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Move Up The Ladder In The Basketball World: The Next Level Basketball

The best way to teach a sport is to first of all teach what a team player is. This leads to being a better teammate and team. I also like getting feedback from the people I coach. I like showing and teaching what people want to learn. Being able to intrest the people I coach and teach in what they want to learn.

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International basketball player have more then 10 years in , can teach any age and any level.

Basketball its like a chess game against yourself. You have to use your Iq if you wanna win. To be good in basketball you need skills and pratice.

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Asipiring teacher who loves sports and math looking to help as a tutor

I must base my teaching on the learner, for everyone is slightly different and teaching can be taught in a way that works for each and every individual. I personally like visuals and activities to understand concepts but, can adapt.

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ECE available for soccer lessons for all ages in West end of Toronto!

My teaching methods are based on the child/children and their abilities. To begin, I would plan simple activities and see how the child is able to complete such activities (i.e shooting a ball in the net). I would then alter the activity based on their skill level.

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Basketball with Lucas: bringing the fun into learning the sport of basketball no matter how young or old.

My teaching methods start out with the basic fundamentals. When I learn where you are and I feel you can advance we will move onto the next step.

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I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience Basketball the way I have , be the best version of yourself

I base my teaching of basketball of modern days defensive and offensive players , daily antiques of legends play and smart coaching

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You will be excel at your sport with me as your guide

I evaluate the athletes skill level and potential, based upon running simple drills and discussing goals with the individual. The classes are meant for a skilled individual, who believes they have greater potential for their chosen sport. The class will challenge the individual to a point of exhaustion and they will receive a high level of verbal motivation before, during and following the class.

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Basketball coach providing elite training regiments for aspiring athletes in Vancouver, Canada.

I am a basketball skills development trainer who played at the college level in California. I provide fundamental skills training to aspiring athletes who wish to reach their full potential.

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I’m an Hight school athletes. I’ve played many different sports but basketball is My major. I also am good at math and science

The way I teach is people is frist I explain was we are learning and show examples, than I allow them to do some practice problems. After if they have any questions I am able to answer.

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NCAA Division ONE Women's Basketball Athlete (former) - Let's Get Better, Together!!

Fun and energetic approach to teaching the exciting game of basketball! Let's get better, together!

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Education student with a focus on social studies at all levels or 1-9 math, science, or reading help.

In order to succeed you need a plan that is personalized to you. I will take the time to get to know you and how you learn so we can make this experience beneficial.

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Kinesiology Graduate/Coach teaching basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and golf fundamentals, advanced technical/tactical skills

My teaching methods specifically depend on the athletes and the sport I coach. Every athlete learns effectively in a specific and unique way. It is my job and responsibility as a coach and educator to get to know and understand the athletes, what they wish to improve in their sport, how they prefer to be taught, i.e. teaching approach.

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State Basketball Coach in Antibes and surroundings for all ages and all levels

Certified basketball coach. All levels accepted. Development of individual technique, improvement of motor coordination and reading of the game. I listen to the person, his abilities and his objectives. Then I formulate an adapted training program which allows the progression and the achievement of the objectives.

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RMIT University student with 5 years of professional soccer and futsal experience provides private training sessions at home.

My teaching method is based around the student, keeping in mind thier capabilities, interests and passion. I start with basics unless the student is fimiliar with them already. A typical session includes a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by skill exercises and ball control activities and ends with stretching for upto 5 minutes.

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Basketball sessions - hand eye coordination and base skills to improve physically and improving your game . All lessions instructed by 4x rep youth players and playing under 16s divison 1 for Sutherla

My teaching method is all about experience and improvement and being open minded . Mental helth is a big key to sucsuss in basketball and everything ! I base my teaching off my professional trainer Shane Heal , who's a ex Australian national player and 6 year NBA players for the Jazz and Mavericks .

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Sport coach with 5 years schools and community experience at all levels specialising in rugby.

I teach with humour. My classes always have a key learning objective which may not be sports specific. I am flexible to my students needs and will always ensure complete understanding. Lessons are always active, creativity is encouraged and I aim to make each session as enjoyable as possible.

