the session one can fully concentrate on the discussion.

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For communicating your academic concerns, and for the tentative planning of lessons, we can have a 15 minutes complimentary session. 

If it is deemed necessary to review your project or the work (files), before the meeting, I will communicate my time allocation on the review process that needs to be reimbursed.

Supplementary note: In addition to regular discussion, explanation, and interpretation during the online meeting, I utilize the graphical tablet for taking notes, making graphs, writing equations, etc, and screen sharing options, so that you get the similar feel of a live classroom.
At the end of the lesson, I am used to sending the file of my notes to you, so that during the session one can fully concentrate on the discussion.

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