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There are many people who dream of being initiated into the world of theatre. However, you have to start from scratch to reach the top of the ancestral art of the theatre and manage to interpret the works of famous authors such as Shakespeare, Calderon de la Barca or Moli猫re: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet or Othello, among many others.聽

However, there are also people who are initiated in the theatre in order to finally overcome their shyness and speak in public. Through improvisation and certain plays, the shyest people can reveal themselves and express themselves fluently. For children and adults, the stage and group theatre classes are a perfect option. Of course, they can also discover the art of acting from a Superprof private teacher, who will be able to offer personalised lessons.聽

Acting classes for developing your theatrical techniques聽

The theatre is one of the oldest arts in history. The appearance of the first tragic representations date from the sixth century BC in Greece and the third century BC in Rome. Man has always wanted to reproduce different situations while playing the role of other people. The theatre is also about the art of storytelling, of laughter, of fear or of the commotion of the audience.

The theatre is characterised above all by being on a stage: sets, staging and audience. Is that where you want to go? Do you want to take theatre classes or do an internship in theatre to discover the basics of comedy and dramaturgy? Learn to improvise in a theatre school or with a comedian who is your private teacher? Put into practice the art of theatre and its thousands of emotional sources in some way?

Of course, don't forget that the goal of acting is not just to tell a story. The theatre has many faces: for example, children's theatre (storytelling, puppets, musical comedy, children's theatre) is ideal for developing confidence and sense of humour in children. There are children's theatre workshops organised during the school vacations all across Canada.聽

However, if you don't want to wait to get started, you always have the option of hiring a private drama teacher. For adults, as you can imagine, things are different. They may want to enter the world of theatre for professional training or for leisure. There are those who do it for love of acting and the stage; here we would talk about real actors and actresses. Then there are the shy ones who see the theatre as their place of rebirth, the one that will finally allow them to dare to speak in public! Stage fright can be a limitation especially when one has always feared public speaking because of stress or the fear of ridicule. However, theatrical art is often the best remedy for this. Thanks to a private actor or theatre teacher, you will be able to discover all these aspects and more of your personality!

Theatre: a passion for young and old

Therefore, theatre classes are perfect for any audience of any age: young and old. Obviously, depending on the age, the lessons and the pieces to be performed are adapted. In the context of children's theatre, the teacher will be responsible for introducing the youngest in the art of theatre. He will make them like a bit of comedy thanks to the organisation of small, fun and stimulating workshops. The plays are usually classical but adapted to children's audiences.聽

Children's theatre also works on diction and speech to know how to speak in public quickly. Through great classics of literature of all times, including Spanish. The teacher's pedagogy is completely adapted to the student and the teaching is oriented towards the discovery of body expression or a certain show at the end of the school year (dance classes, singing classes, voice work, playful theatre workshops...). Of course, the theatre for adults is a little different, although adults who are initiated in the theatre will also have to go through that introductory phase. Let's say that with age, shyness and fear of ridicule become increasingly important. The drama teacher will have to help you fight against many obstacles and reticence that you yourself will put up.

Public speaking: a challenge to overcome

Learn to speak in public thanks to the theatre classes in an auditorium or wherever. In addition, you will also be able to work on your body language, something that can confuse certain people (movement, rhythm and body movements). All this will be achieved by a talented private teacher, either from your home or in a theatre school, through the staging of a play. However, you will also learn some notions of improvisation, because theatrical improvisation often helps certain actors to reveal their talent.

A theatrical training to overcome shyness

Through theatrical improvisation and improvisational theatre, some actors have been able to overcome shyness and come out of their shell. Finally! Maybe that's what you're looking for. Are you afraid to get in front of people? Theatre is an ideal way to learn to express yourself and show what you have inside you. Acting is believed to be a miraculous cure for shyness and to regain confidence in yourself, that shyness that sometimes prevents you from expressing yourself in front of a group, for fear of being judged.聽

Working all of this within a group will help you move quickly towards your goal: to reveal yourself to others and get to know yourself better. This is also the immense power of classical theatre, comedy, drama and any theatre workshop led by a quality teacher. We can even talk about personal development.聽

Get into the acting profession

Of course, taking theatre classes can also be done to get into the theatre profession, as well as to receive a solid training to become an actor (or actress), to have access to the interpretation of this or that character of an important work of art. Acting with its varied range of emotions in short, why not take the opportunity and even join a theatre company to become a director of theatre, film, art 鈥

Find an acting class in Vancouver near you

You dream of becoming an actor, you are a fan of Shakespeare and you would like to be part of a great theatre company. You have your ambitions. Consider going to a theatre workshop with a talented teacher to become a professional actor or actress. To get here, Superprof invites you to find your ideal professional actor who will give you the theatre classes you dream of. Individual or group classes without leaving home and if you have to go out, of course, nearby. There are hundreds of private teachers across Canada and abroad on the Superprof platform. On Superprof, the average price for theatre classes in Vancouver is only $20!聽

A private acting teacher will introduce you to the great playwrights that you have not yet discovered in your language and literature classes. Above all, the theatre is a scenic art and as such, as in dance or singing classes, you will get an idea of what it is like to speak in front of people and how to prepare a performance. The theatre will give you the opportunity to evolve in this world on a personal and professional level! Read carefully the teaching ads of our private theatre teachers, some of them teach with theory, others are based on theatrical improvisation, others use the famous methods of the actor's studio... In any case, what is certain is that the theatre will allow you to become an actor either for a few hours or for a lifetime.


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