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Cricket is my passion and therefore have chosen to make career in the field which I am interested.

I love dealing with childrens and handle them by their way gracefully. Mixing up with them helps me to work with them very smoothly and efficiently. Can handle the students effectively in class room as well as on the ground also.

Centenary Heights
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Female athlete with a bachelor degree in sports and exercise science keen to educate highschool and/or uni students in many different sports and athletics components.

I am a lighthearted yet strict individual. I love to have fun while learning, but am intent on having my students work hard and stay on task...all while having a good time. If you don't enjoy it, you won't remember it.

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Basketball trainer 14yrs of Experience and looking to pass on knowledge to the future professionals lessons from home in LA

My teaching method is trying to find each students strength and weaknesses and then capitalize off that. Each student is different so they each require different services. We will focus on the fundamentals first to create the base. After we create the base we will then move on the key things and tricks to understand how to beat your opponent.

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Qualified and experienced PE Teacher and excellent sportsman looking to share my expertise with you

Fun, enjoyable environment. That is how I have developed my career with excellent results and relationships with my students. I have experience of teaching students from the age of 6-18. I also have extensive coaching experience in a range of sports. I aim each session to the needs of the student and not to my needs as a teacher/coach.

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An Entrepreneur and a sports enthusiast willing to spend some time giving away what he has within.

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Varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse player offering one on one help in Minneapolis

game like situations. I find it easier to learn when applying to real life situations instead of "by the books" kind of drills. I apply what I have learned from previous coaches, as well as what I personally found most helpful on my own.

Greater London
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Criminal Justice Student/ minor in sports offering help within Sports Studies and Fitness management

My teaching method is more verbal and physical instead of note taking. I like to involve activities within my learning so you can grasp the aspect I am teaching quicker and hopefully easy to remember as I am making you physically do It instead of reading over notes constantly.

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A Dedicated, Experienced and Enthusiastic American Expat Offering American Sports Coach Services

Knowledgeable, studious and up-to-date on the latest techniques, trends and tendencies, I strive to not only know what goes on in the American sporting landscape, but translate it into what I can do. Be it historical lessons I can draw from in my instruction, or offering the right repetitions to get the most out of teams and individuals alike.

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Experienced coach of many sports at many levels; 4 conference championships, 5 state tournament wins

I believe you get what you give, and strive to push my athletes to become the best they can be. I have coached under 3 state coaches of the year, as well as experience with a very successful college program. Like any solid structure, quality is built from the very basics and working toward the best product possible.

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Private Tutor/Basketball Instructor serving North Jersey area with 15 years of experience playing competitively in North Jersey from AAU to Varsity Level for 4 years, Indoor court access in East Ruthe

My teaching method is simple. I always begin by establishing a strong base of knowledge for the student, consisting of the key basics of each subject I am teaching. I go over the basics until they are forever ingrained in the students memory, and then I proceed to cover the more advanced aspects of each subject. It's crazy how far having a strong base will get someone.

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High School Math Teacher and Basketball Coach in Colorado with 26 years of experience.

I do my best teaching when I start with a specific topic, introduce it briefly, then listen carefully to the student in order to give the exact feedback they need to master the subject. I am very positive and very patient.

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International Basketball Coach of children and Adults studying Sport Management in Coventry

I am a young coach, who took the coaching course two years ago in Portugal. I gave practises to children (boys and girls) and I am currently working with an University female team in the UK. I usually create great relationships with my players. My methods are based on learning the fundamentals of the game and then becoming the game more complex with time.

New Delhi
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Basketball coach from Croatia giving basketball lessons to elementary and secondary school students.

As a former basketball player to whom basketball is not just a game but a way of life I know a lot about the game itself. After my career ending injury 8 years ago I wanted to stay in basketball so I became coach. With me learning will be fun and relaxed but also you will learn how basketball game works, not only how to score a basket.

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I’ve been playing basketball for 11 years And i was a national player for 2 years.

I am self-taught person so based on how I learned to dribble and shoot I teach you everything step by step.Plus, I used the most recent methods that I learned from basketball campaigns. In addition, I analyse the techniques of famous players and break it down simply to teach.

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