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North Vancouver
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Native German with Master's Business Degree helping students improve in North Vancouver

I tutored classes at university and coach clients on various topics in my everyday job as a marketing professional. My approach varies slightly depending on the skill level and age of my students. Raising my kids bilingual I am confident I can teach kids of all levels from age 6 onward.

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Graduate student in business (German native speaker) gives German lessons in Montreal

- subjects: Math and German - experience: over 5 years - levels: Math: up until 10th grade, German: as per request - content: assist with homework and deepen knowledge with exercises from the student's or tutor's ressources Empathic, motivating and flexible tutoring as per the student's needs

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Experienced Teacher / Translator troubleshoots your language skills at any level in Vancouver, BC.

I know how and when to put myself in the student's shoes and show them how to study and correct their mistakes painlessly. In a fruitful class a caring teacher knows how to keep every student awake and active so everyone can enjoy a highly successful learning process.

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Business student, French native and bilingual German gives French and German language lessons

I usually try first to analyse the level of the student. Then I try to have différents exercises, depending on the level.

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Lch war in einer deutschen Schule in Kairo und ich moechte gerne mit Kinder arbeiten:)

My teaching methods will be based on creativity and hard work . I would like to teach my kids how to be creative and hardworking.

Prince George
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A highly experienced University educator with a Master's degree available to teach beginner or intermediate German

Every student is different so I use a variety of innovative teaching methods that are engaging, suited to your level and background and help you improve fast and keep you interested. I am happy to meet with you in person or online to determine your learning goals and evaluate your level before we start our classes.

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I am willing to teach students who want to learn this language

I will teach by vocabularies and then go from sentence and essays. Depends on how student will progress.

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Native German speaker, just graduated as an ESL teacher, offers help for practicing conversational German and can assist with grammar challenges.

The approach I am planning to apply is conversational based with my students to be active in the lessons while mainly using the target language. I will take the position as their guide who leads them through the topic based conversations and tasks.

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Examinierte Sprachlehrerin aus Deutschland mit jahrelanger Unterrichtserfahrung, besonders mit internationalen Schülern, die gern Sprachen lernen möchten

Mein Unterricht wird bestimmt vom Lerntyp meines Schülers. Ich finde es wichtig, alle Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten zu üben (Hörverstehen, Leseverstehen, Schreiben und Sprechen), wie sie auch bei internationalen Tests abgefragt werden. Da ich sehr gern unterrichte, bin ich eine fröhliche und geduldige Lehrerin.

Marseille 7e
(15 reviews)
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German teacher (native speaker) gives (ONLINE) GERMAN lessons - at all levels!

I am a native German speaker from Northern Germany currently living in Marseille, France where I teach classes in German and English, online and locally, to students all ages as well as business professionals (e.g. from Bayer USA, Novartis, adidas, Porsche). I obtained a Master's degree in German and English literature and linguistics from the University of Cologne in 2008.

(13 reviews)
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German on Skype with Matthias - Native German translator teaches all levels of German from A0 to C2

Herzlich Willkommen!!! I am a freelancer who teaches via Skype. I was born in the Eastern part of Germany, and I am a technical translator (diploma) for German, Spanish, and English. In my classes, I focus a lot on oral expression and pronunciation. I feel happy when I see the progress of my students. This offer includes the option of one personalized learning video for each of my students.

Rio de Janeiro
(10 reviews)
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Prof. c / long experience teaches conversationa in German & English for all levels

Teacher with over 20 years of experience abroad, teaching German & English, and Portuguese for foreigners, own courseware included. Specific courses on customers' operating areas and interests, primarily for the business world, as well as preparing students for various international exams.

Jardim das Vertentes (São Paulo)
(4 reviews)
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German level A1-B2 São Paulo - Jaguaré five years of studies in German

I can speak four languages ​​fluently and I recently learned Portuguese. My teaching methods depends entirely on the needs and knowledge of the students. I'll help in reading, writing, speaking and listening. I'm using a book and matrial I am composing individually for students, I am very felxibal in shaping my courses.

Santa Rosa
(7 reviews)
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Native German teaches GERMAN and ENGLISH in Belo Horizonte (BH) MG in Brazil

- You want to study in Germany or just traveling, or you want to live permantly in Germany? -I helped many students with their making their dreams come true - Do you have "difficulty" to learn German or English? Talk to me.

(8 reviews)
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Wonderfully German - DaF lecturer offers intensive training for better pronunciation and accent reduction

I am a native speaker, an academic and have many years of experience in teaching German. Numerous students have already mastered the B2 and C1 exams with my help. Start today and see how quickly your pronunciation improves.

(7 reviews)
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Friendly psychology student gives German classes any level in Strasbourg. I would love to meet you and help you!

My name is Lisa and I am a second year student in psychology. I came to France to work as an au pair three years ago in a French family to speak German with their children. After this year I continued to teach German to children in bilingual primary school (CP, CE1 CE2). For me it is important to learn a language, certainly with grammar rules etc but also to speak it.

