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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

I am lebanese (native arabic speaker). I am fluent in arabic and willing to help you to gain some skills if you're ever interested. I have already tutored arabic in Lebanon !

About the lesson

As a person who speaks four languages and currently learning the fifth, I can confirm that Arabic is one of the most beautiful languages around the world, yet one of the most difficult one.
So, if you are ever interested in learning new languages, arabic is a very good option.


  • Arabic
  • Accent reduction - Arabic
  • Vocabulary - Arabic
  • +2

    Listening comprehension - Arabic

    Translation - Arabic


  • French
  • English


  • Adult Education
  • Masters/ Graduate School
  • MBA
  • +3

    Early childhood education



About Rony

I am currently pursuing my PhD in engineering.
I speak five languages:
- Arabic (native)
- French (fluently)
- English (fluently)
- Russian (intermediate)
- Chinese (Beginner)
Although I am an engineering student, but I am obsessed in learning new languages, and by far, arabic is the most charming one.
Not to forget that I have been accepted to the translation school in Lebanon.
I have been tutoring lots of student arabic language (as well as Math and Physics) when I was in Lebanon.
Looking forward to helping you in mastering this language !



  • 5 h: $140
  • 10 h: $260


  • + $$5


  • $ 25/h

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  • 1hrs

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    Prof. Shaimaa


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    West Vancouver

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