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Lifelong basketball player giving lessons on fundamental basketball skills to improve your game!

My teaching methods are a combination of building/executing fundamental skills and concepts in the game of basketball and a variety of hands-on drills to help reinforce these fundamentals. The goal is to allow the skills of basketball to become second nature and free-flowing. My methods are very flexible, whether you are a novice or a seasoned player.

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Individual or group basketball lessons given in the Montreal area. Level 3 coaching certification & member of the Next Mentorship program with NBA trainer Drew Hanlen.

I use a simple, but effective method that gives results: - 1st step is showing (demonstrations) - 2nd step is for you to understand the concept and movement - 3rd step is for you to feel it - 4th step is to correct mistakes - 5th step is repetition at full speed

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International basketball player have more then 10 years in , can teach any age and any level.

Basketball its like a chess game against yourself. You have to use your Iq if you wanna win. To be good in basketball you need skills and pratice.

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ECE available for soccer lessons for all ages in West end of Toronto!

My teaching methods are based on the child/children and their abilities. To begin, I would plan simple activities and see how the child is able to complete such activities (i.e shooting a ball in the net). I would then alter the activity based on their skill level.

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Basketball with Lucas: bringing the fun into learning the sport of basketball no matter how young or old.

My teaching methods start out with the basic fundamentals. When I learn where you are and I feel you can advance we will move onto the next step.

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I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience Basketball the way I have , be the best version of yourself

I base my teaching of basketball of modern days defensive and offensive players , daily antiques of legends play and smart coaching

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You will be excel at your sport with me as your guide

I evaluate the athletes skill level and potential, based upon running simple drills and discussing goals with the individual. The classes are meant for a skilled individual, who believes they have greater potential for their chosen sport. The class will challenge the individual to a point of exhaustion and they will receive a high level of verbal motivation before, during and following the class.

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Basketball coach providing elite training regiments for aspiring athletes in Vancouver, Canada.

I am a basketball skills development trainer who played at the college level in California. I provide fundamental skills training to aspiring athletes who wish to reach their full potential.

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Want to get better with your friends or alone I'm your man.

You practice and then you analyze your game with my help. Ill teach you to get better fast and stronger.

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1st lesson is free!

I was National High School basketball player, now studying in college. Learn Basketball fundamentals and rules or drills and skills, to improve your game in no time from me.

I believe fully understanding fundamentals is important to improve your game, before learning high level skills and mastering in specific features of your game.

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I’m an Hight school athletes. I’ve played many different sports but basketball is My major. I also am good at math and science

The way I teach is people is frist I explain was we are learning and show examples, than I allow them to do some practice problems. After if they have any questions I am able to answer.

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NCAA Division ONE Women's Basketball Athlete (former) - Let's Get Better, Together!!

Fun and energetic approach to teaching the exciting game of basketball! Let's get better, together!

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Education student with a focus on social studies at all levels or 1-9 math, science, or reading help.

In order to succeed you need a plan that is personalized to you. I will take the time to get to know you and how you learn so we can make this experience beneficial.

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No dream is too big. Business student giving basketball coaching in Toronto.

I have a very friendly approach towards my students. I believe in creating a personal relationship with my students to make them feel safe and confident.

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Education Student, can teach lessons in history, english and anthropology; additionally can provide high level basketball training.

I believe in giving my students a strong grasp of fundamentals to serve as the foundation for their learning experience. From there, student engagement and engaged critical thinking allow them to build upon their skills and knowledge while allowing them the ability to retain this information by forming it in their own words and mind.

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Kinesiology Graduate/Coach teaching basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and golf fundamentals, advanced technical/tactical skills

My teaching methods specifically depend on the athletes and the sport I coach. Every athlete learns effectively in a specific and unique way. It is my job and responsibility as a coach and educator to get to know and understand the athletes, what they wish to improve in their sport, how they prefer to be taught, i.e. teaching approach.

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Move Up The Ladder In The Basketball World: The Next Level Basketball

The best way to teach a sport is to first of all teach what a team player is. This leads to being a better teammate and team. I also like getting feedback from the people I coach. I like showing and teaching what people want to learn. Being able to intrest the people I coach and teach in what they want to learn.

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Asipiring teacher who loves sports and math looking to help as a tutor

I must base my teaching on the learner, for everyone is slightly different and teaching can be taught in a way that works for each and every individual. I personally like visuals and activities to understand concepts but, can adapt.

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State Basketball Coach in Antibes and surroundings for all ages and all levels

Certified basketball coach. All levels accepted. Development of individual technique, improvement of motor coordination and reading of the game. I listen to the person, his abilities and his objectives. Then I formulate an adapted training program which allows the progression and the achievement of the objectives.

Paris 12e
(5 reviews)

Former professional basketball player gives private lessons fitness, bodybuilding and physical preparation extéreur or at home in Paris.

Former professional basketball player, I kept the passion of sport and particularly that of physical preparation. Also holds a Certificate of State coach, I take care of youth basketball teams. With my high level of experience and sports coach, I can adapt to all audiences.

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Architecture student, basketball player throughout the school and institute period. Lover of this sport.

My teaching method usually varies a bit depending on the students, but it is always based on 4 pillars; These are: teaching the discipline and effort required to play a sport, fun, dynamic and that the student attends didactic training. Basically they learn the values of sport in a didactic and fun framework.

Saint Helens
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Professional Sports Coach Offering The Basics Of How To Be Successful In The North West

These lessons are for anyone who dream of working in sports or who are starting out within the sports industry. My techniques of teaching will be based around different methods in which you can coach and different ways you can approach teaching different ages of kids mainly from the ages of 4-11 but if anyone is interested can teach different ways and help out with ages of 2-4 and 11-19.

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Basketball coach and sports science researcher helps in developing sport skills and competencies.

Practice sessions are based on the development of athlete / student's autonomy. The main objective is to learn how to manage your individual training, from the knowledge and competence of basic technical skills, tactical concepts and personal development.

Suraj kumar
(4 reviews)
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Hey i am student of Amity University raipur . I am 2 times kvs national player of basketball . Played three consecutive years basketball tournaments of inter university from Amity University raipur .

I work on endurance of my students . Try to teach my lessons by elaborating actual situation . Most important thing I can teach is shooting.

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Sports coach in Chester, have FA Level 1 in football and currently completing Level 2. Also, voluntarily coach Chester Nomads Colts Under 9's.

My teaching method is using the Visual and Kinaesthetic teaching styles. This means I show how to do the specific drill/technique and do it myself. This shows how I would like the students' to do it and by using the most effective way.

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Young experienced Basketball player as anyone wanting to develop player skills (no matter the position to which desired)

I am a former high-level basketball player who currently plays for recreational concentrate in my studies. I aim to share my knowledge, my experience, my technique and my mind to make people happy in the body, allowing them to play better or simply to learn about basketball but also how is what we play there.

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Sport coach with 5 years schools and community experience at all levels specialising in rugby.

I teach with humour. My classes always have a key learning objective which may not be sports specific. I am flexible to my students needs and will always ensure complete understanding. Lessons are always active, creativity is encouraged and I aim to make each session as enjoyable as possible.

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Accounting and Finance student in University of Reading and captain of the basketball team!

My teaching method can be about any type whether displaying visuals on the court or trying to make it up in a text or making live chats. I can also ready to give advice on how to manage a team as a coach or a player-coach, suggests plays that are helpful in offence or defence. Helpful with proper warming up and developing drills for individual and team skills.

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