(4 reviews)
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Jetzt Deutsch lernen - Learning German with Love - Up your Game - Revive long forgotten knowledge

Learning a language is immersion. It's asking yourself what you want to be able to say. It's finding the courage to make mistakes and still try again. It's love. It's the vibe of it. I've worked with several people wanting to learn a language for several years already and I enjoy accompanying you on your way of being able to talk freely without any blockades.

(4 reviews)

German lessons taught by native speaker in Cardiff

I am a friendly German language tutor in Cardiff offering tuition via skype for adult and face-to-face tuition to pupils working towards their GCSE and A-Level exams. Tell me about your qualifications. I have an MA in English, Art History and Philosophy and the PTLLS teaching certificate. How much do you charge? £30 per lesson - if you recommend me you get 50% off your next lesson.

São Paulo
(8 reviews)
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German classes for beginners of all ages. I'm in São Paulo, south zone.

The lessons will be based on the student's needs (A1 till B1). Whether for school reinforcement, interest, work or tourism. I usually use books, audio and video (not necessarily all the items). I can go to the student's house if necessary.

Vila Bertioga (São Paulo)
(1 review)
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German lessons for a quick start, in São Paulo and online. Teacher with 11 years of experience in education.

I have a degree in psychology and specialized in a specific area of ​​social psychology. I study anthropology. I have 11 years of experience in education, first as a private tutor in different subject areas such as biology, mathematics, and social sciences; later as a language teacher. I have already taught English, French, Spanish, and German in language courses in Brazil and online.

Paris 11e
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German native, graduated in Literature and Arts, offers German courses (conversation, support, grammar)

Hello, I offer a German course that fits the level of the student ambitions. So I can give fairly standard grammar course but a course that focuses on conversation and improving oral. The latter two seem especially important to learn a language with all its facets.

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German classes for beginners, tourists and students who are traveling to Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.

I always try to adapt myself to the needs of the student. Since I offer classes for beginners, tourists and students who are going to some German-speaking country, I intend to teach in a gradual way, from pronunciation to CEFR level A1. CEFR Level A1 means: "You can understand and use everyday familiar expressions as well as basic phrases aimed at meeting specific needs.

(2 reviews)
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German lessons with native teacher trained in languages ​​and pedagogy in Germany

I have always enjoyed learning languages, also meeting new people and new countries because the language is part of a culture that wants to be discovered. As a native German I would very much like to teach more than just the German language, the culture is so relevant. Teaching is very important and my lessons are founded on a personal basis among all participants.

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An Indian who has taught German to the Germans in German speaking countries

I believe in constructing my language courses based on student's linguistic needs in real world situations. I believe that manifold resources can be generated from the students, themselves. I like to view the text book as one of many available resources. Language learning corresponds to the need to say something, and I believe that any language pedagogy should first and foremost enable the learner.

Buenos Aires
(7 reviews)
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Thesis in Modern Languages ​​offers improvement classes for oral expression in German

My classes are aimed at adults who are willing to improve their speaking skills in German. I like to adapt the content of the classes to the interests of the student. Depending on your level in the language, I can teach the class entirely in German or start with the first ones in Spanish and progress little by little.

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Franco-German bilingual student at EDHEC gives German lessons in Lille and around

I offer German courses for all levels : primary (awakening), college (grammatical bases, vocabulary), high school (fluidity, notions for baccalaureate), prep (civilisation, civilisation, civilisation !) and even adults (for professional reasons for example).

La Roche-sur-Yon
(2 reviews)
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Courses in English, German and French as a second language near Belleville-sur-Vie

Hello, Returning to France after a 6-year stay in Germany for studies and work, I offer courses in English, German and French as a second language for all levels. During my studies and after a master in translation, I was able to help many pupils or students in French and English (5th grade to university level) but also in German (university level).

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Physics Postdoctoral Fellowship in Germany/Physics Ph.D./Math B.S./offering online only High German lessons

The lessons are for any student of any age. I encourage the use of and personally use material spoken or written by Germans. All material I utilize must originate in Germany. This provides reliable material that encourages proper pronunciation and an ear tuned to German spoken by Germans.

Belo Horizonte
(4 reviews)
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German for all levels, Belo Horizonte, graduate of the Justus-Liebig Universität Germany.

Classes focused on communication, considering the objectives of each student. As base will be used the same teaching materials as in the Goethe Institute, and content on current and cultural affairs of the German-speaking world. The classes are given in German with little support in English.

(2 reviews)
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German student with a GCSE and A-Level in German and now studying the subject in Liverpool

My teaching method consists of pictures and posters for visual learners, easy explanations, question exercises and all of the ways my teacher helped me which I found really beneficial! I have a soft approach and I am flexible with some of my teaching methods in order to suit my student.

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